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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Foreign Death Cult

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was startled yesterday to hear Ben Fulford say that his bank contacts had told him the same things that my bank contacts have told me:  that the banks are all taking their orders from eight ETs holed up in Switzerland. 

Given all the trappings of a known religious cult, that of Semiramis, an Assyrian Queen circa 9th Century BC, that we encounter everywhere, it isn’t hard to guess which flavor of religious cult we are facing— but E.T.s? 

E.T. could stand for “Extra Territorial” as well as “Extra Terrestrial”.  Both could  be appropriate descriptions of what is going on. 

Extra Territorial refers to a situation where a government is acting outside its own normal or natural jurisdiction, especially at sea and especially when it is acting to apprehend criminals. 

Assuming that the sovereign government of Thailand found Pfizer guilty of crimes of genocide, it could then act “extra-territorially” and send its agents out on the High Seas and into other countries to track down the criminals. 

As for Extra-Terrestrials, that is a possibility, too.  Scalar Technology has been unleashed — just as it was prior to The Great Plasma War that destroyed Mars as a living planet and which, according to the Bible and the Classic Hindu texts on the subject, resulted in “Satan” and his pals being “cast down” on Earth.

We know that Scalar Weapons have been used on Earth before this from three primary sources: petroglyphs found worldwide, physical markers such as radiation still left over, and ancient texts and oral traditions that describe scalar weaponry in use. 

We know, if the ancient Hindu and Hebrew Sources are to be believed, that there are Extra Terrestrials on Earth because they were cast down here after the War in Heaven and imprisoned here. 

Satan was/is a Seraphim — an angelic being, whose hyper dimensional form is that of a dragon. Literally. 
So if he and his buddies are in charge of the banking operations on Earth it would explain many things. Such as the disturbing testimonies about senior bankers and others suddenly appearing as giant lizards resembling snakes or what are known as dragons or basilisks. 

This would also explain the violence and misery on the Earth which was turned into a prison planet because of these unwanted guests. 

Primitive people might well have worshipped these advanced and long-lived beings, giving rise to the death cult and the worship of Satan.  

We know from the Biblical accounts that Satan demanded that Jesus worship him so —-worship of Satan was already going on in the Age of Pisces. 

What else matches the Gang of Eight tradition known as The Octagon Group in Switzerland? 

The eight Lords of the Admiralty, which are eight “Extra-Territorial” offices. 

So have we tracked down the identity of these eight shadowy villains that have been ruining the Earth? 

And if we have what can puny short-lived people do against a group of eight Fallen Angels who are thousands of years old?  

We can ask for these foreign ET entities to be packed up and removed.  

It’s our planet, not theirs.  We didn’t ask for them to be here. 
So, ask that these interlopers be rounded up and dealt with —imprisoned elsewhere.  

We can consciously reject the Death Cult and the worship of Satan.  

Just as important as rejecting the evil among us, we can embrace the good. Our conscious heart-mind energy once unleashed is an unimaginable weapon — a weapon we can wield to save ourselves and our planet.


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