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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Importance of County Sheriffs

by Anna von Reitz

Like everything else, the office of the county sheriff has been under assault by the rats. All "counties" like all "states" are now operating as commercial corporations. This is indicated by the use of the word "of" in all states that have adopted the Uniform Commercial Code---- thus you have the "State of Utah" and the "County of Maricopa". Anytime you see the word "of" you know you are dealing with a commercial corporation no different in nature than Sears or Burger King, Inc. These are all "states of states" under the UCC and though they claim to "represent" your government and provide governmental services, you have to always be aware and keep in mind that these corporations are NOT your lawful government. They are just corporations fulfilling "government functions" under contract.
In the same way you and your county sheriff have to be aware that his actual elected office is owed to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States and to the people who live in his county on the land, NOT to some corporation making a buck providing "public services" and operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea--- which is foreign to us.
The actual Constitution and the rights it guarantees are owed to the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. The Constitution is not being respected by the Federal United States and its "agencies" operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea because these agencies are subcontractors---- privately owned corporations in the business of providing public services, not your true government providing public services.
The upshot of it is that the men employed as "County Sheriffs" are receiving their paychecks funded off your estates and tax dollars from middlemen who are employees of privately owned corporations acting as subcontractors providing "government services". Those middlemen, including the politicians, don't think that they actually work for you. They think that they work for the corporation doing business as the "State of Ohio" or the "County of Jackson".
This creates a gross conflict of interest. Time to straighten this all out.
The place where the pedal hits the metal is the office of the county sheriff.
There are 3100 counties in America. Below are listed the 242 sheriffs who know their actual jobs as sheriffs operating the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States and who honoring the Law of the Land, the actual Constitution.
All the rest of the county sheriffs in America and that is: 3100 - 242 = 2858, have to be educated. They don't even know who they work for and what their job is and where their authority lies.
It would cost me about $5000 to provide each one of these 242 men with a free copy of our affidavit of probable cause --- "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" --- which explains the history and documents the facts of how we got into this mess.
It's information these men desperately need, but I am just one old woman and I don't have the money to print 242 copies of the affidavit for free and the postage and the packaging and the time needed to get book to them and those 2858 other sheriffs who are bumbling around not knowing what their job is or what their obligations to the people are.
Thankfully, there are 390 million other Americans with just as much or more at risk than me---- and there are very few of them who can't afford $20 to enlighten their own county sheriff. Give these brave men the "ammo" they need to stand up and competently defend their authority and their jurisdiction on the land, and God willing, they will act to defend you and your rights.
As for the rest of them, the 2, 858 "county sheriffs" who think they work for the corporation and not for the people, who are functioning as corporate "law enforcement officers" --- that is, commercial mercenaries--- instead of peacekeepers acting to enforce the actual Public Law---- they need the information even more desperately and the people living in all those 2,858 counties have a clear, urgent need to make sure their "sheriffs" do understand who they work for and what their job actually is.
Stop a moment--- if you read this list and see your County Sheriff is taking a stand to uphold the actual Constitution in your behalf, support him! Get behind him! Help him any way you can! Give him a copy of "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" so that he has the specific information he needs to defend what he is doing against the corporate bosses who are misdirecting and misinforming your employees.
If you don't see your county sheriff listed here, the need to get him up to speed and doing his constitutionally mandated job and exercising the jurisdiction of your county on the land is even MORE urgent.
