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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SB 262 water compact tabled in the Senate Finance and Claims committee

Maybe there is hope this water compact will go down in flames. 
CHAS VINCENT  when are you going to get it?
Instead of blasting it to the floor, YOU NEED TO WITHDRAW THIS BILL FROM CONSIDERATION!
If you don't you will seal your fate as a legislator.
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From: larkwic
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 11:08 AM
Subject: SB 262 tabled in the Senate Finance and Claims committee

Teri Swenson reports
SB 262 tabled in the Senate Finance and Claims committee. Vincent threatened if it were killed or stuck in committee he would blast it to the Senate floor. How does a bill receive an adverse committee report? not yet updated to reflect that.
Wonder what the vote count was…

Committee Members

Member                                            Assignment
Llew Jones  (R) SD 9                        Chair
Bob Keenan  (R) SD 5                      Vice Chair
Mark Blasdel  (R) SD 4                    Member
John Brenden  (R) SD 17                 Member
Mary Caferro  (D) SD 41                  Member
Bradley Hamlett  (D) SD 15             Member
Kris Hansen  (R) SD 14                    Member
David Howard  (R) SD 29               Member
Jim Keane  (D) SD 38                       Member
Frederick (Eric) Moore  (R) SD 19   Member
Mike Phillips  (D) SD 31                  Member
Rick Ripley  (R) SD 10                     Member
Matthew M Rosendale  (R) SD 18   Member
Jon C Sesso  (D) SD 37                    Member
Cary Smith  (R) SD 27                     Member
Janna Taylor  (R) SD 6                     Member
Roger Webb  (R) SD 23                   Member
Jonathan Windy Boy  (D) SD 16     Member
Cynthia Wolken  (D) SD 48             Member

It’s too easy to forget just how many times our politicians, sworn to preserve and defend the Constitution, instead have tried to undermine or
destroy it.
- Lt. Col. Fielding Lewis Greaves, U.S. Army, Retired

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