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Friday, March 29, 2024

International Public Notice: The Courts Have Been Weaponized Since 1865

 By Anna Von Reitz

In May of 1865, the Territorial Rump Congress created by Lincoln in 1861 -- meaning the delegates of the Northern States and Union Army Officers appointed by Lincoln to fill the remaining empty seats -- set up ten (10) new Military Districts in the eleven Southern States. 

In each of these new Military Districts they created a District Court, run by an appointed General of at least Brigadier rank.  It was his job to hire Jurists (from the North) to set up and run these new (Military) District Courts.  The action doing this is plain upon the Congressional records for May of 1865 -- the busy month after Lee's surrender.  

These quasi-military Courts became known as "Carpetbagger Courts" because the Hired Jurists were imported from the Northern States and many arrived carrying cloth luggage made out of material more commonly used to make cheap floor rugs. 

The purpose of these quasi-military courts was to: (1) subject the former "rebels" to military law and order; (2) extract "war reparations" from the Southerners and the Southern States by means of illegal confiscation carried out with a veneer of Due Process. 

These courts had nothing whatsoever to do with justice.  

They were created for the purposes of political suppression and physical control of the population, and to punish the "rebels" by taking whatever little of value that they had left -- mainly their land, which was seized, added to the new State Trust, and given over to the control of the British Monarch who "held title" on behalf of the U.S. Citizens who populated the U.S. Army.  

You might assume, as many Americans did, that these Carpetbagger Courts would naturally sunset as the aftermath of the conflict got sorted out, but instead, a new system of (Military) "Judicial" Districts was put in place, and it was gradually extended to 
cover the entire country. 

Arbitrary Courts are great money-makers, so the cretins responsible were much encouraged to extend and increase the scope of these privately owned and operated courts.  Even today, these courts yield a 96% conviction rate.  

Various excuses were offered for this extension of the District Courts in diverse places, but it comes down to the fact that these District Courts began operating extraterritorially in tandem with a very quiet and very illegal occupation of this country by its own military forces.  

Except that those military forces had been unlawfully converted to function as commercial mercenary forces by Lincoln, and command of these forces had been "assumed" by the British Monarch in the "apparent absence" of our own civilian government.  

The objectives of these extraterritorial quasi-military Carpetbagger Courts never changed.  They were "weaponized" from the start, and they are weaponized to this day, with the same objectives in place: control the population, extract assets.  

Perhaps worse than the "United States District Courts" are the State-of-State equivalents. 

People, including some politicians, vaguely realize that "District Courts" shouldn't be operating in our States of the Union; this maintains a certain amount of attention being focused on the operations of these courts, which curbs the worst of their abuses.  


The same is not true of the equally foreign State-of-State Courts which operate as franchise corporations belonging to the same masters as the District Courts; perhaps this is because people had State-of-State Courts of their own prior to the Civil War and so, they accepted the State-of-State Courts after the War as being the same.  

Unfortunately, that is not true. 

The State-of-State Courts operating prior to the Civil War were run by the American State-of-State Organizations that were members of the original Confederation of States authorized in 1781. 

The State-of-State Courts operating after the Civil War were run by British Territorial State-of-State Organizations that were never members of the original Confederation and which were not American in their origin or administration. 

The only clue that this profound change had been made was the change from using "the" instead of "The" -- for example, The State of Ohio (American) to the State of Ohio (British Territorial).  

The purpose and the form of law of the State-of-State Courts was gradually shifted away from the Common Law and into the use of Maritime (Contract) Law, as more and more Americans were falsely registered as U.S. Citizens and were subjected to this foreign law as a result.  

Maritime contracts are not lawful and not, generally speaking, legal, on land.  They don't even adhere to the principles of Law Merchant.  

Modern Maritime contracting, a throwback to the Roman Civil Law,  allows the use of unilateral contracts assumed to exist by acquiescence, and "inferred" contracts, otherwise known as adhesion contracts, by which people are made subject to non-disclosed obligations and foreign forms of law, by a process of assumption. 

No meeting of the minds is required, no disclosure of the true parties to the contract is required, no honesty or honor of any kind is required in Maritime Contracts, with the result that this is the favorite form of law used by these weaponized courts.  Quite apart from any naïve idea of justice that we may have, these courts openly operate on the Roman Maxim, "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived." 

This is, self-evidently, not the kind of law we are supposed to have in this country, and no form of law that naturally applies to our people, but thanks to the unconscionable citizenship contract imposed upon us as babies, the Vermin responsible for administering this venal system enjoy the fruits of their deception. 

Until the vast weight of international public opinion turns against them and the evils of their leadership and their operations and their hypocrisy becomes known, we are at the mercy of our own ignorance. 

Obviously, our unlawfully converted now-Mercenary Forces are a problem for us as long as they are allowed to operate in this illegal and immoral fashion; but, they are also a problem for the rest of the world.  

The continued illegal occupation of this country and the weaponized foreign court system has allowed the British Territorial Raj to rule in the shadows and never face an election. This situation has also perpetuated no end of corruption and embezzlement and political oppression. 

We wish that we could say that the Roman-style Municipal Court System promoted in tandem by the Municipal US DISTRICT COURTS and their STATE franchises was any better, but if possible, it's worse, because its subjects are slaves and pre-judged to be criminals as well. 

These Municipal COURTS are better viewed as administrative processing units--- a vast mill-like hive of interconnected unelected tribunals that share the same objectives as their Territorial Raj brethren: control the population and rape it for plunder. 

The hypocrisy of the men and the institutions responsible for this situation, their endless prattling about "freedom" and "the rule of law" and "democracy" and a great many other subjects they know nothing about, is best left to be witnessed in silent observation of what the Brits and the Roman Curia have actually done here and throughout the world. 

These men and institutions are not the friends of mankind; they are pirates, consumed by their own greed and lust for power -- and the end result of their activities, the creation of a miserable and soul-less social caste system, is the same or worse than the most abject forms of either fascism or communism. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 29th 2024


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