1 Blake Dorning Madison Alabama
2 Ana Franklin Morgan Alabama
3 Andy Hughes Houston Alabama
4 Jay Jones Lee Alabama
5 Huey Hoss Mack Baldwin Alabama
6 Scott Mascher Yavapai Arizona
7 Joe Arpaio Maricopa Arizona
8 Tom Sheahan Mohave Arizona
9 Paul Babeu Pinal Arizona
10 Mark J. Dannels Cochise Arizona
11 Mike Moore Boone Arkansas
12 Adam Christianson Stanislaus California
13 Jon Lopey Siskiyou California
14 Tom Bosenko Shasta California
15 John D’Agostini El Dorado California
16 David Hencraft Tehama California
17 Dean Growden Lassen California
18 Dean Wilson Del Norte California
19 Mike Poindexter Modoc California
20 Thomas Allman Mendocino California
21 Mike Downey Humboldt California
22 Margaret Mims Fresno California
23 Greg Hagwood Plumas California
24 Bruce Haney Trinity California
25 Martin Ryan Amador California
26 Jerry Smith Butte California
27 Donny Youngblood Kern California
28 James W. Mele Toulumne California
29 Justin Smith Larimer Colorado
30 Terry Maketa El Paso Colorado
31 John Cooke Weld Colorado
32 Stan Hilkey Mesa Colorado
33 Lou Vallario Garfield Colorado
34 Rick Dunlap Montrose Colorado
35 Jeff Christopher Sussex Delaware
36 Bill Snyder Martin Florida
37 Frank McKeithen Bay Florida
38 Mike Scott Lee Florida
39 Rick Beseler Clay Florida
40 Michael Adkinson Walton Florida
41 Grady Judd Polk Florida
42 Stacy Nicholson Gilmer Georgia
43 Scott Berry Oconee Georgia
44 Roger Garrison Cherokee Georgia
45 Neil Warren Cobb Georgia
46 Butch Conway Gwinnett Georgia
47 Gary Gulledge Paulding Georgia
48 Joe Chapman Walton Georgia
49 Roy Klingler Madison Idaho
50 Kieran Donahue Canyon Idaho
51 Daryl Wheeler Bonner Idaho
52 Chris Goetz Clearwater Idaho
53 Doug Giddings Idaho Idaho
54 Doug McFall Jerome Idaho
55 Brian Brokop Lewis Idaho
56 Joe Rodriguez Nez Perce Idaho
57 Tom Carter Twin Falls Idaho
58 Dave Resser Benewah Idaho
59 Edward Motley Edgar Illinois
60 Mike Emery McLean Illinois
61 Jerry Parsley Clark Illinois
62 Brad Rogers Elkhart Indiana
63 Ken Murphy Franklin Indiana
64 Warren M. Wethington Cedar Iowa
65 Frank Denning Johnson Kansas
66 Denny Peyman Jackson Kentucky
67 Michael A. Helmig Boone Kentucky
68 John Snedegar Bath Kentucky
69 Scott F. Harrison Powell Kentucky
70 Chuck Korzenborn Kenton Kentucky
71 Charles A. Jenkins Frederick Maryland
72 Ken Tregoning Carroll Maryland
73 Dar Leaf Barry Michigan
74 Ted Schende Benzie Michigan
75 Larry Stelma Kent Michigan
76 Robin Cole Pine Minnesota
77 Bill Rasco DeSoto Mississippi
78 Billy McGee Forrest Mississippi
79 Cecil Cantrell Monroe Mississippi
80 Brad A. DeLay Lawrence Missouri
81 Charles Heiss Johnson Missouri
82 Steve Cox Livingston Missouri
83 Mick Epperly Barry Missouri
84 Stephen Stockman Mercer Missouri
85 George R. Underwood Oregon Missouri
86 Michael Dixon Osage Missouri
87 Randee Kaiser Jasper Missouri
88 Steven R. Blunkall Shannon Missouri
89 Tom Rummel Sanders Montana
90 Jay Doyle Lake Montana
91 Scott F. Howard Powell Montana
92 Chris Hoffman Ravalli Montana
93 Darby Harrington Wibaux Montana
94 Mike Linder Yellowstone Montana
95 Ed Kilgpore Humboldt Nevada
96 Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill Nevada
97 Tony DeMeo Nye Nevada
98 Douglas R Dutile Grafton New Hampshire
99 Dan Houston Bernalillo New Mexico
100 Shawn Menges Catron New Mexico
101 Patrick R Jennings Chaves New Mexico
102 Johnny Valdez Cibola New Mexico
103 Jim Maldonado Colfax New Mexico
104 Dennis A. Cleaver De Baca New Mexico
105 Todd Garrison Dona Ana New Mexico
106 Scott London Eddy New Mexico
107 Raul Holguin Grant New Mexico
108 Michael R Lucero Guadalupe New Mexico
109 Herman Martinez Harding New Mexico
110 Saturnino Madero Hidalgo New Mexico
111 Mark Hargrove Lea New Mexico
112 Rick Virden Lincoln New Mexico
113 Marco Lucero Los Alamos New Mexico
114 Raymond Cobos Luna New Mexico
115 Benny House Otero New Mexico
116 Joe Schallert Quay New Mexico
117 Joe Mascarenas Arriba New Mexico
118 Darren Hooker Roosevelt New Mexico
119 Ken Christesen San Juan New Mexico
120 Benjie Vigil San Miguel New Mexico
121 Robert Garcia Santa Fe New Mexico
122 Joe Baca Sierra New Mexico
