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Friday, April 5, 2024

A Little Miracle

 By Anna Von Reitz

I mentioned last week how wonderful uplifting things just seem to come to me at the most opportune moments and leave me with a contemplative and joyful and empowered heart.  

The beautiful video about American Bison was an example and gift shared with everyone in our community. 

And here's something else that nobody should miss.

Anyone who has ever struggled to read a handwritten text in Hebrew or Aramaic or even a type-produced text that is complete, has been curious about the odd extra small marks that accompany the letters and words of the text. 

It turns out that these are "canticle marks" that are there to tell Jewish Cantors how to literally sing the Psalms. Remember seeing the words in translation --- "a song of David"?  

This knowledge was largely lost and the ability to connect to the exact music of the Bible along with it, until recent scholarship has given us the key to unlock the canticle marks. 

We can once again hear the music as no doubt Yehoshuah heard it as a young man.  

Think of that.  Are we not amazed and privileged to be here and hear this?  

This is the sung version of the most famous blessing in the Old Testament.  Hear it for the first time and share my sense of wonder.  


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