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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Washington DC government is a fraudulent CORPORATION!

For years I have said that the takeover of the United States government by the "corporation" was done by fraud, deception, threat, duress and coercian.
Now we see evidence that the original jurisdiction United States of America is being re-occupied, and the original offices are being re-filled.

This is an update on the Restore America Plan, now called The Restored Republic.

Watch this and it will answer lots of questions about how the DC government can get away with controlling just about every facet of your life, and how the courts deny your unalienable rights in court and get away with it. Here are some solutions at law that are being implemented nation wide as we speak.

For much more information on how this happened and what is being done about this in Montana and in the rest of the country here are some links you need to follow.

Even though these people have been much maligned on the Internet they have presented lots of research and data on how the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corportation came into existence by fraud and deception and how the original de Jure offices have been vacant since about 1871.
This is a study that needs to be spread far and wide. This effort needs to be watched by all.

I have learned that when people really get at something that has the potential to get power back into the hands of the people, the other side screams bloody murder and calls them every name in the book and some that are not in the book.  So that is the yardstick I use to measure success. If they are not screaming at you, then  you are not being effective.

Paul Stramer

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