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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Notice in Regard to Continuing Abuses

February 23, 2016

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon       via Certified Mail #7006 0810 0003 3541 5717
United Nations Secretariat
New York, New York  10017

John Forbes Kerry                         via Certified Mail # 7006 0810 0003 3541 5724
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Notice in Regard to Continuing Abuses

Dear Sirs:

This business concerns both of you, so both are being addressed.

Mr. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: It is our understanding that the UNITED STATES CONGRESS named the United Nations the Trustee of our states and the laws thereof beginning in 1976 and there has been no other appointment since.   This was caused by the wholesale incorporation of former State and County government operations on the land jurisdiction of the United States, which left the land jurisdiction Public Offices (which are still owed to us) vacated though we were not informed at the time.

It is our further understanding that the service contract of the IMF sponsored UNITED STATES (INC) was defaulted in March of 2015 when that entity --together with its numerous franchises--- was declared insolvent and entered receivership.   This circumstance left the federal services contract portion of The Constitution for the united States of America vacated, too.

We became aware shortly afterward that unscrupulous persons have self-interestedly claimed that we were operating as franchises of the insolvent UNITED STATES and that vessels in commerce including STATES and ESTATE trusts named after the States of America and the living American Nationals were to be considered sureties and franchises of the UNITED STATES and sold as abandoned properties to pay the debts of the insolvent governmental services corporation.

As our Trustee in this matter, we protest to you in your office as Secretary General of the United Nations and also wish you to make our objections known to the General Secretary of the United Nations that none of these arrangements supposedly made in our behalf are true or equitable.
  We have repudiated the so-called National Debt of the UNITED STATES (INC) as odious debt that is not owed by the people of the (Continental) United States, testified that the people of the (Continental) United States are not sureties for the debts of the UNITED STATES and that our public and private property interests have not been abandoned.  

We have refused offers by both the World Bank and FEDERAL RESERVE dba THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, (INC) to act as successors to contract.  This is the result of the obvious wrong-doing of these organizations in the past documented by the wet-ink, autographed, and sealed affidavit of probable cause which we have delivered to your offices in New York.  We have issued new Sovereign Letters Patent and have Declared Joint Sovereignty and established arrangements for the co-signing Native American Nations to act as our new federal service providers.  It should be apparent that we are of age, competent, acting with complete commercial liability, are birthright people of the (Continental) United States and hereditary beneficiaries of the unincorporated united States of America.

While this no doubt comes as a surprise to you, it is our wish and Will in this matter acting as the entitlement holders, beneficiaries, and sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of the United States.  We object to the continuing criminality of the international banks and governmental services corporations involved in this ongoing attempted institutionalized theft of our identities, mischaracterization of our political status, and securities fraud upon the probate courts and the bankruptcy courts throughout America.

We hold you and the United Nations fully accountable for the safety, support, welfare, and security of the living people of the (Continental) United States, the prosecution of the criminal elements in the international banking community and governmental services industry responsible for these outrages, and the return of our unencumbered property interests which have been falsely indebted under conditions of fraud and inland piracy.

Mr. Secretary Kerry:  We have ourselves fully and freely declared our disenfranchisement and revoked our election to pay federal income taxes since 1998.  We are what you call exempt non-resident aliens and American Nationals.  All reversionary interest in our estates returns to the united States of America on the land and United States of America on the sea.

These are Matters of Fact well-demonstrated in the public record, and they should be well-understood by those administering the Seattle Passport Office. We have been informed of stubborn refusals of service from passport agents and decided to check it out for ourselves. Accordingly, I, my husband, and grown son made request for new passports in August of 2015.

It is now approaching the end of February 2016 and despite copious correspondence and the plain Matter of Fact that we do not live in any Federal Enclave, do not reside in any municipal nexus, and are in fact Zip Code exempt ---the passport agents have failed to perform and deliver the red jacket and properly styled passports we are owed, have objected to our use of the actual physical location of our home on the land as established by GPS as the basis of our land domicile, and refuse to understand  Title 39 U.S.C. Section 3003, 1341, 1342, which is punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment and $1,000,000.00 fine. Use of ZIP CODE is voluntary. (Domestic Mail Services Regulation Section 122.32 Nondiscrimination for NON-USE of ) and ZIP CODE per Public Law 91-325, section 403.

The Seattle Passport Agency has been offering to obstruct our ability to travel freely for six months over these petty obstructions and refusals to provide services owed and failure to obey the Public Law.  This is in itself a crime against humanity and an insufferable mis-administration of essential governmental services which are owed to us and to all American Nationals.

It is just one more example of the way in which governmental services corporations in this country have put self-interest ahead of service commitment and perpetuated commercial fraud against their employers and benefactors via obstruction, monopoly inducement, and disregard of Public Law.

