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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blockbuster book and new article from Anna Von Reitz

It's In The Box!  
An Announcement for All Americans and All Other People Affected
On the 239th Anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence

Echoing John Adams regarding the Declaration of Independence and the unanimous vote in favor of independence — “It’s done!”
         The culmination of over thirty years of correspondence, inquiries, researches, collaborations, meetings, document requests, etc., etc., etc., —- all strangely ending in the publication of a comic book— it is done.
         The Comic Book is now available from The title is “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” by Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher, illustrated by Paul Allen Snover.

         We feel oddly at peace.

         We have ferreted out the truth and boiled it down into a form that everyone everywhere can understand, and from here on it becomes the problem of the whole world to solve.
         It will be interesting to some to know that James Clinton Belcher is descended from the same family that founded Princeton University and whose family Coat of Arms became the basis of the Great Seal of the United States. I have royal blood considerably bluer than the Danube—which under the present circumstance is not bragging.
         We were predisposed to be concerned by poor governance in the same way that terriers are disposed to go after rats and mongooses do not need to think about attacking cobras.
         We knew that something was wrong, just as millions of others have known, but we were more motivated—indeed, driven by some inner compulsion— to unravel the knots and pull back the curtains.
         James is Catholic. I am Lutheran. Paul is Mormon.
         We all happen to be white, but it wouldn’t make any difference to anyone here what color we were. It’s all the same issues, all the same struggle.
         Realizing that we have been defrauded and enslaved by people on our own payroll is both sobering and embarrassing. How could such a circumstance arise?
         Well, read the comic book. There you will find it described, blow by blow and play by play down the current moment. Read it now and pass it on, so that you and your families are prepared to ask the right questions and take the right actions.
         Send copies to the various Congressional Delegations and those claiming to be your agents and presently occupying offices in federal “State” governments. Let no stone remain unturned and no excuse of plausible deniability remain.
         The Comic Book is divided into twelve sections. The first eleven deal briefly with the history of how we got into this mess, how the fraud works, and who is responsible.
         The twelfth section gets down to the specifics of the crimes involved and the organizations we believe are fundamentally responsible in the present day. We have incurred the losses to validate our own standing to sue and also to establish the basis for the equal claims we have made for all living Americans and for their states on the land known as the Continental United States.
         We didn’t forget about the rest of you. We didn’t sell out and accept “relief” for ourselves.
It is well past time for this System of things to end, and with our Will we establish that it should be so, that all men and women should be free, and should have the enjoyment of all their Natural Rights, and an equal share in the Sacred Trust we are all heir to.
The same system that has infected and corrupted America infected and corrupted Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria. It spread like a virus to all the former Commonwealth nations and from there to a greater or lesser extent has impacted the entire planet.
Thus, though the names attached to pieces of legislation and the dates enacted are different, the actual process remains the same. What began with the Enfranchisement Acts in Britain was mirrored in the Reconstruction Acts in America.
In America the Social Security System was foisted off on the living people and misrepresented as a government mandate resulting in everyone having a Social Security Number (SSN). In Canada the same playbook results in a Social Insurance Number (SIN). And so it goes around the world.
At the end of the day it all boils down to garden variety fraud by corporations in our employment—fraud that any county sheriff can recognize. Reduced to the facts it is nothing so exotic at all. It was simply buried deeply in tons of old, musty, distasteful records and dutifully obscured by generations of lawyers and self-interested banks and bureaucrats.
We are all suffering from identity theft and press-ganging, unlawful conversion, enslavement, and inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitution, misprision of felony, mischaracterization, personage, barratry, fraudulent conveyance, felony level breach of trust, semantic deceit, and mail fraud— to name a few.
All the billions we’ve spent on security, law enforcement, and military protection have been wasted, because under the thrall and influence of the Bar Associations acting in Breach of Trust, none of the many agencies that have received the benefit of our support have functioned properly. The FBI, US Marshals, local police— even the American Armed Forces— have been useless against nothing more than sophisticated lies and legal chicanery perpetuated by bankers, lawyers, and politicians acting in collusion to defraud their employers and benefactors: the living Americans, Canadians, Brits, Germans, Japanese, Australians…..and the list goes on.
The first edition of “You Know Something Is Wrong When……An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” available on is a high quality paperback available either in black and white or color. The color version is mostly black and white, except that it shows the seals and custom coats of arms used to seal the charges in color.
The complaint has been issued in three parts including three separate actions and has demonstrated (1) dishonor and violation of Canon Law via Dishonor of our Ecclesiastical Deed Poll; (2) Commercial and Administrative Default and Dishonor via acquiescence under Due Process (Maritime/Admiralty and Equity); (3) violation of the Public Law, Law of the Land, Martial Law and Natural Law.
The perpetrators are now subject to suit in all these venues and richly deserve prosecution from all sides, except for one mitigating factor. Very few people knew that they were doing anything wrong, and most of those who suspected that they might be doing something wrong either weren’t sure or thought that it was a different kind of wrong-doing.
Colonel House, one of the ringleaders responsible, boasted that “not one in a million” would recognize the fraud for what it was. He was probably close in that estimation, which leaves about 400 guilty parties and about 400 more who are capable of tracking their actions and holding them to account at any given time since then (1920’s).
In cleaning this mess up it behooves all of us to look deeply and soul search and ask— “Where was I when all this was going on?” It also behooves us to show mercy to all those who have acted in ignorance, under threat, and without knowing intent to harm or defraud.
It is often said that “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”— However, ignorance induced by fraudulent misrepresentation of the law and non-disclosure of identities of parties to contract and semantic deceit are all very good justifications for wiping a slate clean.
Justice, which is always a balance, is like a knife. It has two sides and cuts both ways. We cannot end evil and violence by creating more evil and more violence. In harming others, we always also harm ourselves.
This is the message left to us by Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, JFK, RFK, MLK, and all those who have sought to lead the people of this world upward and forward.
It takes knowledge, compassion, and mercy to overcome ignorance, violence, and greed.

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