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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Public Declaration Concerning Additional Unlawful Conversions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Having learned all about "platform trading" in our earlier post, you now understand numerous things about the present financial and economic miasma. 

For one thing, you understand how the "one percent" have so effortlessly made such mammoth gains against all the rest of us: it's all on paper, and it's all the result of platform trading and receiving unjust enrichment beyond any Usurer's wildest dreams --- for doing nothing. Literally. 

Of course, when such a situation occurs, there is great motivation for the banks to cut out the middlemen and the actual owners of the "blocked" deposits, and that is what they have been doing for the last several years, albeit, using illegal and unlawful means to do it.  

Look at the Holding Company Scam: 

None of these incorporated Maritime Commercial Banks can act as actual "Holding Companies".  Holding Companies have to engage with full liability and must be unincorporated, so the Maritime Commercial Banks pretend to have a separate Holding Company handling the deposits. 

Instead, they have bought a Holding Company's trademarks and name, similar to the way the Wells Fargo Bank still appears to exist long after it became a Securities Brokerage with banking services. 

An unincorporated entity can own an incorporated entity, and an incorporated entity can own another incorporated entity, but a Maritime Corporation by definition cannot own anything that is unincorporated without immediately incorporating it within itself.  

Similar to the taint of fraud which impacts everything it touches, incorporation extends to acquisitions. 

So even if an incorporated Maritime Commercial Bank acquired an unincorporated Holding Company, that Holding Company would be an "incorporated holding" and could no longer function as an actual Holding Company. 

That is Farce One, and the first fraudulent deceit that these banks employ against depositors: they pretend to be an unincorporated Holding Company and to have the appropriate liabilities and structure to maintain the depositor's interest in physical assets, but they really don't and really never did.  

To be a true Holding Company, a business has to be unincorporated and independent and fully liable for its performance.  None of these banks and none of the "holding companies" they pretend to run meet this definition.  

So the depositors are hoodwinked into depositing their gold, silver, etc., into these bogus holding companies owned and operated by Maritime Commercial Banks, and they think that they are protected the same way as if they had their deposits with an actual holding company -- but this is not true. 

Next, the Maritime Commercial Bank sets up an accommodating sale with another bank, which may be an investment bank, and it transfers their in-house Holding Company to the new owners, who have no direct contract with the depositor.

The Maritime Commercial Bank has wiggled off the hook of its direct contract with the depositor by interposing this other Bank as the new owner of the purported Holding Company which holds the depositor's assets.  

This is Farce Two.  Not only have they pretended to have a legitimate Holding Company when they don't, they follow up with a Substitution Fraud -- deftly substituting another separately incorporated bank for themselves.  This second bank now owns the phony Holding Company that has the depositor's assets. 

The Maritime Commercial Bank passes this off to the depositor as "Ho, hum, business as usual.... pay no attention to the business name change; "Crazy Consumer Bank LLC", is the new owner of "Bet Your Life Holdings Company". We are sure they can meet your needs.  Blah-blah, have a nice day!"

The problem is that the depositor has no contract with Crazy Consumer Bank, LLC, and Crazy Consumer Bank, LLC, now has control of the phony baloney Bet Your Life Holding Company that has physical control of the depositor's assets.  

Neither one of these operations has a contract with the depositor, and the original Maritime Commercial Bank is nowhere to be seen.  They have already collected their share via the sale of the "Holding Company" --- which included the value of the Holding Company assets. 

If the depositor doesn't wake up and assign his assets to a legitimate Holding Company or undertake to provide security for them himself, he will become an "Unknown Depositor" even though his name and address are plainly stated on the records related to the deposit. 

It's the Maritime Commercial Bank that has a contract with the depositor, and they have breached their contract by selling off the Holding Company that has control of the depositor's assets.     

Jim gives Joe a bag of gold coins, Joe gives the bag to his employee, Fred, to hold. Fred goes to work for Todd.  Neither Fred nor Todd know Jim.  

