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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Tail-Chasing Remedy

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our Public is their Private, their Private is our Public. 

This is what we are talking about when we say that we use the Public Law for our private purposes, while they use their Private (Corporation) Law for public purposes.  

It's one of the more arcane concepts of the law that is difficult to master, for, like magic and witchcraft, it depends on perspective -- what your attention is drawn to, how you can be deceived, and how energy is applied. 

The Public Law of this country is American Common Law, Law Merchant, and The Ten Commandments; the Private Law(s) of this country include British Admiralty, Noahide Law, Maritime Commerce, UCMJ, Roman Civil Law, Municipal Law, and Ecclesiastical Law. 

Which kind and venue of law (public or private) you are owed depends on: (1) your political status (which determines your "person"); (2) the jurisdiction involved (the subject of your matter) which all then gives or fails to give the court "subject matter and in personam jurisdiction".

The Great Fraud has resulted in a situation in which you can be "mistaken" for a Human Person dba a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, or worse, as a United States citizen of the Municipal United States , so it is essential to establish who you are and what your political status is.  

This in turn establishes whether, for example, you are living in Michigan, residing in the State of Michigan, or residing in the Municipal STATE OF MICHIGAN.  

The most recent corporate scam is to claim the existence of a replacement for the STATE OF MICHIGAN calling itself simply MICHIGAN, and to also claim the existence of the "American Government, Inc." to replace the "United States Government, Inc."  

It's all equally bogus, either way, and a vain attempt to keep on confusing Commercial and Municipal Corporations with the actual government of this country.  

These pikers go bankrupt on the public dole, think up a new name and incorporate a "new" Successor organization, and propose to keep skating.  

We disallow any such outcome. 

All this semantic deceit designed to entrap the unwary American Public is largely indefensible constructive fraud on the face of it, but we must become aware of it, before we can call it out for what it is, and focus public attention on what the politicians and members of the Bar Associations are doing. 

The Public Law of this country is as strong as it ever was, including the Federal Constitutions which establish the Supreme Law of our international land jurisdiction with regard to our Federal Employees.  

However, we are obliged to provide ourselves with our own courts and to properly identify ourselves and our political status before we can access the Public Law and the Public Courts we are owed -- and before we can reliably enforce the Constitutions. 

Over the years many patriot organizations have arisen and many have fallen. Even today the effort remains confused with all sorts of homegrown splinter groups that distract from the core issues and needlessly endanger everyone involved.

We all need to focus our attention on the basics and not get distracted. 

Who are we?  Americans.

What is our political status? Self-governing.

How do we do that?  Our State and County Assemblies. 

What's our law?  Public Law. 

Who runs our courts?  We do. 

We need to declare and record and publish who we are, because we have all been mischaracterized by the Birth Registration process. 

Once we are "recognizable" as Americans, we can get the rest of the job done.  We can self-govern. We can run our State Assemblies.  We can restore our Courts.  We can enforce our law.  

And stop chasing our tails.  

Patriots everywhere need to stop the confusion by a reasoned act of will, and focus on the nuts and bolts which I have summarized above. 

Like us, our Government, our actual unincorporated American Government, has been more than half-asleep for decades.  It can be restored, but doing so requires conscious awareness of what's required and where the action takes place--- and why. 

As I write, we have literally hundreds of patriot organizations all tugging away at one issue or another.  Vast amounts of energy and money are being expended on court cases that yield little if any relief, because the courts themselves are: (1) foreign and (2) corrupt by design, having been created for purposes of population control and asset-stripping.  

Millions of Americans continue to be abused and coerced in their own purportedly free country --- and 95% of this circumstance is our own failure to properly assess the problem and deal with it.  

The horror of realizing that your traditional government has been undermined by foreign commercial interests and for-profit corporations has to be faced and overcome.  

We must each overcome decades of false indoctrination, and bravely confront our situation as it is and where it stands, because failure to understand the problem leads to wasted time and energy and still no actual solution.  

We, Americans, and probably two billion other people in the former Commonwealth, Western Europe, Japan, and the Middle East, have been subjected to an illegal quasi-military occupation using unlawfully converted Military Forces as Mercenaries.

These Raj-like organizations which are supposed to provide us with "essential government services" have breached their public trust, and operated under color of law for decades, becoming more abusive, more reckless, and more criminal as time has gone on. 

Americans have created RuSA, National Liberty Alliance, We, the People, the Union States Alliance, the Grand Jury Movement, T.E.A. Party and dozens upon dozens more organizations all trying to address various aspects of this overall dilemma --- all without grappling with the basic facts and necessities. 

1. We, Americans, have all been mischaracterized and misidentified by the Birth Registration process as British Territorial U.S. Citizens beginning in the 1920's with the Sheppard-Towner Act and following Registration Acts.

2. We, Americans, have been further mischaracterized by the issuance of a second Municipal United States BIRTH CERTIFICATE which misidentifies us as a United States citizen within the meaning of 42 USC 9102 (18) (c). 
3. Illegally and immorally saddled with these foreign citizenship obligations -- which have been created using undisclosed and unconscionable private "social" contracts -- Americans have been entrapped and subjugated by their own public employees, who have been misdirected by foreign interests. 

It is necessary to object to this and to declare and record our birthright political status; otherwise, our silence is thought to indicate our agreement and adoption of these foreign and denigrated political statuses and foreign citizenship obligations.  

It's also necessary to notice the jurisdiction in which these foreign birth registrations place us: at sea. 

We have been press-ganged. 

In order to arrive back home again, and to self-govern, we have to move back to the land and soil we are heir to, starting from the sea jurisdiction.  

This is also creating some confusion, because our Forefathers started on the land and soil, developing the counties and their states (known as the Union States) first, and their international States (known as States of the Union) second.  

Thanks to starting out "lost at sea" we have the additional burden of progressing in the opposite direction: from the sea, to the land, to the soil. 

As we arrive back home in our own country and stand on our own international land jurisdiction State of the Union, we simultaneously repopulate our Counties and the Union States are restored as well.  

This is what we are doing and why we are doing it this way and in this order.  There is a logic to all things and we must follow it to arrive at our desired result: the restoration of the actual American Government.  

Now, if all the "patriot organizations" in this country would give up their narrow and mostly wrong focus on trying to achieve justice from a patently unjust private court system, or trying to garner political favor from the administrators of foreign for-profit corporations masquerading as our government --- and actually face up to the facts and the job that has to be done, it could all be done much faster. 

Our State Assemblies are now all in the General Assembly phase; some have been able to assemble their State Courts-- the most potent means we have to lawfully and legally and peacefully obtain justice and enforce the Public Law on a permanent basis. 

So come, all you who are burdened down and moaning under the weight of taxation and inflation and other foreign impositions.  Join and support your State Assembly.  

Go to: today and find the "missing pieces" that end the confusion and tail-chasing.  


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