We wish to see a prompt correction leading to the immediate issuance of passports bearing the proper color, proper style of name, proper mailing address (Rural Route Number), proper seal, stamp, and date. To that end I am returning the incorrect version of both the Passport and the Passport Card that were issued to me directly to your attention, Mr. Kerry, and requesting expedited service and issuance of the proper passport documents for me, Anna Maria Riezinger, my husband James Clinton Belcher and our son Eric Jon Belcher who still haven’t received anything at all from the Seattle Passport Agency, all non-combatant American Nationals, all living peacefully in Big Lake, Alaska.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry:  As we write this letter yet another governmental services corporation doing business as GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, DUNS Number 16-190-6193, is terrorizing other innocent non-combatant Americans throughout the Western States.  This referenced corporate entity is the parent corporation of the FBI and BLM, both of which are operating on our soil as commercial mercenary forces under color of law. 

This constructive fraud and deceit is brought about by the misuse and abuse of old trademarks and copyrighted names that were obtained as the result of corporate takeovers and mergers among governmental services corporations in the past and it has served to promote the impersonation of peacekeeping officers and other public officials by private, mostly foreign corporations having no more granted authority to “serve us” in this manner than employees of Target have authority to rob their customers.

This blatant lawlessness on the part of this foreign corporation run amok on our shores has resulted in the premeditated murder of an innocent American on our soil, and the false arrest of at least fifty other non-combatant American State Citizens who are being purposefully mischaracterized as “Enemies of the State” when they are in no way associated with any such “State” referenced in the entirety of Title 50. As the Trustee of our state offices and laws, Mr. Secretary General, this situation should be of vital concern to you, along with the continued purposeful and self-interested mischaracterization of the political status of the victims.

The American Nationals being mischaracterized by these vermin on our shores are innocent Third Parties and Priority Creditors of these same corporations, which are intent upon acts of inland piracy, armed international racketeering, and murderous insurance fraud against their employers.

We call upon you, Mr. Secretary General, to engage the necessary diplomatic process to free those Americans being held under false arrest and we call upon you, Secretary of State Kerry, to bring charges against these criminal entities masquerading as our lawful government.

The arrest and punishment of the bankers, attorneys, and administrators responsible is eminently more sensible in all respects than allowing these same criminals to continue to mis-characterize, murder and rob their Priority Creditors in an effort to avoid paying them.  This lawlessness must be brought to a swift end and the perpetrators must be recognized as the criminals they are with no more scape-goating of the innocent victims of these crimes.   They have already paid all the costs with their labor and natural resources; it is completely insane to expect them to pay again with their blood.

A policy of silence and failure to take action is not an acceptable response.  Both of you, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Secretary of State Kerry, are responsible in different ways for controlling the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES (INC.) and both will be accountable if you do not take prompt and effective action to correct the operations of this erring corporation.

Continuing to allow the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES (INC.) to operate commercial mercenary armies under conditions of fraud and color of law on our shores will result in violent Breach of Trust and the lasting destruction of all respect for civil law and government.  

Please note that the Federal Government has at most a proprietary interest as a caretaker of the property assets of the Western States.  That role does not include any authority to act against the actual owners and beneficiaries of the land assets nor allow any failure to recognize them as American State Citizens owed all the guarantees of their Statehood Compacts.  

Our repudiation of the actions which have been taken in our names without our knowledge or consent by men and institutions merely pretending to represent us and which have been used as a means to establish institutionalized fraud and to hypothecate debt against our names and property assets is complete, final, and firmly established on the public records of all nations. 

Although these crimes do involve mischaracterization of our political status, the entire scam is nothing more or less than garden variety bunko practiced on a vast scale, a matter of national identity theft and credit fraud engineered by international banks, attorneys, and politicians who have served themselves at the expense of those they are bound by treaty, trust indenture, commercial contract, and all forms of moral conscience to serve.

Correction must be viewed as a criminal matter, not misrepresented as a political one. 


Anna Maria Riezinger
For the Alaska Civil Judge Advocates Council
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska
RR 99652
(907) 250-5087

General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.          via Certified Mail 7006 0810 0003 3541 5731
c/o Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, DC 20318-9999

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  1. I dearly hope that, persons sovereign, are able to pull their minds out of the Toxic Microwave Hazes..., and realize that with all due respect, "Ann Von Reitz" 'can not' get back our freedoms, alone. She needs an intelligent public domain to come to grips and begin to impose their collective will on the government entities of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA (INC). Thank You from the bottom of our hearts Judge Reitzinger. I saddle myself responsible to ,"pull MY MIND from the Toxic Microwave Haze", in all of these matters.

    1. You are absolutely right! It is up to each individual to shine the light on this corruption and bring it to an end. Judge Von Reitz is showing us the legal way to do it. We cannot ignore the criminals that are responsible for these crimes against humanity. They must be brought to justice and we the people are the true judges in this situation. We have been lied to and abused far too long.

