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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Proper Wording for the Necessary Actions and Documents Part One

by Anna Von Reitz

Proper Wording for the Necessary Actions and Documents Part One

Each state is different when it comes to Adult Name Changes. Most states post a simple form on the web if you search for the information using a query like "Adult Name Change California".

This form asks very basic questions. No, you are not a "United States Citizen" --- you are an "Other", if the form for your state asks, and that means you are a Hawaiian, Texan, Floridian, Wisconsinite, etc. in case anyone asks.

The most important question is--- your reason for the name change?

Reply that you wish to adopt the proper English Grammar and your correct Christian appellation.

Nobody can argue with that, especially since the all UPPER CASE style is a "Glossa" and known to be a corruption of Latin that reduces to gibberish and is in a sign language incompatible with English.

You fill out the form, you pay a fee from between $50 and $150, using a Money Order made out to the proper court, and you wait while the court gives public notice. Then you attend a Hearing in person. This takes all of about two minutes. The Judge asks if you are doing this to avoid debt or engage in any illegal purpose. You aren't, so you answer--- no. You wait again, for a final public notice period. The court issues a decree officially changing your name back to the Upper and Lower Case form.

In most states you get a certified copy of the actual Court Order. This will have wet-ink signatures and a blue wet-ink stamp on it. If you don't receive this in the mail, you will have to go to the Court Clerk and request (and pay for) a certified copy of the Court Order.

Now, you have been made an offer of a new name by the court, and you are going to accept it.
You are going to draft a very simple "Deed of Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-conveyance Without Consideration". You are going to attach this document on top of the certified copy of the court order decreeing the name change----and you are going to record this package with the local Land Recording Office as a Miscellaneous Land Deed.

Here is an example of what this document needs to say:
"On this 18th day of July in the year 2016 I have received and do accept my own Trade Name doing business as Anna Maria Riezinger and do re-convey it to Lawful Jurisdiction and its native domicile on the soil and the land of the wisconsin state and do place this Deed upon the Alaska State Court of Record, Third Postal District, in token of my action."

In the example, the 18th of July was the first full effective day of the name change decree--that is, the day AFTER the day set by the court as the "effective date" of the change, which was July 17, 2016. Doing it the day after means that there is no possible question of whether the decree was in effect or not.
Stipulating that the Name received is your own Trade Name prevents any further shimmy-shally claim that it is a Foreign Situs Trust or other incorporated franchise name.

Re-conveying to "Lawful Jurisdiction" spells out that you are operating under the actual Constitution and Common Law and placing the Name back in its "native domicile on the soil and land" makes it absolutely clear that it is not naturally subject to international jurisdiction. "Soil" is the actual "dust" from which we are formed and "land" is the mixture of "soil and water" standing upright which our bodies are.

Please note that it is the "soil and land" of the "wisconsin state"---I was born and raised in Wisconsin, so whatever soil and water made me came from wisconsin, the actual, factual organic state. Use the name of your birth state written in all small letters to express this fact: nevada, north carolina, florida, texas, etc.
Please note that the Deed is being placed on the "Alaska State Court of Record" ---- not any "State of Alaska Court"---because I am now living in Alaska and filing a Land Asset Deed through the Alaska Recorder's Office. It goes in the Miscellaneous file, because there are no metes and bounds or other geographic description of "Anna Maria Riezinger"--- even though I am made of "land" and am considered a land asset.

Thanks to chicanery that went on after the Civil War, the land jurisdiction "State" was separated from the sea jurisdiction "State", and the difference was designated by referring to either the "Florida State" (land) or the "State of Florida" (sea) for example. In the same way the courts are all separated:
The Alaska State Superior Court operates on the land jurisdiction, whereas the "State of Alaska" Courts operate in one of two other capacities----either as (1) private, in-house corporate tribunals of the local "State of" franchise, or (2) as maritime/admiralty courts in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

The same applies at the "district" level---- the United States District Court, Third Postal District is a land court, but the United States District Court, Third Judicial District is a sea court.

As you are land and belong to the land all actions regarding your Trade Name must be addressed to the land jurisdiction State, land jurisdiction Court of Record, land jurisdiction district, etc. using the name conventions like this: Iowa State, Iowa State Court, Iowa State Assembly, Iowa State......and any action you bring before a district court must be brought in the "Postal District" not the "Judicial District".

Okay, so now that you know all the background behind this simple little "Deed", you take it to the Land Recording Office and record it. If you live in a state where the Recorder's Office also collects taxes, you ask them to apply the $9 RHSP stamp to your deed, and you place a $1 Global Postage Stamp on the face of the Deed to be recorded.

This fulfills a $10 "stamp tax" that was imposed in 1802 for the cost of "reconveying" an asset from the sea jurisdiction to the land jurisdiction.

