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Friday, July 14, 2023

The First of October 2020: Important Distinctions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once you realize that our American Government was substituted for and impersonated by British Territorial "State of State" business organizations and Municipal Corporations acting in the chaos after the so-called American Civil War, you will realize that so far as the rest of the world knew, our Government was "silent, presumed to be in interregnum" for many years.  

Our Government wasn't called back into Public Session because those responsible for doing so were murdered, burned out, ambushed, forced to flee or simply cowed into submission.  Most people were fooled by the substitution scheme and were not aware that their own government was Missing and being represented by foreign Municipal Corporations acting as Federal Subcontractors instead.

This resulted in those same Federal Subcontractors taking many gross liberties in breach of trust, service contracts, and treaties owed; but, there were some things that they simply could not do or even pretend to do, because they were never "federal" duties to begin with.   

One of those "can't do it" tasks was enrolling new States into our Union. 

Only the actual States that existed prior to the Civil War could vote on that issue, and those States were not in Session.

So as new States were formed after the Civil War and our country expanded westward,  the British Territorial United States Government took temporary possession of each new Territory as it was formed in the Western United States, as provided for under the Northwest Ordinance. 

Then, to keep up appearances, when the new States were due to be enrolled as States of the Union, the same British Territorial Government offered Territorial Statehood as a substitute status--- without a word of disclosure or explanation. 

Most of our Western States existed for many decades as what I call, "States in Waiting", never actually enrolled as States of the Union. 

This amounted to the Territorial Interlopers writing themselves a service contract couched as a State - of - State Constitution, for example, The Constitution of the State of Nevada, and settling in to milk their new corporate franchise.  

These so-called "statutory states" exist only on paper, while the actual assets of the nascent States were left in the physical custody and under the regulatory authority of the foreign British Territorial Government Subcontractor --- the American Raj. 

This is the mercenary government that has been terrorizing Americans in the Western States, and these are the False Presumptions under which these operatives have been acting when they have done things like laying an ambush for LaVoy Finicum, his friends and family members. 

I received this brief synopsis of part of the resulting situation from a contributor today, and I quote: 

"STATUTORY “citizens” or STATUTORY “nationals” born on federal territory are “foreign” and “alien” in relation to a CONSTITUTIONAL state. The same thing applies to Indians living on reservations. 

[The "federal territory" being referenced applies to all the Territorial "States" formed in lieu of being enrolled as actual States, as well as people born in the District of Columbia and other actual federal enclaves.]

".... the reverse is ALSO true: Those born in CONSTITUTIONAL states are “foreign” and therefore “alien” in relation to STATUTORY “States” and federal territory. 

That’s where the idea comes from to call state nationals [that is, average Americans born in one of the nation-states of the Union] “nonresident aliens” under 26 U.S.C. §7701(b)(1)(B) in relation to a tax that only applies on federal territory within the STATUTORY but not CONSTITUTIONAL “United States” under 26 U.S.C. §7701(a)(9) and (a)(10) and 4 U.S.C.§110(d)."

Those people living in the primarily western Territorial States that formed after the Civil War, were in the above referenced "Statutory" status with regard to and in contrast to people living in one of the Constitutional States formed prior to the Civil War.  

This is because they weren't actually living in the States of the Union or under the provisions of the Constitution(s).  They were in the custody of the British Territorial Government owing to the fact that their States were not actually enrolled as States of the Union.  

Once the American Government came back into Session in 2019, we were able to take care of this long-overdue housekeeping.  

By roll call vote of the State Assemblies in the States that were enrolled prior to the Civil War, the Territorial States including most of the Western States and West Virginia, were accepted as full-fledged States of the Union as of the First of October 2020 and retroactive to the day when they unknowingly accepted Territorial Statehood.   

This action lawfully converted the presumptive political status of all people living in the former Territorial "States" to their intended political status as American State Nationals.  

As fully enrolled States of the Union, all land and soil and other physical assets owed to each State of the Union naturally devolves upon the people living in each nation-state effective with the date that each of these States entered Territorial Statehood.  The presumed-to-exist Territorial Trust was finally dissolved.

The bulk of the people living in, for example, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, etc. and all other States formed during and after the Civil War, are in fact now incontrovertibly presumed to be nationals of their Constitutional States, unless proven otherwise. Those who have declared, recorded, and published their natural birthright political status are grandfathered-in and have absolute substantive rights, Both species of Federal Employee and their Dependents are presumed to be present under the provisions of the Residence Act. 

 Action to reform the presumptions of the courts and amend the jurisdictions under which they have been operating is required by Operation of Law, as is return of control of the assets owed to the people living in each State. 

We will take up the taxation issues in another article. 


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