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Friday, September 3, 2010

Silver and Gold prices and the coming crash!

It's not a secret that gold and silver are a way to hedge and protect one's wealth long term.

In fact the fundamentals of Silver are better right now than any time in history. There are many reasons for this. Here are a few numbers and facts that prove this premise.

Gold and silver have a history of price appreciation especially when fiat currencies are in trouble.

In 1971 Tricky Dick Nixon ended Breton Woods and took us off the gold standard convincing the whole world to accept the paper dollar as good as gold based on the "good faith and credit of the United States".
In the next nine years gold gained over 24 times in price, stopping at $850 per ounce, but Silver in the same time period gained over 39 times in price compared to the paper dollar, stopping at about $52 per ounce.

Between July 1, 2003 and November 30, 2006 gold increased in price by 84% but the price of silver increased in the same time period by about 200%.

Do we have your attention yet? 

The fundamentals of metals favor silver even more now than they did during the 70s when the price of silver was over $50 per ounce. Why is that?

One factor is the ratio between gold and silver. The normal ratio (for decades) has been 16 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. Right now the ratio is over 60 to 1. That's right. I can take an ounce of gold and go to the local coin shop in Kalispell Montana and get 60 ounces of silver for it.

With gold at almost $1250 per ounce at the 16/1 ratio silver should be selling right now for over $75 per ounce. Why isn't it?  Well maybe this will give you a clue.

One big word.  FRAUD  Yes that is right. The silver market is being illegally manipulated by the big banksters for their greedy gain at your expense.

Not too long ago Andrew Maguire, a precious metals trader in London testified on information obtained from JP Morgan about how they signal their traders to manipulate silver. This made him a whistleblower.

The next day he and his wife were broadsided at an intersection and both went to the hospital.

Silver is now leveraged over 100 to 1. Fiat currency is going down.

What will force the correction?

Watch the video on this page by the "guy in charge" at the CFTC talking about "disruptive trading practices" and you will see that the cat is out of the bad so to speak about silver fraud and manipulation.

Get out of anything denominated in paper funny money now while you can.
That includes IRA, 401K, savings accounts, and almost any other stock, bond, security or even checking.
I never leave any more money in a checking account than the amount that checks have already been written for.

You can't spend any money on silver. You are only changing something without intrinsic value for something that has always held it's buying power, and has intrinsic value in industry and other technologies.

Worldwide silver demand is growing with all the advances in technology, and yet silver supplies are quickly falling. The US mints used to be the world's largest stockpilers of silver, and now they are out and have to buy it on the open market like everyone else.

Let's get down to the stark reality of precious metals. 
You can't eat the stuff!
If somehow all the precious metals in the world were dumped into the deepest hole in the ocean, nobody is going to starve the next day. So the precious metal of choice might some day be lead, considering that there is a move to ban all lead in bullets going on right now in Washington District of Criminals.

But silver is still just a commodity, like a sack of oats you might buy at the feed store for your horse. They don't ask you for your tax ID number when you buy it, and like any commodity it's untraceable and untaxable at the retail level.  But that can also change, and will change in 2012 if the government has it's way.

So if you have taken into account your stockpile of food, and other survival necessities, your guns and ammo, your fuel, and power generation needs, and other dry staples, you should think about silver as a trade tool and barter currency. You might just be pleasantly surprised at the gain you can look forward to as the currency melts down to it's true value -- zero!

Look at our new silver rounds that are divisible into quarter ounce pieces like the pieces of eight idea from decades ago but in pieces of 4. The Tea Party round and the Alaska prospector round are divisible.

Buy Silver Here:

Earn Silver Here:

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