Crazy Consumer Bank, LLC, didn't inherit the depositor contract from the original Maritime Commercial Bank, they only acquired the Bet Your Life Holding Company, and the phony Holding Company never had a direct contract with the depositor, so after a year or two of trading on the clueless victim's assets, they claim the assets were abandoned by Unknown Persons.  

Of course, this is all Bunko, but aside from bringing a Breach of Trust / Breach of Contract suit against the original Maritime Commercial Bank, the only real defense the depositor has is to reassign their assets to a different Holding Company.

This and similar Holding Company Scams have been allowed to go on for decades now, with the depositors taking it in the shorts every step of the way.  

Of course, once they have been defrauded out of their assets, the depositors don't have the wherewithal to bring a successful suit against the Maritime Commercial Bank for Bad Faith, Fraud, and Breach of Contract. 

it wouldn't help them even if they did bring suit, because the courts and the attorneys all work for the same British Crown Corporation parent corporation as the offending Maritime Commercial Banks. 

It's all one big British Territorial polyglot crime syndicate and most of what it does, can all be characterized as unlawful conversion. 

In this instance, they have used a slightly different scheme to unlawfully convert the assets of a depositor into the assets of a bank that doesn't have a contract with the depositor. 

All these Maritime Commercial Banks have either done this or been complicit via Unjust Enrichment because of it.  They all need to be hauled up as members of an organized crime cartel engaged in conspiracy against their depositors.   

You may be wondering--- but, if these are British Territorial Banks, what about their obligation to protect American "persons" under Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America? 

This Unlawful Conversion Scheme depends on the earlier Unlawful Conversion of political identity that occurred when American babies were incorrectly registered as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

This False Registration allows the Liars to assume -- and present to the rest of the world -- that they are simply seizing upon assets belonging to one of their own corporation's franchises or a debtor corporation's franchises.   

This initial Unlawful Conversion is how they have evaded their contractual obligations under The Constitution of the United States of America since the 1920's. 

It's all based on Impersonation leading to False Claims in Commerce, Unlawful Conversion, Substitution Schemes, and other garden variety bunko that has conveniently gone unchecked, because their version of "Congress" --- that is, the British Territorial Congress operating under The Constitution of the United States of America --- has conveniently defunded and misdirected the officers that would normally protect us. 

As a British Crown Corporation, they make a lot more money defrauding American depositors in their banks and American Suitors in their courts than they can make by honestly fulfilling their contractual obligations to those same Americans. 

Inevitably, this involves Bad Faith and Breach of Trust and Breach of Contract similar to the Holding Company Scam described above, but the fundamental failure of the British Crown Corporation and its Principals is even worse --- they are so greedy that they want to take their paychecks from our pockets at the same time they are impersonating and defrauding us.  

They want us to pay them for defrauding us. 

They collect their pay and bennies while acting in Breach of Trust against their employer's interests and in violation of their own service contract -- The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Their receipt of consideration for service under their contract at the same time that they are evading their contractual obligations and busily impersonating and defrauding us, their employers and customers, nails this circumstance to the floor. 

All our purloined assets are owed back to us, including our physical asset deposits. The most efficient and painless way to correct is to lawfully convert all the British Crown District and Municipal Corporations to Land Jurisdiction Corporations worldwide. 

This brings these lawless entities and their personnel back under the International Law of the Land and the National Public Law of each country. 

As they have committed abundant global, international, and national-level crimes during their 160-year crime spree, we feel that the forfeiture of these commercial and municipal corporations for the benefit of their victims and claimants (and depositors) is preferable to the prospect of hanging 3 million Federal Employees and 19 million State-of-State franchise employees and however many millions of complicit franchise corporation officers for Crimes of State. 

