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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dutch Intellectuals Apologize to Putin for Lies on MH17, Syria, Ukraine

There might be more truth in this letter to Putin than we realize.

I know this. Our Federal government was hijacked long ago. A combination of greed, misguided ideals, and outright subversion has turned our government into the tip of the spear for this New World Order that the letter talks about. It's high time we stop these criminals who have hijacked our government before they scuttle the ship and take us with them.
The solution is local. All politics is local.  We start with our own county.

The role of the Sheriff is critical to freedom.

Sheriff Richard Mack has endorsed Bill Clark as the best candidate for Sheriff of Lincoln County.
Here is what Bill says he would do about working with other sheriffs.

Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association
  • Actively work with Sheriffs from across the United States to establish protocol and process for dealing with federal or state agencies that exceed their Constitutional Authority.
And here is how you could help after Bill is elected:
Posse/Reserves/Citizens Emergency Response/Civil Defense
  • Work with other Constitutional Sheriffs in Montana to persuade Legislature and Governor to establish a non-federalized standing militia in Montana that is plainly stated in the Constitution. Under the Montana Constitution section 33 prohibits armed men being brought into Montana to preserve the peace unless the Legislature or in the absence of the Legislature, the Governor officially asks.  Montana should rely on its own residents in a trained, regulated militia called for by the Montana and US Constitution.  
  • If the State refuses to stand up a non-Federalized Militia, then work with those same Sheriffs under their Posse and Reserve authority to create a well trained posses and reserve units for each county. Establish mutual aide agreements between those counties and Sheriffs who hold to the premise that Montana has specific States Rights and encourage the State to exercise and defend those rights.

The time is now to prepare our county for the inevitable collapse of our currency and some really tough times. You are the key. Bill Clark will lead. Hundreds have already said they would join him.

If you like the status quo, vote for Roby Bowe,  but if you want Freedom to Start, Elect Bill Clark.

Paul Stramer

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