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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

I Don't "Hate" the Pope

 By Anna Von Reitz

Evil people start rumors and simpletons spread them. That's how a lot of damage is done in this world. 

I don't hate Pope Francis.  I don't hate Catholics. 

So far as I am concerned, the Pope is supposed to be the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and he is supposed to be: (1) a Christian, and (2) a responsible world leader who does his job under Ecclesiastical Law. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law, it is the Pope's absolute right and responsibility to liquidate lawless criminal corporations.  That's what Francis owes us all, if he is a Pope at all --- and his failure to do one duty, suggests that he is evading them all.  

I don't agree with his crazy liberal stance promoting homosexuality and trying to normalize things like bestiality and pedophilia. I don't agree with his failure to face the fact that good and evil are two different things.  His social and moral relativism make me wrinkle my nose, but that's me.   

Also, I don't see how Francis is actually now serving as the Pope in any traditional sense. It looks to me like Benedict XVI took the Ministerial Office to the grave with him, and the Office of the Roman Pontiff is long gone -- so?  Anyone in the Catholic Church have an answer for what it means to be "Pope" now? 

He doesn't appear to be taking any action to take down Pfizer or the WEF or any of the Bad Guy Corporations, so he is failing his duty under Ecclesiastical Law --- as far as I can see. 

Yes, as far as I can see, both Pope Francis and Emperor Charles III have converted to Satanism and are using that as their excuse to avoid their obligations under Ecclesiastical Law.   Or maybe they were always Satanists and just pretending to be Christians?  Who knows? 

I see a lot of self-interested avoidance of duty owed to the people of this world and a lot of rot in our institutions as a result of long-term systemic fraud and war-for-profit schemes that have been allowed to flourish ever since the late Middle Ages, simply because they made money for the Church.  

That's not a good enough excuse for me. The ends never quite justify the means. 

But I don't hate the Pope.  Hate, like fear, is a singularly worthless emotion, and you are looking at a woman who was forged in the Stoic tradition: all that counts is what is. 

He's either the Pope or he's not. If he's the Pope, he needs to do his job and Deep Six these out of control corporations, whether they make profit or not. 


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