We can cite Conspiracy Against the Constitution(s), Inland Piracy, Strong-Arm Fraud and Racketeering, War Profiteering, Press-Ganging, Illegal Conscription, Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Unlawful Conversion, Breach of Trust, Breach of Contract, Impersonation, Barratry, and other crimes too numerous to mention, all accomplished under color of law and pretense of "war".  

In the event that any country needs more time to re-establish their lawful government, they can stand under our actual unincorporated and fully liable Holding Company and our Commercial Claims, until such time as they are returned to fully independent and sovereign capacity. 

In view of the harm inflicted on the Earth and the living people of this planet by corporations, we call for the end of them and any similar business models or legal fiction entities that have been insured and allowed the protection of public bankruptcy.  

The only business entities that might arguably need such protection are those engaged in industries promoting armaments, vicious chemicals, bioweapons, and risky medical technologies--- most of which should be outlawed or strictly regulated, not solicited and promoted at public expense as well as public endangerment. 

We note that the guilty corporations and their Masters have been promoting "the rule of law" when what is needed is the spirit of the law and the substance of the law.  

Our State Courts hold General Jurisdiction, and in the aftermath of this present purposefully created "crisis" we have the right and responsibility to judge both the facts and the law presented to us. We insist that the Admiralty and Maritime Courts return to their strictly limited functions and subject matter, and respect their contractual obligations to all declared  American State Nationals.  

Along with the conversion of the corporations, including the banks, courts, and government-services-for-hire apparatus, we recommend that the Law and Medical Schools, Universities, and Professional Associations like the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association be placed under our management, re-educated, and quite possibly shut down; if they can't offer competence and professional functions benefiting the public interest, there is no reason for these organizations and institutions to exist. 

Likewise we object to substituting foreign Corporation Elections sponsored by Political Lobbies as our Public Elections.  

This is just another Unlawful Conversion and Substitution Scheme, putting these private shareholder events in the place of our lawful Public Elections, and thereby seeking to entrap Americans into the service of the District Municipal Corporations and also promoting their presumed acceptance of the debts of these corporations absent full disclosure. 

It doesn't matter a fig whether it is Donald Trump or Joe Biden in terms of all these political "campaigns" and elections being foreign, deceitful, and undisclosed. 

Political Parties and their constituents represent undeclared Foreign Agents and Public Employees intent on accessing our National Credit without the nicety of full disclosure; as such, Political Parties are foreign corporations engaged in self-interested fraud and entrapment on our shores and need to be removed from our public venue so as to prevent any further confusion of their elections with our elections. 

The unlawful conversion of our Public Elections into private corporation elections and their substitution one for the other, has been part of the overall Unlawful Conversion Scheme used by the offending corporations to subourne us and usurp against our lawful government, and ultimately, to substitute their corporations for the lawful government of this country and many other countries, too. 

This Unlawful Conversion has in turn been used to excuse the operations of the CIA and other so-called "intelligence" organizations in routinely undermining elected governments, and then installing puppet governments favorable to their parent corporation's agenda. 

They are getting away with this outrageous and often murderous behavior using the excuse that these are not actual Heads of State and not actual Presidents and so, people like John Kennedy do not come under Diplomatic Protection -- neither in this country nor anywhere else that British Territorial Corporate Feudalism exists. 

The CIA, Inc. is a Municipal Corporation owned and operated by an Umbrella Corporation calling itself the United States Government, Incorporated, and both need to be dissolved for innumerable crimes against this country and many other countries. 

The further point is that British Territorial Corporate Feudalism has no right to exist and operate as it has been. 

The British South Africa Company hegemony that left a monopolistic commercial corporation "acting as" the government of South Africa was unlawful, Illegal, and immoral.  

The Raj in India was unlawful, illegal, and immoral, and it is the same way everywhere else we see this same pattern of British deceit, mercenary adventurism, commercial monopoly and coercive foreign bureaucracy. 

The same kind of "Raj" in America, Germany, or Australia is no less offensive, unlawful, illegal, and immoral.  