123 Phillip Montoya Socorro New Mexico
124 Miguel Romero Jr Taos New Mexico
125 Heath White Torrance New Mexico
126 William Spriggs Union New Mexico
127 Louis Burkhard Valencia New Mexico
128 Tony Desmond Schoharie New York
129 Richard Devlin Jr. Otsego New York
130 Donald Smith Putnam New York
131 David Cole Steuben New York
132 Coy Reid Catawba North Carolina
133 Adell Dobey Edgefield North Carolina
134 Jerry Jones Franklin North Carolina
135 Charlie McDonald Henderson North Carolina
136 Jimmy Thornton Sampson North Carolina
137 Eddie Cathey Union North Carolina
138 Donnie Harrison Wake North Carolina
139 Carey Winders Wayne North Carolina
140 Sam Page Rockingham North Carolina
141 Larry Rollins Harnett North Carolina
142 Alan Norman Cleveland North Carolina
143 A.J. Rodenberg Clermont Ohio
144 Sam Crish Allen Ohio
145 J. Steve Sheldon Richland Ohio
146 Harrell Reid Hamilton Ohio
147 Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert Wagoner Oklahoma
148 Johnny Tadlock McCurtain Oklahoma
149 Roger LeVick Jackson Oklahoma
150 Glenn E. Palmer Grant Oregon
151 Gil Gilbertson Josephine Oregon
152 Tim Mueller Linn Oregon
153 Craig Zanni Coos Oregon
154 John Hanlin Douglas Oregon
155 John Bishop Curry Oregon
156 Larry Blanton Deschutes Oregon
157 Jim Hensley Crook Oregon
158 Pat Garrett Washington Oregon
159 Dan Staton Multnomah Oregon
160 Mike Winters Jackson Oregon
161 Brian Wolfe Malheur Oregon
162 Mitchell Southwick Baker Oregon
163 Frank Skrah Klamath Oregon
164 Jason Myers Marion Oregon
165 Bob Wolfe Polk Oregon
166 Jack Crabtree Yamhill Oregon
167 Boyd Rasmussen Union Oregon
168 Jim Muller Adams Pennsylvania
169 Eric J. Weaknecht Berks Pennsylvania
170 Clinton J. Walters Bradford Pennsylvania
171 Jeffrey C. Krieg Elk Pennsylvania
172 Bunny Welsh Chester Pennsylvania
173 Jonathan Held Westmoreland Pennsylvania
174 Al Cannon Charleston South Carolina
175 Chuck Wright Spartanburg South Carolina
176 Wayne DeWitt Berkeley South Carolina
177 Jim Matthews Kershaw South Carolina
178 James Metts Lexington South Carolina
179 Leon Lott Richland South Carolina
180 Bruce Bryant York South Carolina
181 Jim Ruth Bradley Tennessee
182 Jim Hammond Hamilton Tennessee
183 Larry Smith Smith Texas
184 Terry Box Collin Texas
185 Joel W. Richardson Randall Texas
186 Jack Brandes Austin Texas
187 Johnny Brown Ellis Texas
188 Michael Cox Hill Texas
189 Bob Alford Johnson Texas
190 Earl Howell McCulloch Texas
191 Parnell McNamara McLennan Texas
192 David Medlin Oldham Texas
193 Tommy Gage Montgomery Texas
194 Dane Kirby Fannin Texas
195 R. Glenn Smith Waller Texas
196 W.T. Smith Burnet Texas
197 Ed Cain Hardin Texas
198 Cameron M. Noel Beaver Utah
199 David Edmunds Summit Utah
200 James Tracy Utah Utah
201 Robert Dekker Millard Utah
202 Frank Park Tooele Utah
203 Joseph Yeates Box Elder Utah
204 G. Lynn Nelson Cache Utah
205 James Cordova Carbon Utah
206 Jerry Jorgensen Daggett Utah
207 Todd Richardson Davis Utah
208 Travis Mitchell Duchesne Utah
209 Greg Funk Emery Utah
210 James D. Perkins Garfield Utah
211 Steven White Grand Utah
212 Mark Gower Iron Utah
213 Alden Orme Juab Utah
214 Lamont Smith Kane Utah
215 Blaine Breshears Morgan Utah
216 Marty Gleave Puite Utah
217 Dale Stacey Rich Utah
218 Rick Eldredge San Juan Utah
219 Brian Nielson Sanpete Utah
220 Nathan Curtis Sevier County Utah
221 Jeff Merrell Uintah Utah
222 Todd Bonner Wasatch Utah
223 Cory Pulsipher Washington Utah
224 Kurt Taylor Wayne Utah
225 Terry Thompson Weber Utah
226 Merv Gustin Duchesne Utah
227 Than Cooper Garfiled Utah
228 James B. Nyland Sr. Grand Utah
229 Gene Ercanbrack Morgan Utah
230 Mike Lacy San Juan Utah
231 Kay P. Larsen Sanpete Utah
232 Phil Barney Sevier Utah
233 Kenneth Vanwagoner Wasatch Utah
234 Kirk Smith Washington Utah
235 Ken Bancroft Asotin Washington
236 Tom Jones Grant Washington
237 Dave Brown Skamania Washington
238 Brett Myers Whitman Washington
239 Ken Irwin Yakima Washington
240 Mike Harper Roane West Virginia
241 Ken Merritt Wood West Virginia
242 David A. Clarke Jr. Milwaukee Wisconsin


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