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Sunday, January 24, 2010


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Don't Tread On Me Director's Hotel Room Burglarized, Script Stolen

For Immediate Release

January 23, 2010, Oklahoma City, OK - While in Oklahoma City to film probably the most important footage of his career, independent filmmaker William Lewis' hotel room was ransacked, the thieves getting away with everything...but his camera, cell phone and the clothes on his back.

After checking into his room, Lewis, who normally does not travel alone, went out to grab a bite to eat and scout the location for his exclusive interview with Oklahoma Representative Charles Key. Upon his return, Lewis found the door to his room ajar. Pushing the door open, he found that the only thing the thieves did not get was his well-hidden camera.

Lewis said, "I barely had time to find the (interview) location and grab some pizza." It took him only seconds to notice that the burglars made off with his duffel bag, lighting equipment, backpack, which included other small equipment and information, and his laptop. Also stolen was the script and early version of the new film, Don't Tread On Me, and some extra footage.

Gary Franchi, producer and co-writer of the film, commented on the incident, "It is unknown whether or not this was a random or targeted act against the films production but, given the current political climate in America, one tends to wonder."

The policeman on the scene, Officer Bartel, was very helpful as he went door to door looking for and asking if anyone had seen anything suspicious. The hotel manager was reluctant to allow Lewis to film the rest of the incident, threatening to call the police if Lewis did not hand over the film, but was cooperative in the end, even supportive. "Good thing I keep multiple copies of this stuff and backup everything every few days!" Lewis exclaimed.

Franchi concluded, "Don't Tread On Me is still on schedule for a spring release and nothing is going to stop it."

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