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Friday, August 5, 2016

Why I Am Polite to the Devil

by Anna Von Reitz

Numerous people have asked me--- if the former Popes have done all these ugly things to our country and worked with the British Monarch to betray our trust and do evil to us, why are you, our Champion, being so polite to Pope Francis? 

I realize that to many people this is all confusing.  How can I claim to have my blood on the alter of the "Catholic Church" and yet be a Lutheran?  How is it that I sue the Pope and yet greet him respectfully?  If the Holy See is the hub of all this nastiness, why not just "go for the kill" and denounce the Roman Catholic hierarchy down to its toenails?

Let's go in reverse--- why don't I denounce the Roman Catholic Church and  the Holy See?  The first answer is that the Roman Catholic Church isn't really a "thing" though we think of it that way.  In actual fact, the Roman Catholic Church is made up of people.  And people make mistakes.  So I accord the whole Church all the same dispensations that are owed to any one of us. The Church is allowed to make mistakes and commit horrible sins, but it is also allowed to admit errors and correct them and go forward.

Now the ball is in their court.  The evidence of grave error and sin has been presented to the Church leadership since 2008.  Pope Benedict repented and promised to make amends.  Pope Francis made a good start with his Motu Proprio and clean out of the Vatican Bank and now we are waiting in limbo. What next?

We have waited three years in good faith for correction of the administration of the governments of the world, the banks, the IRS (which is, among other things, the Vatican's Bill Collector), the Bar Associations.  These corrections are all within the ability and duty of the Pope to correct, but similar to steering a Supertanker through shoal water, it takes time to do---especially when the ship has been off course for five generations. 

While eight years total and the last three years especially seems like a very long time, it isn't when measured on the time scale of the whole fraud, which has been ongoing for a hundred and fifty years.

If you read Principles of Ecclesiastical Law you will realize that all corporations on Earth are subject to the Roman Curia and the Roman Pontiff. 

These corporations--- IBM, Exxon, Pepsi-Cola-----things which we personify much as we do the Church, are not really things.  They are organizations of men.  Many of these organizations of men don't realize that their corporate charter is issued by the Pope, but, in the end, so it is.  The Roman Curia invented corporations as an entire concept---- foundations, trusts, cooperatives---you name it, they invented it.  They hold the patent of patents on the fictional world.  It is their enchilada entirely. And, as such, they are responsible for it, by Maxim of Law.  

So, we have a great war going on, between what is actual and factual, and what is merely imagined and accepted as real---- and the Pope is the Comptroller.  

For example, there is no such thing as the "government of Germany".  The government of Germany is just a group of Germans acting under a corporate charter being paid out of a public purse collected from the labor and assets of the German people. It's a gang of public servants.  What happens if they forget their mission as public servants? 

You are left with nothing but a gang.

The corporate "Federal government" in America has acted for itself against the people it is meant to serve. It has gone rogue and started going rogue a 150 years ago when Congress set up its own little oligarchy in the District of Columbia and created the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia as the organization to run its "District" government.

The way out of this is to remember what is true and act upon it.

I have addressed the Pope in his role as Pontiff to clean up the corporations, because that's his job.  So far as I can see, he has been slowly but surely taking appropriate actions.

At the same time I have taken hold of the actual factual world and addressed the people who make up these corporations and the people who buy products and services from these organizations.

It does no good to scream and shout and brow beat or blame anyone when you have a dysfunctional world careening out of control.  What does help is forming a mutual understanding of what is wrong and a mutual determination to fix it.

So long as the present Pope is willing to move forward to correct the corporations and clean up this mess, I have no quarrel with him or his Office and I certainly have nothing against the 1.2 billion members of the Catholic Church. 

So long as the members of "Congress" move forward to correct the operations of the "Federal Government" and its subcontracting "Departments" and "Agencies" I have no quarrel with them, either. 

But it doesn't stop there with prodding these officials to take correction, we all have to realize that we are responsible ourselves. We cannot afford to stake our lives and hopes on what a Pope or a Congress does or doesn't do. We have to get off our duffs and sort things out for ourselves.

