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Saturday, September 13, 2014

TV News tries to smear Bill Clark and Chuck Baldwin - Don't fall for it!

The following is presented purely as my own opinion under the rights guaranteed by the 1st amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America.
It's obvious that the TV News is trying to smear Bill Clark and Chuck Baldwin.  Typical liberal news paper.
They like the good ole boys club that has had Lincoln County under it's thumb for decades, that looks the other way while women are raped, and animals are abused, and who knows how much more gets swept under the rug.
They are trying to make you believe that Chuck Baldwin is against the police.  Exactly the opposite is true.
Here is his own open letter "To my friends in Law Enforcement"

The 'good ole boys club' always has to have their whipping boy. For years it was me. Those of you who know me know that I have always promoted law and order and the rule of law, and exposed those who twist and break the law.
The US Constitution and the Constitutions of the States ARE THE SUPREME LAW of this land.
They don't like Bill Clark because he represents the idea that the law applies to everyone including those in office.
He won't play favorites like the 'good ole boys club' in Lincoln County and he can NOT be controlled by political wheelers and dealers.  
They want you to believe that he won't police the community. Exactly the opposite is true.
They accused Rex Nichols of wanting to start a war.  Will they accuse Bill of trying to start a war with the feds?
They want you to believe Chuck Baldwin is some kind of nut.  So after reading his own words in the article above, can you really believe anything else this liberal rag has to say about Bill and Chuck?
I don't go to Chuck Baldwin's Liberty Fellowship, and we absolutely don't agree on religion but he is telling the truth in his article.
If you want the status quo vote for Roby Bowe,  If you want FREEDOM TO START elect Bill Clark
The author, in smearing Chuck Baldwin, ran to the Montana Human Rights Network, a far left wing extremist hate organization that gets most of it's information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, an even more hateful extremist organization that smears patriots with a broad brush calling them every name in the book because they can't win an honest argument on the real issues, so demonization is all they have left. NOBODY BELIEVES THEM ANY MORE, except the corrupt federal agencies and those of the local police and sheriffs who are also corrupt.

To see how Bill Clark really stands on the issues go here:

Paul Stramer

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