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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

From the Trenches to the Sidelines - Questions Answered by Anna

by Anna Von Reitz

This question was posed this week to Anna by one of her readers.

"Sadly, I feel this brilliant woman needs help re-channeling her energy into very clear and definitive procedures, with associated educational pieces, for achieving this all. Her articles and rants alone are not productive. Many of us get it but fail to understand the required steps. We have been burned by these kind of vague and/or incomplete procedures... and we have nothing financially or emotionally left to give. Again, I state many of us are willing to help... but we seek a definitive, clear, accurate, proven step-by-step procedure to succeed. I have offered to help do documentation and I know others who would help, too. But the proper mentoring and access for info is essential. Otherwise, the point is less worthwhile."

Anna's answer:

Yes, well, everyone wants solutions and wants them hot and ready and served on a silver platter, along with ---- no less --- a guarantee that this is "the" no-fail, foolproof, all-inclusive "Answer".

But it is a lot harder and less certain than that.  Our entire country has been overtaken by thieves and while we slept, it has been robbed and plundered and our Ship of State nearly sunk to the depths.  You want guarantees from murderers?
  You want certainty from thieves?  The most you can hope to do is to rouse up your neighbors, clue everyone in, and expose the rats for what they are and what they are doing in hopes that the Fear of God and 390 million angry Americans will be sufficient to start the ball rolling in the right direction. 

Don't tell me about being "tired" and having "exhausted" yourself searching for remedies and "documents" and "procedures".   It took 150 years to get into this mess and it sure as blazes will take each and every one of us all a lot more than fifteen minutes to get out of it.  I have grown old in this struggle and I still put in eighteen hour days on a regular basis.  If you think this is easy, a matter of putting together a few templates and procedures--- go home and have a nice warm bath.

Deutsche Bank has already gone down the tubes in flames while your absolutely worthless mass media sources haven't bothered to tell you a word about it.
Other major bank stocks are trading for pennies on the dollar.  Go see what it costs to purchase a share of Citibank these days.

This is NOT going to be solved by shuffling a few pieces of paper and yawning over your next cup of tea or coffee. 

This is only going to be solved by 390 million people waking up and taking action in their own towns and villages, their own cities and marketplaces.  Our Living Law Firm is engaged at the forefront of the battle and what we are finding out is jaw-dropping, staggering, but believe me, none of it is easy and none of it implies any simple solutions short of public hangings.

I have already told people what they absolutely must do and as quickly as possible--- and that is to secure an adult name change from the all capital letters name to the Upper and Lower Case Name you were born with.  Just do it and do it quickly as you possibly can.  If anyone asks you why, just tell them the truth---- it is the proper grammar. 

I have already told people the second step, too.  When you get your decree changing your name, say 'thank you".  Write up a Deed of Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance Without Consideration.  A nice short one sentence will do:  "Today, I have received back my Trade Name, which I acknowledge and accept and re-convey to its native and Lawful jurisdiction on the land and soil of (whichever state you were born in, spelled out in all small letters like this: texas).  I also cancel all prior powers of attorney associated with this name in the past."

Record this Deed with the Land Recorder's Office.  Get a couple certified copies.  Take one, and attach it to an equally brief "Notice of Deed" addressed back to the Court that issued the name change decree.  This should be equally brief.  "Please take note that I have accepted back my Trade Name and recorded it and cancelled all prior powers of attorney associated with it and am now acting as General Executor of my estate. This certified copy of the Deed should be included in the case file."

Take two copies of the Notice of Deed, one of them attached to the certified copy of your Deed of Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance Without Consideration back to the Court Clerk.  Have them date stamp and sign that they received the Notice of Deed on your copy of it, and give them the other copy and the certified recorded copy of the Deed.

You have now completed the whole circuit.  Everyone knows what everyone else is doing.  And you finally have a name and are standing on the land jurisdiction of your birth for the first time since you were a few days old.  Congratulations.

This is the beginning of a process, but it is the foundation and most important step and it will take anywhere from six weeks to two months to complete.  So don't stand around winding your watch and moaning about not having anything to do and not being offered any "procedures". You have been told repeatedly what to do and to do it right NOW.
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  1. My dear Anna, will this name change procedure have the same or any positive outcome for those of us that have been naturalized? How about exchange the part in the Deed of Acknowledgment "I do re-convey it to the soil and land of my naturalization..." as nationals or citizens of our respective states?

