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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Solutions for Out of Control Government

Hero general: Obama following Castro's plan

The problem with most who know the real situation is that they usually don't offer any real workable solutions.

This article shows how at least one military man gets it, but what about all the others, both civilian and military who don't have a clue how to turn this around, even though they might have a pretty good idea about what is wrong?

Asking congressmen to fix this is like asking the fox who is guarding the hen house if you can have one of "his" hens for dinner. What do you think the answer will be? I am so sick and tired of begging the people who are causing the problem to correct their own flaws. It simply doesn't work. It never has throughout history. The only thing that works is force. It's the only thing government understands. Force does not necessarily mean violence.

In the case of the out of control corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA all caps, force would be the States nullifying the so called laws that are outside the Constitution for the United States of America, (not all caps).

If you are wondering what difference capital letters makes, watch this:

In the case of out of control government agencies raiding private sector businesses and individuals in the various states force would be the local county commissions and sheriffs putting their foot down and upholding their oath of office to obey, defend, and uphold the Constitution for the United States of America (not all caps). and

In the case of Obama Care force would be the state attorney general making a ruling that no provisions of Obama Care will be enforced in his state, or it could be the state legislature passing a bill specifically nullifying the provisions as in North Dakota, who's governor recently signed a bill to that effect.

Force could also be the States telling the Supreme Court to go take a hike, and that they are NOT the final authority on what the Constitution means, which seems to be what is happening right now. Since the states created the federal government, the states can and do have the power to change it. The process is spelled out right in the document.

Then there are the compacts under which some of the states became states in the first place. An example is Montana and the gun rights provisions in our contract at the beginning of our statehood.

Read the Mack/Printz decision for more information on the equal and separate jurisdiction, or sphere of the states.

THERE ARE MANY REAL SOLUTIONS. The problem really is not a lack of solutions. The problem is the lack of understanding by the people who are in local and state offices. The last Republican convention in Missoula made that stand out like a sore thumb.


As a part of my business model I am a vendor at around 20 gun shows in Montana every year. I see many people from all walks of life buying guns and loads of ammo, some of whom never owned a gun before. When I ask them why, they invariably cite the situation in our country, and that they want to be prepared. When I ask them for what, some will tell me precisely what they think will happen, but most won't be able to put their finger on a specific situation, and will say something like "for self defense".

What seems to really bother people the most are out of control federal agencies raiding individuals and businesses with jack booted, black suited thugs with white letters on their backs, for some trumped up charges or violations of perfectly lawful activity which was supposedly outlawed by the stroke of some government agent's pen. In other words lots of people realize that government bureaucrats are deliberately trying to make criminals out of law abiding people as an excuse to get them out of their way, and to solidify their own jobs and paychecks. See this example.

What can be done about these unlawful raids which violate several of the Bill of Rights in the organic Constitution including the 4th Amendment?

Your sheriff of your county has the power to stop these raids cold in their tracks. If he doesn't know how and wants the learn his true power send him to this website, and urge him to attend the upcoming convention of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in Las Vegas in September.

If he doesn't want to learn to keep his oath and earn his paycheck, then find a candidate to run against him, and fire him. This is very doable on the local county level. The least you will accomplish is to wake up lots of local people, and get them familiar with these issues. That could come in real handy when it's your turn to be raided. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS. If you love freedom and the America we were given by the founders, THEY JUST HAVEN'T GOT AROUND TO YOU YET! They will keep signing "regulations" and publishing them in the federal register (supposedly law for us to follow, but not law at all) until they have something that applies to you, and will use that as an excuse to send their thugs to your door.

If you think you can escape them by not standing up, or by hiding in the woods, you are kidding yourself. So if that is what you intend, then you really only have the force of violence left. Do you think you can actually WIN THAT WAY? I don't. There are really only two choices you can make personally that make any sense. One is to hide and hope to win when they come, the other is to get as high profile as you can and tell the truth to as many as possible ahead of time so like with Ron Paul, they don't really want to make a martyr out of you. If enough people do that we can still win this.

It takes real and deep faith in God and His Divine Providence to stand up, but that is the only thing that will save this country. The solutions are in the links above, but not enough people know about them. Will you help to spread this article all around the country, and really do something for your freedom and liberty? Will you depend on God's providence, and let the chips fall where they may? Beg God for mercy for our country every day, and do penance for your sins, and maybe God will do as he did when Jonah preached in Nineveh and they listened and God spared their city.

Paul Stramer

Lincoln County Republican State Committeeman (twice elected unanimously by the Lincoln County Republican central committee)
Member of the Montana State Republican Central Committee
Montana Republican Platform Committee
Montana Delegate to the State presidential convention from Lincoln County
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