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Friday, August 19, 2016

What have they done to Ryan Bundy?

This is what can be expected of the mostly foreign owned for profit corporation masquerading as our federal government as they apply their 14th slave amendment to the people of America.  They steal your name and your life and your prosperity calling it "the rule of law" when in fact it's a violation of everything that is right and holy.
This will make you sad and it should make you very, very angry. 
If you don't understand what is said above about your status and the 14th Amendment read more here:  Just type 14th amendment in the search box.
Or go here and do the same.
Paul Stramer
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What have they done to Ryan Bundy?

Ryan Bundy

What have they done to Ryan Bundy?

By Shari Dovale

Ryan Bundy is in Solitary Confinement until after his trial. This means that he will have limited opportunities to prepare for defending his freedom. How did this happen?
Bundy was a major player in the political protest that took place at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County this past January. On January 26, 2016, the FBI, in coordination with Oregon State Police (OSP), staged an illegal “Deadman’s Roadblock” which resulted in the murder of LaVoy Finicum. It also left a bullet, or possibly a fragment of a bullet, in the arm of Ryan Bundy.

The FBI agents are already under investigation for lying during that incident. They claimed that they did not fire their weapons. However, it has been shown that there were two bullet casings that were illegally removed from the scene. All of OSP’s shots have been accounted for, therefore the shots seem to have come from the FBI.
This is all relevant because of the bullet left in Bundy’s arm. It was never removed, even though he was treated for it after being arrested. This could be crucial evidence of the FBI cover-up.
Bundy has maintained that he does not give permission to State or Federal authorities to remove the evidence from his arm. He has said that he is willing to have it removed, however, he has certain conditions under which he will agree, including having an independent forensic analysis done. The Federal authorities refuse these terms.
Therefore the bullet remains in Ryan Bundy.
This has caused some worrisome days for the FBI, as this bullet could be the evidence that proves the case for these political prisoners. They have been incarcerated for over 6 months for staging a political protest, and bringing the government over reach to the limelight of the country. They are scheduled for trial on September 7, 2016.
Early last week, Ryan was taken to a hearing in which the government attempted to convince Bundy to allow them to remove the evidence from his arm. He reiterated his terms for removal and the government, again, denied those terms. They do not want anyone other than themselves to retain, and analyze, the evidence against them.
Bundy was returned to his cell at Multnomah County Jail.
This past Tuesday, August 9th, Ryan Bundy was awakened early by several guards. He was told to get up, as he had “an appointment.” Bundy did not refuse to go, however, he did ask them where he was going. This question was deemed inappropriate and considered to be “refusing” to follow the guards orders.
By just asking a question.
They proceeded to manhandle him out of his cell. When they got to the stairway, one guard, Sgt. Curtis E. Sanders, actually attempted to push Ryan down the stairs. He was severely hurt, with his wrist dislocated, his thumb either broken or dislocated, knee trouble, and head injuries.
Yes, this happened and it is under an official investigation. The guards have not been relieved of their duties. They have not been placed on administrative leave, or any other status. But, it is claimed that there is an ‘Official’ investigation into how Ryan Bundy received such severe injuries.
Bundy was taken to the courthouse that day and made to sit for hours. He had no hearing or conference scheduled or completed. There were suspicions that he would be taken to a hospital to have the bullet evidence forcibly removed from his arm, but that did not happen. The evidence remains within his arm.
While he was away from the jail, all of his belongings, including his trial preparation documents were thrown into garbage bags and removed from his cell.
After he was returned to the jail, Bundy was given an internal “hearing” for his bad behavior in asking where he was being taken. This “hearing” was conducted by internal employees, not an official judge. He was not allowed to defend himself, he was barely allowed to speak. All evidence was presented by the guards involved in the assault on him.
It was determined that he was guilty of disruptive behavior and has been sentenced to solitary confinement until September 17th, weeks after the trial is scheduled to begin.
This should be considered cruel and unusual punishment, as he has been severely limited in his abilities to prepare for trial, as well as his current physical health due to the assault by the guards. How does a citizen of the USA defend his freedom under these circumstances?
But is this is business as usual in the Multnomah County Jail? Is it becoming commonplace for inmates to die in Multnomah, as there have been at least 2 deaths since the first of the year?
More recently, a video surfaced of a man as he was released from Multnomah He described abuses that took place in the jail. Richard Eldridge was incarcerated on charges of ‘Failing to properly use 911’, then he was later released with no charges. He showed evidence of abuse during his time within Multnomah. A very telling video describing Constitutional violations that are normal in this country.