That means taking control of your own lives and identities first and foremost, starting with reclaiming your Trade Name--- for example, John Michael Doe.

This Trade Name was given to you jointly by your parents who created it and your ancestors from whom you inherited it.  It's yours in the same sense that any material possession is yours---like a bicycle or a chest of drawers that you own outright.

Yet, within days of your nativity on this Earth, your Trade Name was seized upon and unlawfully and secretively "redefined" as a Foreign Situs Trust belonging to a private, bankrupt governmental services corporation.  The British Crown seized hold of the copyright to your name, even though you are the lawful Holder in Due Course.

This is the Central Crime, the center of the spider's web.

The Trustees responsible for the administration of the bankruptcy of a governmental services corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc.,  "seized upon" your estate and the value of your labor as a means to pay off the debts accrued by that corporation before you were born.  They did this even though they knew you were totally unaware of this cozy arrangement.

And they are attempting to do the same thing again, only with a different governmental services corporation and a different NAME that is merely "attributed" to you. 

To overcome this, you have to take back your Trade Name --- formally change from the NAME represented as JOHN MICHAEL DOE back to John Michael Doe and claim it as your own property and define it as a Trade Name and expatriate it back on the land jurisdiction of the United States where you were born.

Now you are finally back to Square One.  You have what you always should have had--- and what you were swindled out of by fraud committed against you by your own employees while you were still in your cradle---your Trade Name in your control and standing on the land of your own country.

From this point on, you are in the Driver's Seat.  You can reclaim your estate in sum total.  You can re-convey and expatriate JOHN MICHAEL DOE, too.  And you can kick the "US Trustees" rumps to the moon, because you are the lawful beneficiary and they have allowed all this criminality to go on.  You no longer have to fight the constant "presumption" that you are a "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States".

As you are reclaiming your own identity and estate, you can do the same for your birth State of the Union.

You can next start operating your lawful government --- once you have reclaimed your own Trade Name and expatriated it back to the "soil and land" of your birth, you can form your jural assemblies, your jury pools, and elect your judges, sheriffs, and other public officers who are committed to enforcing the public and organic law of this country and not the statutes and codes of a privately owned and operated commercial corporation. 

The same steps are needed and necessary in nearly every country in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many others. 

My point is that nobody has to wait for the Pope or any political cult members to do anything for you.  It is their duty to act and to clean up this gross corruption, but you have a duty, too, to yourself, to your family, to your country----to get your records straightened out and reclaim your birthright and complain about the swindle and get your own actual government up and running as it should.

Now-- as to the original question about why I am polite and why I don't just utterly condemn the Holy See for all the evil it has perpetuated in this world, I will repeat comments I made earlier today in a private conversation about this seeming anomaly:

Being polite to the Devil was what Jesus did. 

If you think about it, all things are made by and controlled ultimately by "God"----including Satan. 

So, what gives? 

Remember when you were learning to walk or when you observed someone else learning to walk?  What happens?


You fall down a lot of times before you stand up.  And you "toddle" a lot before you walk.

It is the same way with spiritual growth.  There has to be a way to test your knowledge of "Good and Evil"-----how else can you learn that lesson?

So evil has to be present in this world until we are able to discern it, even when it is well-disguised.

Satan and his henchmen have a very important job to do.  They are here to sorely test us and test our discernment as well as our moral fiber.  It is their "job" to constantly test and push us, making us experience evil, making us choose between wrong and right, making us "deals" we can't refuse.

Think of it as one friend put it--- that Satan is God's Vice-President in charge of evil.

And in the end, what is intended for us is good, not evil.  

We will learn the secrets of good and evil so that we can never be fooled again.  We will be able to discern it and choose against it.

So that is the function of Satan.  And that is why Jesus was polite to him and the reason that I am polite to the Pope. 

It's his job to do what he does as Pontiff, and it is my job to catch him out.   It is also my job to teach others to discern evil for themselves.

