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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plunder under the color of "law". It's not law at all!

Government Sanctioned Theft of the The Motel Caswell

This travesty is multiplied hundreds of times all over this country. Federal and "law enforcement" agencies are plundering law abiding people for the benefit of bigger government and padded paychecks.
These agencies are nothing less than a criminal band of thugs roving the countryside looking for people to rob and pillage like the armies of history.
The so called "laws" they have on the books are not law at all since they violate the supreme law which is the US Constitution which protects people from having their property taken "WITHOUT DUE PROCESS".

In the case of these so  called "civil forfitures" there is no due process, no matter what the agencies claim. There has been no trial, no conviction, not even any charges filed on the people whose property is being taken.  These black suited, jack booted thugs with white letters on their back are nothing less than the scourge of this country, and far worse than any open combatant or criminal gang because they operate under the "color" of what they contend is the law, when it is not.
The prohibition for this kind of criminality is contained in the 5th Amedment to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights.  "....nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation."

Some lawyers will argue that this is ok because federal law takes over. NO! 
1863 Murbury v Madison: "all laws repugnant to the Constitution are NULL VOID"
This includes the patriot act and any other law which on the face of it violates the letter and intent of the US Constitution, like the Obama care monstrosity.

United States v. 434 Main Street, Tewksbury, Mass. (The Motel Caswell)
Federal; Local Law Enforcement Agencies Try to Take Family Motel from Innocent Owners

Here is where you can get info on how to support these folks.

How widespread is the problem of civil forfeiture abuse nationwide? In 1986, the year after the U.S. Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund was created—the fund that holds the forfeiture proceeds from properties forfeited under federal law and available to be paid out to law enforcement agencies—took in just $93.7 million. Today it holds more than $1.6 billion.
The real terrorists are in our own government!

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