If you live in a state where the Recorder's Office is separate from the tax collection agency, you will have to take a certified copy of your recorded "Deed" to the taxing agency and have them apply the RHSP stamp, put the $1 Global Postage Stamp on the face of your certified copy, and then re-record this completed "stamped and certified" Deed back through the Recorder's Office again.

These Rotters don't make it easy. They only charge $9 for the stamp leaving you a "dollar short and a day late"----unless you give them the additional "good and equitable service" of the postage stamp applied to the front of the document.

No matter what, you now have all the information you need to dance through their maze and get to your goal--- a "Deed" to your own Trade Name properly stamped and paid for, recorded, and if necessary, re-recorded.

Finally, you are ready to serve Notice on the Court of your return action. For this you draft up another simple little form of your own making.

In the upper right hand corner in small print you write your name and mailing address and telephone number. You title this document the same way the name change decree is titled--- for example, "IN THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO AT BOISE".

You identify your Upper and Lower Case Name as the "Plaintiff" and the all UPPER CASE NAME as the "Defendant" and you reference the Case Number of the Name Change action.

Then write another title, such as "Notice of Deed", and a brief statement to the effect and for example: "I, Elizabeth Ann Crowley, hereby give notice of my acknowledgement and acceptance and re-conveyance of my Trade Name Elizabeth Ann Crowley to the land jurisdiction of the idaho state. I am attaching a certified copy of the recorded Deed to be annexed to the court file. Notice to agents is notice to principals, notice to principals is notice to agents."

Sign it and date it and certify it ---- meaning, at the bottom of the page write:
"I certify that on ______________a true, complete, and correct copy of this Notice and supporting documents attached was hand-delivered to the Clerk of the above named COURT." ---and sign and date that again.

Make two copies of this Notice of Deed, one attached to the certified copy of the recorded Deed of Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance Without Consideration, and one in your hand to be date stamped as received by the Clerk of the COURT for your records.

If you are as paranoid as I am, you may want to trot right on over to the Recorder's Office and have your date-stamped Notice of Deed recorded and annexed to the already recorded Deed of Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance.

Congratulations! You are back where you started, standing on Terra Firma as an American State National in control of your Trade Name and with the bit between your teeth! You will still have to take additional steps to regain control of the ALL CAPS "person", but that is coming soon.
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  1. Here is an email reply I received from a friend of mine that is also very knowledgable in this subject matter. H4 has his own web page in this regard and is a former U.S. Army pilot. He has gone through the wringer with the U.S. Government.
    Here is what he has to say;


    That's fine, BUT, the 'all caps' (in US Federal Rules Of Court version of a 'person's name just means
    that the person/human slave is pledged property/collateral in bankruptcy of the slave owner, the
    corporate State. Going to a non-all caps spelled 'identity' name doesn't remove the slave status.
    The judges know this - obviously, most people don't. An adult man cannot have an identity name.

    An American 'citizen' just means a human slave owned by Caesar/the Vatican granted revocable privileges.

    The current American constitution is the Articles of Incorporation for the corporate UNITED STATES, a Vatican
    owned corporate 'body politic'. The Original constitution for the usA was shelved in 1860, and is no longer in use.

    With the US Constitution and Bill of Rights now being a corporate document under maritime law, with a corporation
    being a 'make-believe' vessel at high seas, is subject to the notwithstanding rule of the sea - the captain may
    disregard any rule when he deems it necessary for the good of the vessel - the out for the Federal government
    to revoke privileges, falsely called right.

    I would like to add;
    In 1933 the U.S. Government called in all the gold from all the American citizens.
    In the same year the 'war measures' act was put into effect and remains in effect today allowing the Government, the Court and the Polif4 to do whatever they want.
    Is Hilary Diane Rodhan Clinton going to revoke the 'war measures 'act,' NEVER.
    Is Donald J Trump going to revoke the 'war measures' act, NEVER.
    THE Jesuits have decided that Clinton is going to be the next President.
    Your vote counts forth nothing.
    Donald Trump, a Jesuit Fordham university graduate and 33 degree Freemason has been hired to conquer and divide to ensure a Clinton victory and to build up false hopes so the 'will' of the people can be broken and sent off to FEMA camps to be enslaved.
    Clinton is a high level Black Witch controlled by the Jesuits and higher that a 33 degree Freemason. She is going pass legislation to take all your guns away to enslave you in FEMA camps. She will easily do it.
    The people are sell outs, dumbed down and under the Evil Sickness Trance.
    They are so far gone that they are too stupid to repent and accept Lord Jesus the Christ as their saviour.

    Put all of this together and it is plain to see that the piece of paper Judge Anna is talking about is worthless and not worth the piece of paper it is written on.

    You turned your back on God.
    What do you expect?

    1. wmral, do you understand that even if Trump is "elected" or Clinton is "elected," that neither represent the true government of the united States of America, and that it doesn't matter what either of these decrees, since they represent a bankrupt government services corporation and not the legitimate government of America? Who are you to claim in reference to anyone but yourself that "you turned your back on God?" Do you know all people's hearts? Who gave you this overarching and omniscient knowledge of the hearts and minds of all Americans, let alone Judge Anna?