The sooner we all learn this basic skill, the sooner we can be set free----

To which I will add this parting thought---

Much of what I have observed in the Curia and in the work of the Holy See is not, strictly speaking, evil in itself.  It has merely been twisted and used to evil ends by evil men.  It is now on our shoulders to demand correction and at the same time to assist in making that correction.  We have discerned the evil, described it, and passed that test. Now we have to peacefully, powerfully, and prayerfully move forward to put an end to it.

In the process, we are all called upon to create something new and hopefully wonderful to replace the old system. We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity to birth a New World---- not a "New World Order". 
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  1. I continue to study frantically and with intent. Many of us who have not yet done this should feel like we are reading " The Neverending Story", the proverbial world is crumbling away into the nothing and all could be saved, if only we would comprehend the reality of the facts, that we are each a key player in all of this. That we need only open the window and shout it loudly into that raging storm; "I LAY CLAIM TO MY TRADE NAME & EXPATRIATE IT BACK TO THE LAND!" When we have done this, will the storm finally fade? So that we may finally work together towards the clean, happy, healthy future we've longed for so dearly? Much love dear friends. ❤

  2. re: Principles of Ecclesiastical Law
    I can not find this anywhere...

  3. Ditto the comment above...who is the Principles of Ecclesiastical Law written by and in what year, and who is it available from? We need to read this if it will tell us what Anna is saying. Also, I have expatriated the NAMES but being from Wisconsin, if anyone thinks my husband and I will go into one of these "courts" and do a name change, think again. If the name change is "requested", it's not rubber stamped and's up to the "judge", and we know how these judges are. Denied, and we can appeal. Don't have the money to go through all of that. We don't need some crossdresser in his dress to approve what we have done anyway...we can just do it, and since the county recorders in "this state" won't record anything that is not "real estate" related, we can publish what we have done on an internet source, as no newspaper will publish things like this either, and I know from experience. This all sounds good, but getting it done is another thing. In my opinion, Anna should offer solutions that do NOT involved using their courts or other offices, including a notary, at all. Just my opinion, but after years of this, I've learned that our adversary will not cooperate. As far as Anna's comments on good and evil, I concur completely.


  4. Principles of Ecclesiastical Law are found in the Code of Canon Law. This is a long study as you will see immediately by reading the index of the Code of Canon Law at this page.

  5. Yes, I've looked too, can you put a link to the Principles of Ecclesiastical Law in PDF format so we can read it too? Thank you!

  6. Anna, you are doing amazing things. I struggle with the concept of having the ability to reach enough of us to the point where we have the numbers of people who have actually reclaimed their Birthrights. The Pope is following rules set for him by those who came before and others who are enforcing them today. The only real answer in my humble opinion is to go after the root and source of these so called "Laws" which have been developed for countless years, the ones which enable them to take our names in the first place. Common Sense Law should and can override this stranglehold, we fan find our freedom by applying the rules of natural born freedom and liberty and enforcing That. We automatically negate their ability to hold us in check, we hold them accountable and demand that "They" correct this great injustice. Anything else is a continuation of the great scheme.

    I would like to thank you for the inspiration that your words have given to me and so many others.

  7. The foundation of "civil" law can be found in Thomas Aquinas -Summa Theologica. This is where you will find out that everything that comes from labor, land of mother is the substance, all belonging to the land owner/mother. Ever heard of capital and labor i.e.. mind and body....State and church? Without this knowledge, no one can SEE whats being presented here right in your face! X is female, please sign by the mark-land mark-motherland-maternal line. A maternal line without the aid of a biological father is a immaculate conception or a perfect idea. This line has one father, guess who? The problem isn't the name, its the estate probated in your absence under the control of the guardian for the benefit of the ward which is a trade secret stated by the States codes. I can see why these criminals have no fear of the people that are totally asleep except for the few. Anyone care to me wrong, can't be done.

    1. Do you have a website, YouTube channel, or have you written a book? I ask, because I like the way you think and present things.