  2. Posted by Paul Stramer for Anna.

    In a sense, we have all been "naturalized" in that we have been "presumed" to accept "United States Citizenship" and have to take action to expatriate from that presumption. The key point to take home and drill into your brain is that you are NOT a "citizen" of anything.

    I keep harping on this, because people have been taught to think of themselves as "citizens" and to value "citizenship"---- but look up the legal definition of "citizen" and you will discover that being a "citizen" --- either State or Federal--- obligates you to serve the government, instead of being served by the government. Why would you elect to serve the government and not even be paid for your time doing it?

    No--- you are not a citizen of anything, unless you have been elected to public office or have a pay check to prove it. Best if you learn that solid fact and learn how to defend yourself as an American State Non-Citizen National.

  3. Is this "word" game and semantic deceite ever going to end. You know when we talk privately amoungst ourselves , which is often everyday, none of us ever question what the other person is talking about because it is mostly common sense. In doing so, we naturaly become "conditioned" without ever thinking about it, to use common words like that automatically even into a court setting , because it is very hard to break a bad habit(if you can call it that)once you acquire it. It is very difficult to talk to all court and law enforcement officials, without using those terms, even if we know better, to break what has become habit by using terms like that, which no one but judges and attorneys will interpret differently. It is very hard to change "hats" when you find yourself behind the eight ball, and often scared, when you find yourself in one of "their" courts, facing judges, prosecuters, and attorneys, all well trained at the "art"of semantic decite and in a forum they are completely comfortable in, unlike us. It is very easy to make a mistake, even amoungst the most informed of us. It has become clear to me that whatever form of communication we use as a means to understand one another, even if we just use symbols, the attorneys will corrupt it to mean something else then the rest of us who use the words in peace, instead of a "weapon" of war against us. And what i will never understand is that when i was going to the university of cal poly pomona,so called professors carrying a doctorate in English, who once marked a paper of mine with more red ink than was contained in blue ink condeming everything from puncuation, incorrect grammer,dangling participals(i still dont know what that means),etc,etc, never once questions why his name always appears in capital letters on all his bills , or drivers licence, court paperwork, which he certainly knows as a proper noun , is totally incorrect grammer, never says one word about it or even questions it ever about it to anyone. But my well written exposay was totally destroyed by his big pompus, totally arrogant, pipe smoking,intellicually superior fat ass red pen is the expert on english... If he doesnt get it, then how are we. Everyone just assumes it must be their computer, or way they do things, or whatever. It never occurs to anyone that nothing is accidental, it always has a purpose because of their underlying agenda and constant and intentional deceit which is never noticed by 99% of Americans, because of the "peoples"...TRUST of their government in the most illusionary greatest country on earth, as we are constantly told. If it is, we robbed the rest of the world to have it. And Americans arent going to give that up easily. All my friends love this illusion. They dont want the "TRUTH" or "REALITY". The matrix is just fine with them.

  4. Dear Anna:You mentioned Deutsche bank went down in flames. When.?? I just recently read somewhere online that indeed they were facing being sued by i believe by the comptroler of currency or attorney general for foreclosure fraud, but they cut a deal from what the article said that would keep them from closing on the condition that from now on they would have to help victims of foreclosure even if they were foreclosed on by other banks at least as expert witnesses for the victims in court. The article kind of made it clear that the banks are starting to break ranks with other banks just to save themselves. Seems like its everyman for themselves these days. I wish i knew where i found that article but it wasnt more than a week ago thatbi read it. Ill try and confirm it. Or maybe someone else can and report back to this site...thanks.

    1. I believe i saw video on Rt their postgs on mortgage fraud, or deutsche bank.


    Here's an article I found, James, that seems to reflect the notion that it is indeed falling fast.

    1. Thank you steve. It certainly appears that way. I dont know what to make of all the impending negative articles reporting of oveleveredged and near failure of these banks, and yet they still keep it afloat some how. It totally amazes me how this illusion of solvancy holds up anymore. It mostly has to do with the fact that we can print our own currency anytime we want all day long. WE are one of a few countries that can do that. But countries that dont have that ability, like Greece and Venezeula are in financial disaster. Especially, Venezeula. Hardly anyone talks about it. Its absolute chaos their. The domino affect is already taking place. I wonder if we are going to make it too an election??


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