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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Men of Action

 By Anna Von Reitz

You want to do something besides building your Assembly into a working State Government --- that really is the most important thing that you can do at this moment in history, fellas, but if that seems just too tame and boring and you feel the urge for a fight, here's some ideas for you. 

Get a million Americans to join a tax revolt against the IRS Terrorists.  It should be easy enough, once they realize that Federal Reserve Notes are truly worthless and that you can't possibly accrue debt or profit, aka, income, by their use.  

There are three reasons to do this: (1) expose and end the illegal caste system; (2) refuse to support these Domestic Terrorists and Racketeers; (3) refuse to pay taxes to corporations that are supporting genocide in Gaza and causing it in Ukraine, because you are required not to pay taxes to such organizations under international law. 

Don't want to be an accomplice to that, do you? 
Make it your aim and job to get as many Americans fully informed and ready to Just Say No as possible. 

Here's another great project and long overdue -- shut down the use of Fluoride being added to drinking water in this country. 

Fluoride is an industrial waste from the Aluminum industry and a horrible poison.  Its addition to drinking water has been outlawed in Europe for decades. 

It calcifies your Pineal Gland and that causes among other things: obesity, adds to Alzheimer's, thyroid dysfunction, low melatonin production, poor circulation, adrenal failure, and digestive incompetence. 

It is a poison and it does serve to kill tissues and glands and organs in your body. 

So what are you waiting for?  Want to burn off some energy? Do something good and meaningful for your community and your country? 

End the IRS. 
End Fluoridation of drinking water (or anything else). 
End Pfizer. 

Of all the ubiquitous, obnoxious, dangerous, ugly, filthy corporations, Pfizer has taken the place of Dow Chemical and Monsanto, and impacted far more lives adversely.  

Start researching everything that can be known about Pfizer and use it to force not only Congressional Hearings, but Congressional Action against Pfizer.  

Did you notice something crucial in the 1986 Reagan-era Hold Harmless Legislation promising that Big Pharma would be immune from vaccine damage suits? 

Who accepted the liability?  Congress.  

And Congress is a Corporation like all these other Corporations.  Lead the stampede to charge Congress for vaccine damages.  

See how long it takes them to pass new legislation.  

There, I have given you all three great public service projects above and beyond the hard work of building your Assembly.  And if you are wise, you can use projects like this as a fulcrum to build your Assembly, too.  


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