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Thursday, April 4, 2024

International Public Notice: For All of You Who Need to Know

 By Anna Von Reitz

First, you should know that the situation in Israel is heating up and getting more complex by the moment. You won't hear this on the news because our media has been gagged since 1902 thanks to the British Pilgrim's Society. 

Israel targeted the Iranian embassy compound in Syria, lobbed missiles at it, and killed Iranians.  This is, whether you know it or not, an Act of War.  It puts Israel firmly in the aggressor seat and whatever Iran does to retaliate, Israelis have to accept the fact that they are suffering because of the acts of their own government.  

In the last week, numerous groups throughout the Middle East have been meeting.  The entire Arab population is scandalized by the extent and the ferocity of the genocide and destruction poured down on the innocent civilian population of Gaza, using a British-funded and Netanyahu-expedited Hamas attack as the Israeli excuse for this.  

What has happened in Gaza would be like turning the entire U.S. Military loose on New York City with unlimited armament short of nuclear weapons, and letting it pound New York into the dirt for months. 

What defense would New York City have?  The same defense that Gaza has.  None.  It would just slowly disappear under the weight of the bombing and missiles and artillery fire, until nothing and nobody was left.  

That's what you've got going on in Gaza, and frankly, the "dumb" uninformed  Americans notwithstanding, that is what the rest of the world sees. 

No wonder the entire Muslim world is inflamed and taking the bait to fight.   

Right behind the Arab States are the Russians and Chinese, who are all allied together -- the Iranians and Russians by their pacts, and the Chinese and Russians allied by their treaties and agreements.  

And here is the stellar point --- they are all on the moral high ground.  We and NATO are on the wrong side of the issues, because it can never be acceptable for a massive military force to attack an unarmed civilian population and to do it in such a purposeful, blatant, prolonged, and reckless way. 

The Israelis have become what they hate.  Their fear and their focus on self-protection has morphed into gross, mindless aggression against Gaza, and now, they have Russian tanks on the Golan Heights. 

Somehow, they seem to assume that they can get away with this genocide and their stubborn refusal to relent, just as they thought they could target the Iranian Embassy in Syria without consequence.  

The concept of what happens on the school ground when a bully is beaten up by a bigger bully has not sunk in.  They obviously think that the British Crown Corporation is going to come save their State of Israel, Inc. franchise, no matter what gross crimes and acts of violence Israel commits.... 

But the British Crown Corp. had no business creating a State of Israel, Inc. franchise, and the British Government had no right to sell Jacob Rothschild a 99-year lease on Israel under the Balfour Declaration.  All this crooked dealing on the part of Britain is now becoming public knowledge and coming home to roost. 

No doubt, that's why MI6 armed and paid Hamas -- a smokescreen to "get something started" as if attacking the Iranian Embassy compound was not enough. 

I am disgusted to say that the Vermin are cruising for a bruising on purpose.  They are creating a crisis deliberately to distract from and obscure their own criminality. The entire economic and financial meltdown is similarly self-generated and cynical.  

Israel was not the victim in the Hamas attack.  Israel was looking for an excuse to attack Gaza and Britain provided Hamas with the means to provide that excuse and Netanyahu let down Israeli border defenses to expedite it.  The whole thing is vicious and calculated and timed to promote the Do It Yourself Armageddon scenario that the Office of the Roman Pontiff and HRE have long planned.  

Let's all keep our eyes and ears alert and realize that the Perpetrators --- the ones really responsible, are the same Perpetrators who have run rampant for the past three hundred years: Rome, Britain, and "Westminster"--- the Inner City of London British Crown Cartel.  

These "Principals and Powers"  are the ones on the Low Road, the cause of it all, and the ones who deserve universal condemnation, if not outright and permanent destruction for their criminal activities and constant acts of war and war-mongering and war-for-profit schemes, for their refusal to give up their illegal and repugnant Caste System, and the peonage and enslavement that keeps it going.  

The rest of us have moved on and are ready for something better.  And here they are, putting on the biggest "show" ever, their own mass-produced end of the world event, complete with self-engineered fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  

They should be ashamed and we should all shame them in public for it.  Life and death are not a game and we are not pawns set up to be their gullible audience.  

If you are not all deeply offended by what is going on in Gaza, you should be.  And even if the planned Great Earthquake isn't pulled off, for fear of permanently damaging the biome, we should all just stay home, and say, "No!" to the best of our ability. 

This SundayApril 7th, join us and the rest of the world in physically and spiritually and emotionally saying no to them and their whole panoply of disaster and death, and declare an end to evil.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994 
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 4th 2024


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