The conversion of all the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations to the control of the Land Jurisdiction Government of this country, our unincorporated Federation of States, would be a first step toward putting an end to these loathsome, predatory impositions and would result in the lawful conversion of the Armed Forces as well. 

We would no longer have our men charging around the world thinking that they were defending this country, while in fact acting as pathetically cheap mercenaries for hire. 

It is to our advantage as fifty sovereign nations and also to the advantage of all our neighbors, as well as our sons and daughters, that this misuse and abuse of our military by foreign commercial interests comes to a halt.  Lawful conversion of all the District and Municipal Corporations ensures that result. 

This is what the British Gulag, Inc. has planned for China, too -- to send their sons and daughters to war at the behest of these monsters in nice suits, while enduring a British-backed and controlled Chinese Raj at home.  

They will eat China alive from within, just as they have tried to do to us.  They will saddle China with phony debts and crooked bookkeeping and dishonest dealings of all kinds, and destroy China's reputation, and drain away China's resources, just as they have done here and in South Africa and India and everywhere else they've been. 

The British Crown is not just a predator, it is a parasite and a Master of Deceit.  

It uses the Monarchy as a storefront and substitutes itself and its Offices for the Government owed to the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, just as surely as it does the same here in America, throughout the former Commonwealth, Japan, and the seventeen indecently "occupied" countries of Western Europe. 

It has followed the same recipe throughout: unlawful conversion, substitution, secrecy, double-dealing, double-speaking, and deceit, deceit, deceit. 

Their affiliates and whore-masters in Rome use the British Crown to do their dirty work, but they are just as bad or worse, and are the ultimate creators and purveyors and beneficiaries of the deceits employed.

What is a corporation but a Lie?  

They try to disguise this with fancy verbiage, by rebranding it as a "Legal Fiction" or a "Legal Personality" and a so on, but in the end, incorporated entities are faceless, nameless, heartless, unaccountable inventions of the imagination, devoid of consciousness, morality, or true character.  

When the men running a corporation are similarly impaired, disaster is the only possible outcome, and that is why Ecclesiastical Law requires that incorporated entities must function "lawfully" and fulfill a higher standard than mere "legality". 

This is the Evil has insinuated itself into the public arena and pretended to be our government, and claimed to represent us -- while not even standing on the land and soil of this country and not being subject to our Law, as required by their own service contracts. 

For the banks, for the courts, and for the government corporations and their commercial franchises, this is a Come to Jesus moment.  The criminality and gross magnitude of it, is staring us all in the face. 

We cannot allow this British-Roman Axis to continue hypocritically and sanctimoniously 
prattle on about democracy and freedom and constitutions and constitutional monarchy and the end of colonialism and "good government" and "the greater good" and all this "Christian"--- obviously to them, clap-trap---- while all the time in the background, they've been practicing every kind of deceit and oppression against the people they are supposed to be serving in good faith. 

They have all been playing a game of "Pretend".

Pretend that they are nice men, not vicious, venal predators.  Pretend that they are Christians, when they are Satanists, instead.  Pretend that they are Americans, when they are British Territorials, instead.

Pretend that their Employers are "Enemy Combatants".  Pretend that they are at "War" while playing out endless Mercenary Conflicts instead. Pretend that their victims are corporations, not living men.  

Pretend that their paper I.O.U.s are the same as gold and silver. Pretend that they don't know who their depositors are. Pretend that all the credit arising from platform trading on their depositor's assets belongs to them. 

Pretend that Americans en masse volunteered to be British Subjects.  Pretend that American en masse volunteered to be slaves belonging to the Holy See.  

Pretend that humans caused the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

It's one lie and supposition and flight of fancy after another, all designed to make them look good, but in the end, they are what they are: Liars. Thieves. And Murderers. 

And we, the victims of this criminality, are owed lawful conversion of all complicit corporations, return of all our purloined assets, and peace. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

December 10th 2023


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