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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Video seems to confirm a coming Global Currency Reset and more

The banking cabal is being exposed.

This video seems to project a scenario that could restore freedom along the lines of what is being said by the judge in Alaska.   See

I don't go along with any new age philosophy, and I am convinced we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater on spiritual truth.

Having said that we should be very wary about any kind of world wide currency, or one world government, or one world religion!!!

I DON'T AGREE with the Thrive Movie conclusions. Too much new age heresy. This guy seems to be on track and keeping up with his research, but be careful of anybody that talks about NEW REVELATIONS that the world has never seen in religion or about Who and What God Almighty really is.
All Divine Revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle Saint John.

Think also about this. Why would God all of a sudden let these evil people off the hook? They have caused unspeakable evil, murder, genocide and loss of souls for hundreds of years.
It would NOT be just for those who have done these things to get off without severe consequences.

At some point God has to step in and cause justice. These crimes scream to high heaven for vengeance.
God would stop being God (completely impossible) if He does not bring justice at some point.
Until then we pray for the conversion of sinners, and the restoration and increase of Faith, Hope and Charity on the Earth and that His Holy Will is done perfectly here below as it is in Heaven.

Remember, the only true freedom and prosperity on this earth comes from perfect obedience to God's Holy Will, as given to us by His Only Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Everything else is just an illusion like the "new age" movement.

If you want the real truth about all this read Anna Von Reitz here:

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