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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The world at perpetual war!

There is a war going on that is world wide. It is not an announced or proclaimed war nor is it the so-called war on terror. To understand the war that really is going on we have to accurately define terms used and who they apply to.

What are being called terrorists by authorities are actually anyone and everyone who opposes the institution of their planned one world central government. The violent acts being committed around the world are primarily being committed by special teams of mercenaries, intelligence services, NWO funded militaries, hired killers, and useful idiots or mind controlled patsies used to instigate fighting, fear, chaos, and create instability to serve as an excuse for conquest...often referred to as "peace keeping".

The DHS, the MIAC report, the NDAA, the billions of rounds of ammo purchased along with armored vehicles by the DHS are simply preparations for all out conflict and institution of their NWO government in the U.S. by force. The militarization of local law enforcement is an incorporation of local armed forces into the national and internal army of the DHS for local conquest. The military have been informed by DHS that they will absorb them into DHS as well. The full force of armed personnel are being consolidated for the internal conflict to come.

The war is on and anyone anywhere in the world that opposes the institution of this new world central government is a terrorist in the view of those behind this. It is precisely as they claimed years ago; "you are either with us or you are against us." An interpretation and more accurate meaning is; "you will either accept this new world government and "consent" or we accomplish it by conquest".

It boils down to they intend to move forward with it whether people want it or not and will have no problem whatever with killing anyone who resists their plans. One only needs to consider the millions killed during the communist takeover of either Russia or China to see they will do exactly that. They have their mass graves, concentration camps, coffins and preparations for mass genocide all in place.

The preparations for all out conflict are being accomplished right before the eyes of the American people and one only needs to open their eyes to see the threat is real. A remark was made recently that this war on terror of theirs will be a permanent and perpetual war; of that I have no doubt. They created it, it is against the peoples of the world, and the resistance of the people to their intentions will most likely be perpetual to one degree of another as their plan is pure evil and despotic. The people were declared the enemy in 1934 and the declaration is permanent in the minds of those seeking perpetual dominance and control because the natural inclination of man is to be free.


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