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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fiat Currency vs Asset backed Currency and THE SECRET OF OZ

What are the FINANCIAL solutions for America and the world?

Over the weekend I have been reviewing a video and related information about fiat money, and the history of money called "The Secret of Oz". This is a very interesting history lesson by Bill Still that promotes the idea that money does not necessarily need to be tied to precious metals in order to be "honest money". There are great differences of opinion on this subject as the following letter describes.

I tend to believe that the absolute masters of the gold market would in some ways like to go back to the gold standard because if the dollar were to be covered by gold at this point, gold would have to be worth many thousands of dollars per ounce, and that would once again give the foreign banksters uncountable wealth and control of our money system. In fact if that happened there would probably be a move to confiscate gold.

I am trying to get Bill to cut a deal on duplicating his video. In the mean time you can get one at:   110 minutes

Please read the following as a preface to the video. I believe that fractional money could work as a function of honest money, which at this point I have to believe should be silver, not gold, like the silver certificates of recent history.   Start with FIAT MONEY in the second paragraph.

I also believe that the States need to declare individual soverignty and start up their own state owned banks like the bank of North Dakota EXCEPT that they should NEVER get nvolved with the IMF or any other international currency besides the dollar. The video "Secret of Oz" also talks about state owned banks.

There are honest solutions available for the mess the banksters have created, but it's going to take education on a massive scale and simple solution oriented discussions to bring about that change needed.

I put restoring sound and honest currency right up there as an issue to be discussed, second only too restoring moral compass and Christian principles in our land.

Please give me some feedback and let's start a discussion of these issues so central to freedom and the future of our country.

Paul Stramer

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