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Thursday, September 7, 2023

1851: Freemasonry, Postal Union, and the Undermining of National Sovereignty

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please note that sea treaties, bank treaties, and postal union treaties do not equal and are not sufficient in lieu of land jurisdiction treaties.  

And see for yourselves the sleight of hand that the Freemasons and others employed in the annexation of Hawaii: 

What happened in Hawaii was to serve as a template for similar chicanery worldwide. 

This little video posted above is a very important  snippet giving you insight into the workings used to collapse National Governments into the status of Territorial Governments, via the use of deceit and collusion benefitting municipal and commercial interests. 

In 1851, the Successors to the Holy Roman Empire Constitutional Contract, that is, The Constitution of the United States, proposed that they be allowed to use their long-habituated Latin grammar conventions for the conduct of their business operations, instead of English--- even though English is our Official Language. 

In view of what was already happening in Hawaii and elsewhere, this change in how names of government entities were styled must be viewed with considerable skepticism. 

The change in language conventions created as many confusions as it solved; most importantly, a fundamental change between the official English name of this country: The United States, and the official Municipal name of this country: the United States, was encouraged, seeming to justify an assumption that two (2) countries exist.    

Indeed, it has been precisely that confusion that has been employed to promote the foreign Municipal Corporation and its internal government "as if" it was the civilian government of this country.   

Up until 1851 the words "the United States" could apply to the original states of the Union formed in 1776, its Municipal Subcontractors formed in 1790, the American Federal Republic Subcontractor formed in 1787, or the country itself.  

After 1851, the name of the country appeared in proper English as The United States, while all the Subcontractors and the original Union continued to be referred to, variously, according to context, as "the United States". 

This set the stage for impersonating the Union as the Subcontractors, and for the Subcontractors to impersonate each other.  

The same exact words: "the United States" --could refer to the original 1776 coalition, the 1787 American Republic Subcontractor, or the 1790 Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor and also its successors. 

All this then led to a change in Postal Addresses and ultimately to the creation of no less than seven (7) Postmaster Offices within the Postal Union. 

Please note that the Post Office (Post Master) is separate from the Postal Union (Postmaster)  and the Postal Service is part of the Postal Union. 

Please note that the Postal Union is organized as a Guild in the ancient European Guild System.

Please note that the Freemasons are organized as Guild in the ancient European Guild System. 

Please Note that the Bar Associations are organized as a Guild in the ancient European Guild System. 

Also note that the American Labor Unions act as guilds in the same way as the Guild System in Europe. 

The various "Unions" are all complicit in The Great Fraud in one way or another, and they all started out advocating the rights and needs of the individuals and workers as opposed to the power of the various oppressive Monarchs and their Bureaucrats and the Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy. 

When you imagine the Freemasons as a sort of spiritual Labor Union, its role and association with all the various other Unions makes sense, and so does the affiliation of such patriot luminaries as Geo. Washington and Benjamin Franklin with the Freemasons.  

Unfortunately, what started out as an endeavor to free mankind one individual at a time from the oppression of Monarchs, Church hierarchies, religious superstitions, ignorance, enslavement, involuntary peonage, immorality, poverty, and other evils --- also more-or-less devolved into a criminal operation, too. 

The unions have stood as middlemen in a "war" between labor and management and management has stood as a middleman with respect to the actual corporate owners, too.  

Think of it as a continuum: 

Worker -- Labor Union -- Management -- Owners

With "Labor Union" and "Management" both acting as Middlemen for the actual Parties of Interest, and both being able to sell out their respective subscribers, it is inevitable that Bad Faith would occur over time.  

This is exactly the sort of "double play" we see in the annexation of Hawaii under the influence of the Secret Societies --- the King and Queen both being Freemasons, and their former kingdom being unlawfully converted by another Secret Society membership, the Bar Associations

In this case, think of the continuum being: 

Hawaiians -- Freemason King -- Bar Association -- British Crown. 

The Freemasons operating the Postal Union and the Bar Association colluded to rip off the interests of the actual owners, the Hawaiian people, for their own benefit and the benefit of the British Crown Corp. 

There was a lot more skullduggery involved, but it was all skullduggery, and most importantly, it was all undertaken without the knowledge or consent of the actual owners, by people with an only custodial interest in the property.  

Can a Custodian sell the property of the Heirs?  Can a king billing himself as a Christian King also operate as a Freemason without disclosure?  Can a Commonwealth dependent on the largesse of the Pope and the King present itself as a sovereign and independent Kingdom or State? 

The answers are no, no, and no --- but in order to come to these conclusions, one must perceive the fraud and deceit "mistaking" a Kingdom or a Free State as a Commonwealth, before it can be decried and overturned.  

This is similar to the present situation in England where the former Queen pulled a Bait and Switch, promising to act as a Christian Monarch and then immediately abdicating in favor of an Imperial Crown. 

In this case, the Freemason King abdicated in favor of an undisclosed British Territorial State of State. 

Hawaii has never operated in the capacity that everyone assumed. It has been formally enrolled as an American State of the Union for almost three years, but has never actually functioned with the true powers of a sovereign State of the Union.  

The British Territorial Officers who are honor bound to return the land and assets of Hawaii to the Hawaiian people under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance are still dragging their feet.

Many of the people of Hawaii, like Americans in general, are confused and frustrated and fed up with the criminal misadministration they have suffered at the hands of the "American Raj" --- meaning the British Territorial military government that has been occupying our States in breach of trust since 1861.  

The most recent and terrible tragedy on Maui has only underscored the cruelty, criminal dereliction of duty, and breach of trust, that these municipal corporation entities, like DOD and FEMA,  have practiced under color of law against the members of our General Public.  


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