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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Unfortunately, This Can Happen

 By Anna Von Reitz

Any group misrepresenting itself as The Missouri Assembly and associating itself with Former Coordinator Daniel Auxier is not a member of the Federation of States and is not properly organized as a State Assembly, directly because of the failings of Dan Auxier. 

Although Dan had many opportunities to learn his job and correct his mistakes, he ultimately chose to avoid those mistakes and the work to correct them by blaming others for his own laxity and failures as a Coordinator.

As a result The Missouri Assembly under his purported guidance was being run in a thoroughly improper manner. 

The concerns leading to the dissolution of this version of Missouri Assembly included the following: 

(1) Instances where paperwork submitted in good faith was not processed at all, only partially processed, processed incorrectly, and/or original documents submitted to Dan Auxier for recording were not returned; 
(2) running The Missouri Assembly like a private club instead of a Public Government organization; cronyism was rife;
(3) more than $2000 that we know of was embezzled/misappropriated and Treasurer Reports were not forthcoming to the members and Dan actively resisted having a responsible Third Party audit to get things back on track. 

All the above resulted in only eight members of The Missouri Assembly actually being papered up. 

When this was discovered and the additional problems with the State Assembly treasury became self-evident the eight members that truly were papered up and legitimately standing on the land and soil held a meeting among themselves to address the situation. 

Dan and his followers misrepresented their actions as a coup aimed against The Missouri Assembly, when in fact these eight people were the only ones who were actually members of The Missouri Assembly. 

Dan had subverted the entire process first by failing to process paperwork so that people weren’t being recorded as members and then by allowing people who weren’t papered up to vote. 

This invalidated Missouri’s operations and standing as a whole. 

While we investigated all this, Dan Auxier “disappeared” and refused to communicate or answer questions about his many failures as a Coordinator which resulted in Missouri losing its representation among the other States. 

Now Dan is trying to pretend that this is somehow the Federation’s fault and encouraging people to put their faith in his “leadership”. 

The fact is that we bent over backward trying to work with Dan to no avail.  He was not a competent Coordinator nor a competent Recorder and rather than correct his mistakes, his “answer” was to blame the Federation and other Missourians who are doing the work and doing it correctly. 

David Renck and Donna Carstens are the new Co-Coordinators for The Missouri Assembly.  Anyone whose paperwork was messed up by Dan is invited to contact us for assistance. 

To those living in Missouri— this is your State of the Union and it is up to you to see to it that it is run right. 
It’s up to you to check the books, make sure that the people voting in your Assembly are actually papered up members, and make sure your own personal  records are complete and on file. 

There is no “other” way to do this. 

Except for the eight members who had studied hard enough and had enough business experience to know that something was desperately wrong with Dan’s Administration, Missouri wouldn’t have an Assembly and the State would be in danger of being annexed by any one of the neighboring States that have done their homework and towed the line to lawfully operate. 

Dan is out in the weeds, doing whatever he is doing, misleading people and as ever, failing to act responsibly. 

We regret that such things can and do happen so long as intelligent and motivated people fail to show up in their own self-interest, learn the ropes, do the work and watch the shop. 

The Federation will not recognize or finance or approve anything that Dan Auxier and the group he is trying to form are doing and we will prosecute them for misrepresenting themselves as The Missouri Assembly when they haven’t earned that honor. 


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