      Thank you

  8. American Jurisprudence 2d - Volume 39 (Guardian And Ward to Highways 1-554)

  9. These people are telling us everywhere

    Lawrence A. Frolik∗
    I. IS A GUARDIAN ONLY A FIDUCIARY? .................................................. 54
    II. THE GUARDIAN HAS OBLIGATIONS TO . . . ? ..................................... 56
    III. DO WE REALLY KNOW WHAT THE WARD WOULD DO?...................59
    IV. WHERE DOES A GUARDIAN LOOK FOR GUIDANCE? ....................... 60
    IN ALL BUT NAME?..................................................................................65
    REASONABLE PERSON TEST IN ALL BUT NAME? ............................ 68
    IN ALL BUT NAME?..................................................................................72
    STATUTES SIGNIFY? ...............................................................................74
    IX. X.
    GUARDIAN = SURROGATE = AGENT? ..................................................85

  10. We have been over this before. Like cubesphere 1 said above, the name isnt the whole answer and never will be as long as we insist on endorsing their private script "elastic currency" which will always be presumed by the courts that you want the benifits of their system without the "liability" of its use. Its their private "fiat money" that we insist on using that will ultimatly always take the paramount postion over our name or anything else we file. Therefore, i say instead of trying to get remedy or ask the court for anything, simply make the choice when your ready mentally strong enough to separate from this system to pick the day that you want to seperate from their corp. fictional world to the real one, where the STATE has to recognize you as a living wo/man because of your "lawful money" demand found at 12USC 411 and 95(a) and also in the Federal Reserves own manual found in sec 16. Then just start gathering evidence for it by writting that demand on all your deposit/withdrawal slips(get copies) and have new checks made up with your bank or anyone else that uses you actual name(in upper and lower case), your address with the state spelled out completely, stating zip code exempt(you can even add:not within the Forum State) , then below all that put your demand..."all transactions are completed using my "lawful money" demand at 12USC411 and 95(a). Thats the front of the check on the left hand side. The front is public. The back of all instraments is the private side. Never again endorse any instrament using your signiture on the back. Instead, use a non endorsement, endorsement saying endorsement is not necessary because of the "lawful money" demand found on the front of check(lawful money never needs endorseing). The trick here is to never agitate the teller that that demand does not mean im asking for gold or silver. Im merely making a legal statement for purposes dealing with lawful court arguements and thats all. You can accept anything the bank wants to give you. (because your demand automatically means those FR NOTES, have been converted to "Real Money", and your non endorsement proves it). The reason is that when U S NOTES were discontined for lack of use, back in 1971, sec 16 of the Fed. Reserve made it clear that the only reason they discontined those notes, is because US Notes dont serve any benifit that FRN dont already supply, as long as you use your right for your "lawful money" demand at 12USC411. Once your demand is made, you have made it clear that you are "paying" your bills at law, leaving the contract completely satisfied and closed, instead of using FR debt instraments, which always leaves an obligation to using elastic currency which only discharges the debt, but never fully completes the obligation of the debtor...which means we have a tax obligation to complete for using their credit. In other words, once you start using lawful money, you have essentially divorced yourself from the FR system, and no longer have a "liability". If the teller at the bank wont give you the money for the check without your signiture, then simply give it to them without any more arguing, but put a line through your non endorsement, instead of erasing it , which legally shows that you made the demand but it was the bank that dishonered the request, and forced you to sign, which can be used as further evidence in a court case for "libel of review".

  11. Look it up. Using the "lawful money" demand will work no matter how anyone spells your name. Its about the money, not our names. Its time for a divorice. Now you can also claim a refund of your entire check for the year necause you were never paid. The reason everyone gets so upset at your demand is because the banks can no longer "fractionalize" your deposit. What good is an account they cant fractionalize..?? David Merrill has done exhustive research on this subject, and many people are finally getting remedy for the first time. Once you start making your demand, start gathering evidence of it by photocopying every check and depost/withdrawal slips, the go to the county recorders office using a "letter of understanding"(essentially a "stipulation bond) making it public notice of your intent on lawfully paying , not discharging anything, leaving no further transactions necessary....transaction was sucessfully completed and fully satisfied. You can find David Merrill on the "Saving to Suiters club" online, which is a good site for answering all your questions. By far, this is the closest and best remedy ive ever encountered and without all the drama like the couple stated above. Screw court. We dont need them for anything using this process...Your wecome.


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