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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Silver price manipulators implementing their final big push.

How does the COMEX even still exist?  Most people know they are way over extended, and that if everyone demanded their silver they would be closed down immediately.

Now this morning the banksters are driving the price of silver down UNDER $20 per ounce. What could their strategy be?  Simple. The only people playing the over inflated stock market are the big banksters, and they are getting ready to get out of the stock market altogether. They need someplace to put those funds, and they are creating that place to go by manipulating the price of precious metals.

This has happened before. Look at 2007 and 2008.  The stock market broke new all time records then at over 14,000 points, and silver was selling for less than $10 per ounce at one point. After that the stock market crashed, the big boys having vacated the market, and what happened to silver?  The price bounced off of $50 at least for a few days, and has been gradually coming down since.

They are getting ready to do it again, with the stock market again at a record high of over 15,000 points.
They are manipulating silver to create a place to jump too just before the crash that they know is coming.

Ask yourself this question. How in the world can the silver price be going to under $20 per ounce while at the same time the demand for silver is at all time record highs, and the dealers that sell to the public are holding their premiums far higher than normal?

I thought that supply and demand worked exactly the opposite of that.  Didn't a large supply and slow sales always bring prices down, and didn't a big demand for a particular commodity always drive prices up?  The rare exceptions to this have to do with the computer technology that gets better prices as technology increases.

We are living in an age of computer models and programming that is entirely driving the markets in ways that don't make any sense. That can be the only explanation, and supply and demand has very little to do with it now.

Our silver customers have been paying attention, and they see this as an opportunity to preserve their buying power. None of them are in a panic to get out of silver, because they know that the precious metals always maintain their buying power in and after a currency reset. That has happened many times in history, and is about to happen again.

Watch this video from 2008 and you will understand this a whole lot better.

Robert Kiyosaki and Mike Maloney were exactly right, and the whole crash is still coming.
It's happening right now. Look at the prices of groceries and gas, just for a small part of the picture.

These are waves and cycles deliberately caused by the gambler banksters to line their own pockets, but this time the word is getting out and they are getting desperate, because they are being exposed.

In conclusion, now is the time to get all the silver you can get your hands on. It's not so much about the price right now, as it is about getting out of paper currency completely, including your bank accounts, even your operating capital.  Use cashiers checks to pay bills and suppliers so the money is gone when you walk out the door of your bank. With the rest, buy silver you can hold in your hand, and stash it.

Listen to that video above several times, and realize they were talking about $850 gold, and silver at about $12 per ounce.  Look at what those prices are today. This morning silver is being manipulated at $20 per ounce, and gold is $1200. That is a ratio of 65 to 1.  Silver always, always outperforms gold.

So now is the best chance you are going to have. From now till the crash watch the price and buy in the dips, and get your hands on as much as you can.

The people in the video above called it exactly for 2008 and beyond, and they still have it exactly right for today, ONLY MORE SO.  So if you have any wealth that is enumerated in federal reserve notes, either cash or bank deposits, GET IT OUT NOW!

If you still don't get it, read this:

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