  2. The following authenticates those things Anna has been saying. Executive Order 13132 signed by Clinton redefined freedom as it applies to the “people of the States”, so it is clear that "they" know who "they" are and who they WANT us to be. It's no coincidence that the Expatriation Act was created one day before the 14th Amendment was allegedly ratified. Pertinent parts of this EO are shown below...note section 2 (d), but if you pull up the whole order, it is very revealing.

    Executive Order 13132:
    Federal Register
    Vol. 64, No. 153
    Tuesday, August 10, 1999
    Title 3—
    The President
    Executive Order 13132 of August 4, 1999
    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the
    laws of the United States of America, and in order to guarantee the division
    of governmental responsibilities between the national government and the
    States that was intended by the Framers of the Constitution, to ensure
    that the principles of federalism established by the Framers guide the executive
    departments and agencies in the formulation and implementation of
    policies, and to further the policies of the Unfunded Mandates Reform
    Act, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Sec. 2. Fundamental Federalism Principles. In formulating and implementing
    policies that have federalism implications, agencies shall be guided by the
    following fundamental federalism principles:
    (a) Federalism is rooted in the belief that issues that are not national
    in scope or significance are most appropriately addressed by the level of
    government closest to the people.
    (b) The people of the States created the national government and delegated
    to it enumerated governmental powers. All other sovereign powers, save
    those expressly prohibited the States by the Constitution, are reserved to
    the States or to the people.
    (c) The constitutional relationship among sovereign governments, State
    and national, is inherent in the very structure of the Constitution and is
    formalized in and protected by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.
    (d) The people of the States are free, subject only to restrictions in the
    Constitution itself or in constitutionally authorized Acts of Congress, to
    define the moral, political, and legal character of their lives.
    (e) The Framers recognized that the States possess unique authorities,
    qualities, and abilities to meet the needs of the people and should function
    as laboratories of democracy

    We too can separate ourselves from corporate government. L.B. Bork, founder of The Peoples Awareness Coalition,, publishes a book titled The Red Amendment explaining a lot of the mystery and offers a means to expatriate which can be purchased, or you can look at the various sections of the UCS applying to expatriation and do it yourself. The important part is conveying your intent to the necessary parties while outside the United States, which you are if you aren't standing in a federal zone when you execute the document.

    I just thought that the EO above displays the hypocrisy and fraud as it exists and might help people understand that being a U.S. citizen is not healthy.


    1. Hi Margy. Great statement. Have a very blessed day, week and more. Much Love.

    2. ANNA? Is this letter upon an Affidavit , witnessed by the many people upon the land or notarized as your truth, on behalf of "We The People?"
      I love your education and work...but let us support your work on our behalf. Let us sign a supportive petition with the numbers that will make a difference and stand as the Truth In Commerce...Somebody who knows how to achieve this, set this up!..and let's get to work!!

  3. How does one go about getting one of those red jacketted passports? Are they county issued?

    1. Dearest Drew,
      There's bigger things at play, my friend!!
      How about we all decide to be in service to a bigger picture???
      None of the people will be able to travel "freely upon the land local or international" (Red jacket or Blue) if we don't join together in our Truth. The controllers, (corporate enforcers of the code, i.e city or state police, & sheriff) have already "practiced" and achieved their control to travel freely upon the land by enforcing 'color of law' code which fines us for 'infractions' without a'claim of a verified injury'and in violation of our Rights to travel freely upon the land...Let's get this straight!!

    2. Dearest Drew,
      There's bigger things at play, my friend!!
      How about we all decide to be in service to a bigger picture???
      None of the people will be able to travel "freely upon the land local or international" (Red jacket or Blue) if we don't join together in our Truth. The controllers, (corporate enforcers of the code, i.e city or state police, & sheriff) have already "practiced" and achieved their control to travel freely upon the land by enforcing 'color of law' code which fines us for 'infractions' without a'claim of a verified injury'and in violation of our Rights to travel freely upon the land...Let's get this straight!!

  4. Dear Anna Maria Reitzinger,
    I appreciate everything that you are doing and are attempting to do. I have shared your website with others over the internet and hope to further open the eyes of people.
    I have been aware of the corruption of our "government" for most of my life, at least to a degree, but didn't start to really wake up until after the events of Sept, 11th. Thanks to you, I now understand HOW this fraud has been played out on us and I would like to follow your advice and formally "rescind" and withdraw any consent I have given this foreign corporation.
    I am not a lawyer, attorney, or anything of that nature and lack complete confidence in such matters, and would appreciate some walk through advice. I understand that you are a very busy woman, but maybe you know of someone else who could help me with this. My email is . I will read through some of your documents again and try to figure this all out. I also have and have read the UCC CONNECTION, but I am still confused of who ALL I should send a certified letter to, and exactly how it is I should write it.
    Thank you

    Roger Bruce Rowe


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