    2. I hit a nerve - the truth is difficult to deal with - I have done Gods work.

    3. If we all do not turn our backs on the god of the bible we're all doomed. That god, notice the small (g) is a very evil dastardly creature. It is purported that it demanded the blood of it's own son. Which of you as a father would do that. Blood thirstiness only exists in demonic entities, period. Using your five natural senses will never work to understand those things not of the five natural senses. wmral you truly have done gods work, that is the god of this world, the evil one known as Lucifer. So, follower of lucifer, you must be very proud of yourself. The light that is in you is truly darkness!
      I guess in that twisted sense you are fulfilling god's (lucifers) will.

    4. wmral...seems like you have given up. I will fight. Fema camps??? Yeah, I'll definitely fight. Sounds like you will just roll over. What makes these evil people unbeatable in your eyes? Because, as you indicate, Hillary Clinton is a black witch? Because Donald Trump is a 33 degree Freemason. How about strapping on those big pants and joining the fight....or get out of the way. As far as God's work is concerned, God wants us to fight for what is good and what is just. If evil is indeed deceiving and controlling us all, and anyone who is not in a coma knows this to be true, then fight we must. May God bless and protect Anna Von Riezinger and all Patriots who know something is very very wrong and who are trying to educate as many people as we can every day....knowing the Vatican is behind it all, along with the Crown of England. Here is another website that is in the fight:

    5. wmral, the god of this world says "just give up, so and so is too powerful, etc., etc." The Creator isn't bound by humans and certainly not by Lucifer, who is only a creation. I have not turned my back on the Creator and neither have many of us. The derogatory nature of your reply is the exact language that a "devil" would use to discourage those who follow the Light. As I said before, you cannot know what is in others' hearts and minds and cannot "judge" America. Lots of delusional types think they're "doing god's work." You seem to fall into that category. God has already done the work, we only need to align with Creator's will to manifest it.

  2. I agree, Keith's response was not called for and violates the love principle in action. Anna can easily put this issue to rest by simply producing proof of success with the home actions as well as change of status. Proof of claim is the basis of trust, and good trust creates good will which will bring more abundance in every form. "There can be no success without the accomplishment of the necessary"

    1. Gees, how stupid can all of you possibly be. Your thoughts are wishful thinking at best, outright garbage at worst. Go ahead a stay in your captivity then.
      Every time you take communion you openly worship Lucifer
      and have no idea you are doing so! That's a great love principle!

  3. Thank you for this, Anna. I know how busy you are, I just need to know if I can do this from another state. I was born in Califonia and now live in Idaho. Can I do the name change here in Idaho and send the relevant paperwork to California?

    1. Irs a worthless piece of paper.
      It means nothing.
      The bankrupt U.S Constittiin is in effect. The American Constitition was shelved in 1860.
      It is a useless piece of paper because they have the power to revoke it at any time and it does not fall under the Anericsn constitution that is no more because of all the things I have stated above.
      Once America repents the American God will bring the American Constittiin back into force.

    2. wmral, your delusions are incredibly insightful. American God? So let me see now......hmmmmn, so there is a Mexican god, a Canadian god, a indian god, an American god, so what's next a god called wmral?
      I suppose you think you need a savior too? That is how far you are removed from reality.
      The only god that historically required the shedding of blood is Lucifer. If you believe Jesus blood had to be shed for the saving of mankind then the god you serve is a total devil because the True God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Unlike the old testament god who underwent a complete makeover at the onset of the new testament. You who call yourselves Christian are loony.

    3. Daddy Minebird Minecraft Videos And Gaming: from the article above I copied and pasted the answer. I just wonder if you read Anna's post....good luck:
      Please note that it is the "soil and land" of the "wisconsin state"---I was born and raised in Wisconsin, so whatever soil and water made me came from wisconsin, the actual, factual organic state. Use the name of your birth state written in all small letters to express this fact: nevada, north carolina, florida, texas, etc.
      Please note that the Deed is being placed on the "Alaska State Court of Record" ---- not any "State of Alaska Court"---because I am now living in Alaska and filing a Land Asset Deed through the Alaska Recorder's Office. It goes in the Miscellaneous file, because there are no metes and bounds or other geographic description of "Anna Maria Riezinger"--- even though I am made of "land" and am considered a land asset.

    4. Thank you for your answer. I still am unclear how this would be recorded in a state I no longer live in as I can't just travel 1000 miles to file it in the correct court.

  4. Seems that ethical paul stramer didn't want you to see my comments?

    1. Not at all. I was trying to erase a comment ahead of yours that the author had already deleted, and it evidently took all the replies with it. I couldn't get it back but feel free to repost it if you have it.


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