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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Orientation Help for Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

The struggle to correct decades of false indoctrination and improper assumptions based on that indoctrination is probably the single biggest struggle our Assemblies face and it is something that impacts each and every one of us to some degree. 

Developing a good Orientation package for new members is important and getting to know them individually, so as to be better able to engage their talents and interests, is highly advised.  

Just as we urge store owners and professionals who offer cross-jurisdictional services (doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, hair salons, etc.) to post Disclaimers so that their services are offered on their own terms, we advise the Assemblies to include an informative Disclaimer whenever possible. 

The purpose of this Disclaimer is to visibly and frequently remind new members (especially) and visitors that this is a different government.  

Suggested verbiage: 


Disclaimer: We are engaged in the practice of self-government.    

Everyone here is volunteering their precious time and skill. Each one is an American with rights and prerogatives equal to your own. 

They are doing this work out of mutual necessity, to restore the lawful American Government. 

Demands for service, temper tantrums, and misplaced anger are inappropriate. 

This country does not belong to its government.  This country belongs to the people who live here. And you are one (1) of them.  


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