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Monday, December 11, 2023

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are heading into a potentially very tumultuous week in which the British Territorial Military Government and this civilian government of the unincorporated United States and United States of America respond to certain unavoidable world events that will change the face of the financial and economic world. 

If things continue on the current timeline and certain corrections are not made, this is what you are likely to see:

1. A General Announcement of what has been called NESARA/GESARA, which is essentially a military takeover and resolution of commercial corporation wrong-doing on a worldwide basis.

2. Do not, however, mistake the potential danger of welcoming a military solution to civilian problems, and letting what is, essentially, a foreign, for-profit, British Territorial Mercenary Corporation gain favor and dominance apart from their service contracts.

3. We are very concerned that there will be yet another attempt to keep the wool pulled over everyone's eyes, foist off the blame for what we have all gone through, and throw a big party using other people's assets. 

4. We are not in any full accord or acquiescence with the issuance of "UNITED STATES NOTES '' also known as Rainbow Currency, even though we recognize the desperate need for cash. Our reservations are because it's our gold backing it, and they have a bad history of non-repayment and criminal neglect of fiduciary duties. We feel the need for formalized agreement with both sides -- military and civilian -- being represented and all issues being fully disclosed.

5. There is likely to be a concurrent announcement of drastic devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note, so much so that you may initially feel panic and despair. This is not at all necessary and should be quickly dispelled by issuance of the contested UNITED STATES NOTES and our prepaid credit Prosperity Cards to assist everyone and usher in a whole new era on planet Earth. 

6. As ever, everyone should understand that any quarrel we have with the military is not with the rank and file soldiers, sailors, airmen and their officers; our beef is with the British Territorial Corporation responsible for their misdirection and misuse as Mercenaries, the illegal confiscations of private property that have taken place, and the impersonations and misapplications of law that have taken place.  

7. Likewise, our gripe with Donald Trump, who is likely to be returning to office, is based on the fact that he is, or would be, the President of the aforementioned British Territorial Corporation. We consider the President of that Corporation dba the United States of America, Incorporated, to be an Undeclared Foreign Agent until such time as our own Public Elections are held -- not political elections, but free and honest American Public Elections for the actual Office of The President of The United States of America ---which is an unincorporated civilian office within our actual government. 

8. We have often admitted that our Federal Republic has never been reconstructed and that we are currently engaged in the work leading up to that accomplishment; there is no need or desire for a British Territorial Government or its Agents to substitute for our Federal Republic. We would welcome the assistance and support of our Subcontractors, but wish for no further Substitution Schemes or usurpations. Our Federation of States is competent to serve in lieu of the Federal Republic until such time as it is resurrected, and did all the later delegated duties from 1776 to 1781.

9. You are also likely to see many outrageous and highly disturbing and controversial news clips, videos, and movies, designed to expose aspects of the raw criminality our government subcontractors acting as commercial CORPORATIONS were engaged in. As truly disgusting and shocking as all of this may be, it should also be recognized as a narrative seeking to exonerate the British Territorial Corporation for considerable dereliction of duty and complicity with some of these same CORPORATIONS.  The Big Wigs finally acted to address these Evils because the Public was becoming aware of them.  Keep their feet turned toward the fire and Rat Watch diligently for the next several months.  Do not imagine that everything is resolved and just hunky-dory. 

10. While the various militaries may appear to be the Saviors this coming week, keep in mind that they were also part of the problem for 160 years. The failure of the British Territorial U.S. Military to inform and support action by the actual American Government has led to 160 years of Americans being harassed, jailed, pillaged, plundered, suffering illegal confiscation of property, paying mortgages for foreign interests, and taxes they didn't owe, along with being subjected to foreign courts and overall being impersonated, misrepresented, and abused.  

11. Keep a cool head and carefully consider the value of your physical assets and prepaid credit and be on the look-out for any hidden contracts or entrapment schemes involved in this planned rollout of NESARA-GESARA. Remember that you are free to cross out and correct any elements of paperwork that are unclear or incorrect.  If there is any question about which "United States" or "United States of America" is being referenced, feel free to make your meaning explicit before signing anything. 

12.  Remember that we have less than no reason to trust any British Crown Corporation. If the U.S. Military is being directed to do its duty, you may be sure that Public Oversight and Awareness on a worldwide basis is a large component in securing that desirable result. Keep watching. Closely.

!3.  Remember that it does no good to run to the bank and try to take out Federal Reserve Notes as they will be devalued in hand or on the ledger, either way.  Rather, this is a good time to take screenshots of your account statement pages or go to an ATM and get an account statement balance receipt. 

14.  This is also a good time to spend FRNs on food, prescriptions you may need, extra fuel and whatever else you and your family may need to get through the winter. Be practical and do what you can. Neighbors, friends, and family, stand ready to help each other.

15. It's also a good and necessary time to spend money on your actual American Government, as it needs your support to actively pursue negotiations and recoupment actions. We are your most intractable support.

16. Don't panic whether the news is good or bad this week; take any media furor with two grains of salt and protect your peace of mind with a healthy degree of skepticism.  Both the U.S. Military and your faithful civilian government are here; they are contractually obligated to protect you, and we are here to serve our Public Good.

Finally, as our beloved rabbi has told us, let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for this time is meted out. A new world is coming and we are facing it with our heads up and our tails down.  God bless us every one.  



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