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Monday, July 29, 2013

Who is the real Glenn Beck ?


  1. Sorry you don't appreciate the man for what he has accomplished. Granted his radio show is a little "insane" but I have over 80 DVRs one hour shows from Fox and from his new Blaze network. They attest that this man has done more to promote honesty, love and public awareness of conspiracies to bring down this nation, than any other five men combined.

    There is a place for Rand Paul and Ron Paul. They are politicians and patriots. Glenn is as he states... a "thinker", and his exposure of the liberal left and "all" of the culprits that are involved, has really "weakened" their position. Get over it....!

  2. Every liar has to tell 99% truth to get his 1% lies believed, unless of course you are Barry Obama. I don't presume to judge if Beck knows the difference, but he is a neophyte patriot at best. I listened for over 2 years, both on Fox and The Blaze. He never gets to the whole truth, and I can't stand it when he belittles people who do the research and call a spade a spade. Examples are his "birthers" and "truthers". Joe Arpaio has proven beyond doubt that the "birth certificate" Obama put on the white house website is a totally fraudulent document, but you will NEVER hear Beck say it. Hundreds of engineers and architects have certified that there was NO WAY the towers could have collapsed like the government said they did, but you will never hear Beck say it. He perpetuates the big government lies by his silence or outright ridicule. But what would you expect from a fallen away Catholic?


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