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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Letter to U.S. Military From SGM Joseph A. Santoro (Ret), Oath Keepers Operations NCO, Writing from Burns, OR


by Sgt Major Joseph Santoro

Brothers & Sisters in Arms,
My name is  SGM Joseph A. Santoro (Ret) and I served 25 yrs US Army Inf. and EOD, 5yrs Contractor at the 10th SF Group and 3 yrs Contractor at the US Army EOD School.  I have served this great country for 33 yrs. After retiring I volunteered with the Pueblo County Republican Party as the Precinct Coordinator for the 2012 election. I finally realized that a different tact was needed to free our country from tyranny.  I spent many hours, as I believe that many of you have, or are doing, trying to decide what actions to take.  I finally decided to join the Oath Keepers and the 3%ers patriot organizations.  I currently serve on the National Board for the Oath Keepers and with the 3%ers of Colorado and have never looked back.
I want to say to each and every one of you out there that the time for being keyboard warriors is over and we must stand up and step out.  Patriots can no longer sit back and observe without taking action.  Those actions must take into account, and be based on our Constitution, Bill of rights and the “Rule of Law”.  At no time can we surrender the Moral high ground. Every one of us swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  We pledged our lives, our fortunes and our Sacred Honor.  To this end I am asking each of you to stand up, step out, and honor your sacred honor pledge.
I am extremely proud of what we are doing to take back America from the individuals who would destroy America.  We must be careful when going to situations like the Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine mine, White Hope mine, Ferguson, MO, and now the Burns, OR situation.  We are providing a buffer and security for the Bundy occupiers at the Wildlife Refuge to prevent another Waco.  As veterans we are the ones that know how sweet the taste of freedom really is as many of us have bled and some have died to insure our freedoms.  The only way for us to insure freedom in our country is to get away from our computers, stand up and volunteer to support our fellow Americans.  When any citizen’s Constitutional rights are being infringed upon we must insure they have a redress of their grievances in defense of their rights.
I do understand that many of us are no longer in the physical shape to return to the field, however, all of us have skill sets that are valuable.  We can provide the leadership needed for any emergency.  Many people are waking up to the reality that they are not prepared to survive during any type of emergency.  We can help them learn about communications, medical, security, preparedness and engineering.  These are skills that will be needed during natural or man made disasters and are sorely needed in today’s world.  If all of us pass these skills to our fellow Americans, we empower them, make them more self sufficient, and secure freedom for all.
Having said all this I am asking each one of you to honor the oath that you took years ago.  Since I believe in God I have asked for his grace to make me the instrument of his will and that I do the right things to bring his kingdom back to earth.  I will stand with everyone of you if the SHTF and I ask for God’s blessings for each one of you.  Please search your hearts and minds and make the decision to support our country. Please close ranks with us, your fellow Patriots, so we re-secure the freedoms given to us by God Almighty and our Founding Fathers.
SGM Joseph A. Santoro
Oath Keeper and 3%er for Life
NOTE:  SGM Santoro is also the Oath Keepers National Operations NCO, and is in Burns, OR, in that capacity, to assist with the Pacific Patriot Network (PPN) “Buffer” operation to prevent another “Waco” and to facilitate open dialogue between the Feds and Ammon Bundy, toward a peaceful resolution.  While none of the groups in the PPN coalition agree with Bundy’s chosen method, we agree with his cause of justice for the Hammonds, the vital necessity to return western lands unjustly claimed by the federal government to the states and the people, and the protection of the rights of people of the land out west.  And we agree Ammon Bundy and his followers have the right to life and due process.   So, we are obligated to step in between and keep the peace.
Read more here:
SGM Joseph A. Santoro, I salute you, and thank you not only for your life of service but also for your latest Righteous, heartfelt statement. I was in Viet Nam from ’68 to July ’70. I knew that what we fought for over there was NOT American principles as defined by our Constitution, but for each other. It took me quite some time to actually CLEARLY see that our military forces were, and ARE, being USED by corporate/state powers to do THEIR bidding for THEIR interests, NOT the interests of the American people. If we could awaken our enlisted men and women to realize that they are being USED for purposes that have nothing to do with Constitutional Principles of America, half the battle would be won! All of our forces should be brought home, and the many that are here should train their sites on the actual enemy within.
If there is going to be a fight, let this one be for what our Constitution stands for, not some corporate/renegade politician’s greed.
I am proud to be a member of Oathkeepers and I am grateful for all that Mr. Rhodes has done to spread the truth.
And IN TRUTH, standing together, ‘We the People’ can no longer be put down.
Robert D. Gubisch
Virginia Oathkeeper

1 comment:

  1. Joseph,
    You said: "the vital necessity to return western lands unjustly claimed by the federal government to the states and the people,"I have been reading the Trowbridge court papers in which he reveals what was done in Congress June 30, 1864: redefine the word state.
    This is the page he has written which includes the following definition of state.

    Volume thirteen statutes at large page 306 Section 182
    Definition of state

    And be it further enacted, That wherever the word state is used in this act, it shall
    be construed to include the territories and the District of Columbia, where such construction is necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act.
    Approved, June 30, 1864

    I don't think that returning the land to the District of Columbia is what you have in mind.


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