And yet, some still wonder why the Bundy’s, and others, are still trying to highlight these abuses to the citizens. They won’t wonder if they ever end up on the receiving end of this uncontrollable government injustice.

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  1. Evidence can't be extracted.if another group of protesters were involved the president would be praising the group.

    1. "Why is this writer referring to these men as US citizens, he has no clue to a valid defence. I recommend a common law court record of investigation for it is a higher court than the Federal." ... This is a suggestion from a friend of mine that has been there.

  2. This needs to stop. This is not any type of a law and order foreign or domestic. This is only going to continue on until we the people arrest them. These are war crimes upon our land. Where is the Military standing on this matter?

    1. The military has pretty much been gutted of anyone with a conscience who is in a position of command. They are going along to get along, except for a very few active duty Oath Keepers.

  3. Is there a common law grand jury operating in one of the several states that could bring charges against the people responsible for the unlawful kidnapping and prosecution of the Bundys?

    1. Americans need to break rank and put the second amendment to use and get the job done themselves if there is anyone left that is 'not' a sissy boy sellout Christian.

      Here in Canada, we do not have a second amendment. If we did we would use it and would have done so a long time ago. We have a 'not withstanding' clause in our constitution meaning no matter what you do, if they don't like it, they can implement the 'not withstanding' clause with 'no' reason given. Some constitution we have up here.
      Americans have a 'real' constitution.

      What is wrong with my fellow Christians south of the 49th?

      All of this is about Christian Persecution.

      Although I am not American and I cannot understand what is going on like you do, I 'am' conservative orthodox christian. There is no difference between American Christians and Canadian Christians. I'm on your side GOD is on 'our' side.

      Use your second amendment.
      You have no choice.

    2. wmral, The Constitution the bill of rights or any amendments does NOT give The US or anyone any rights, all rights are all natural rights granted by the our creator. The Constitution and the amendments is a commercial contract that all public servants are required take an oath to it and sign it saying they will protect and defend it. The duty of the government is to defend the individual rights of all people. So you have as much rights as anyone else. So don't use that as a reason to not act.

    3. Thank you for the encouragement, Steve.

  4. Conversation and concern changes when you potentially have some skin in the game doesn't it. I know when they tortured me, no one cared, they were chasing the dream. I was only 16 when they did it to me.

    1. The same thing taking place with Ryan Bundy took place with Pastor Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen just about a year back in Florida.
      Their entire case is online for everyone to see.

      Hovin was transferred from prison to prison all over America. He was in the 'hole' a great deal of the time. The idea was to put him in a prison population that did not like him so they can kill him.

      The only thing that saved Hovinds life was his friend Rudy Davis who put up a youtube channel and continuously kept everyone informed on a day to day basis and got a lot of people to write and lot of letters and even make phone calls to the court and the prison. He provided all the contact information.
      THIS same kind of thing is required for Ryan Bundy.

      Paul Hansen defended himself while in prison.
      They did the same to thing to him, put him in the 'hole' transferred him from prison to prison so he could 'not' prepare for his court trials.

      Hovind; in prison for nine years for doing nothing wrong.

      Hansen; in prison for three years for doing nothing wrong.

      Both men are out now and on probation for three years for doing nothing wrong. The court admitted that a court error was made.

      While in prison for nine years for doing nothing wrong, Pastor Kent Hovind converted 1000 men to Christianity and had a Bible provided to each of them. Paul Hansen did the same.
      Both men set up their ministry in prison just like they were 'not' in prison. This has to be encouraging. This is Christian America. This is the reason for Christian Persecution in America and Canada and throughout the entire world as Christians are the 'most' persecuted people in the world.

      Perhaps all of this in encouraging somehow in some way.

  5. Paul: My G mail account seems blocked with you , and likely Anna. I sent you blessings last week and they seem to go through. Please contact me. I am in the middle of UN Mercenaries, Rogue Port Authority in Middle Ohio..., ( your ship is off course Mr Director of Genocide ) Lastly the Congressman Aid gave an affirmative to the high likelihood of my being hit. Think Congress, Me and pictures at a Spray Plane BASE, what a thing I saw..., and photographed. An investigative Dependent News paper in Idaho, doing what I'm doing lost her husband to a hit. Paul, Is this an ariba qualifier, and Andele to our ears? What do they call my early presence on the line Judge? STUPIDITY ?

