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Sunday, March 31, 2024

International Public Notice: The Importance of Non-Authority

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have provided Notice that the American Civil War was not a war, but was instead a Mercenary Conflict.  It was never declared by any Congressional body at all.  

In the years since then, all other "wars" that our misdirected countrymen have been involved in, have also been Mercenary Conflicts, and none were ever properly declared by a Congressional body having authority to declare war, because our American Congress hasn't been in Session.  

Our foreign Federal Subcontractors were never given authority to declare war.  

This changes everything.  All presumptions and suppositions based on the existence of war are blown away.   

There are no War Powers, no Emergency Powers, either, and no recourse to The Law of War, no Trading With the Enemy Act, no Law of Conquest, no excuse for extraterritorial Occupation of this country, or any other country, by these undeclared Mercenary Forces.  

There is no excuse for commandeering our resources and assets and cashiering them in State Trusts illegally controlled by foreign corporations; no excuse for the Office of Foreign Asset Control to take any action related to us or our assets; no reason for the British Monarch or the Pope, either one, to assume any title interest in our land or labor or our time on Earth. No basis for these foreign powers to demand any performance from us as citizens. 

No power backing media gag-orders and demands for censorship.  

There is and never was any valid reason to presume that we were absent or missing, presumed lost at sea, or otherwise stateless, or in need of any salvage operations promoted by the perpetrators of these gross breaches of trust, fraud, and violation of the good faith service contracts owed to us.  

Everything these Monsters have done from the 1850's onward has been a travesty of lies and fraud, presumption and delusion, cloaked in secrecy as crimes always must be, and washed down under color of law. 

The corporations providing "essential government services" per Article IV of the Federal Constitutions stand accused of conspiracy to evade their contractual obligations, dereliction of duty, and deliberate fraud for purposes of unjust enrichment.

They specifically stand accused of failure to actually provide remedy and reasonable access to remedy for their actions legislatively legalizing crimes, such as the adoption of the Federal Reserve Act, failure to disclose citizenship contracts and other "social contracts" foisted off on the American people; licensing occupations of common right, and a great deal more. 

We wish for the military contractors to seal the Southern Border no matter what the US corporate policies may be, and for the would-be immigrants to be returned safely home to their points of origin. The expense for this should be charged to the Vatican City State, City of Rome, and UN CORPORATION.  

George W. Bush never had any power or authority to engage in any Treaty affecting our national borders. 

The Principals responsible for this "open borders" nonsense have every right to reorganize their own business structures to create a regional government for themselves, so long as they honor their contracts with us and hold us harmless and unharmed.  

Otherwise, this is going to become an ugly matter of contention and the expenses for it are going to be back-charged to them with damages and care costs and transportation costs added.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 31st 2024

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