    1. Rodney please send me your email address and I will forward this to Anna.

  6. Actually there has been some good high ranking Admirals and Generals, who have been around for years, basicly old school , who have outright refused to carry out some of the orders they recoginize as being totally wrong and against the American people and our soldgers that they thought they took an oath to protect. A couple of days later they have been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Thats what happens to people who break rank, especially in high ranking positions of authouity. The new recruits will do anything they are told. Anyone left that are still patriotic, have been scared straight. We cant depend on them. They have their marching orders. Thats what happens to anyone good that either ask to many questions or insist on breaking the chain of command when in law enforcement. It happened to me when i was hired by the county as a "hazardous waste code enforcement officer" years ago. I wanted to know at one point why we werent going after the biggest, suspected violator than all the small businesses put together of hazardous waste...the military bases in orange county. We had power to get into any business from small businesses to hugh corporations that took up an entire city block. Everyone but that military base. That base had underground storage tanks, for airplane fuel, and hazardous waste that held 100,000 gallons apiece. We only at that time had regulations for tanks having a maximum capacity of only 10,000 gallons , which is every gas station. But if there is just a small leak in tanks that big, you are talking about several thousands of gallons of waste going directly into the groundwater supply, contaminating it. I made waves about it in our dept saying we should go there in force and demand entrance immediately. I had my walking papers in less than a year there. Years later when they finally closed that base, it was discovered they were responsible for 90% of the groundwater contamination in orange county. But, hey, its our military complex. They get a free ticket. Thats what we are dealing with. I just dont see how we are going to change such a tightly controlled matrix of power. But i have an idea.

  7. Paul, as I have been trying to tell people for nearly 20 years, unless and until we all stop referring to that evil corporation as "our government", nothing is going to change!! I have even tried, as did someone in this comment section to tell donald trump that, should he place first in their "election", he would still be only the CEO of that evil corporation. He would have no authority in any of these united states---Republics. We don't "ask" Sears and Roebuck to "exempt" us from their company regulations and if Sears "presumes" that we are members of their corporation--we tell "em to prove it" and send them packing.
    victor leith Missouri

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ive told everyone the same thing about Donald Trump, even though i do like him because he is one of the first nominees to actually stir things up in an unusally frank manner, using terms like fraud, rigging, crooked hillary, etc. Because of him and so many people on radio especially, me and a lot of other people are finally starting to realize how rigged our supposedly honest election process is actually held. The whole process is so convoluted and intriget and so vunerable to computer fraud, that it is basically a "dog and pony" show. You guys should listen to KFI 640 am radio , especially on "coast to coast" with George Nori between 10pm and 2am everynight. There was a woman on there a couple of days ago that wrote a book about the process. What an eye opener. If you guys heard what i heard , you wouldnt vote anymore. Even the host asked her, then why are we voting.?? Because sometimes, even as corrupt as it is someone(like Trump) comes along that cant be stopped or rigged without total transparency of the process being manipulated. Do you guys know that just 2 days ago both him and hillary were advised of nation security issues with only 50 high security officials allowed in the conferance about the reality of our nation. Appearanty, according to a source on KFI 640am radio, all potential canidates for president throughout the last at least 80 years have been informed by that same conferance. It was reported by him that when Borak Oboma came out of that meeting he was quoted as saying...Wow, that was quite an eye opener. It said it was a life changer for him. And Bill Clinton, after hearing the same thing, was quoted as saying(in his usual humorous self), wow, i really need to step up my cheating with a lot more women before the the end...Im sure it was no surprise to Hillary, but it had to come as a shock to Trump. Incedentily, tonights show is about "FORCED CONFESSIONS". Its about a high profile case of Brendan Dossy and his uncle convicted of murder and sexual assult, receiving a life sentance, that was recently overturned for false confessions routinely obtained by the accused through the tactics used by all police dept. across the land without regard to the "TRUTH". You guys really need to ask yourselves, is this a system you want to be a part of...Paul is right. In this system we are all vunerable to being charged like this. And who is going to care. We have to do something, and judge Annas first step at least is easy enough for all of us to do right now. At least we will have a court order that we can finally file legally with it the land recording office, or probate court, or whatever, without us getting arrested....hopefully. Its much easier than becoming a "Secured Party Creditor". We all need to stick together to something simple we can accomplish together. And we need to speed it up. I dont think we have much time left.

  10. Here is what a friend of mine has to say about this article;
    He has been there being the reason I put it forth.
    "Why is this writer referring to these men as US citizens, he has no clue as to a valid defence I recommend common law court of record investigtkon for it is a higher court than the Federal."


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