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Friday, July 14, 2023

How Liars Lie 1.0 -- Incontrovertible Defense

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you are facing charges that have been misaddressed to you under statutory law or administrative code.  I keep getting calls for help that I cannot hope to answer, but I can offer you a "template answer" that will stand you in good stead so long as you are tough enough to stay on point and just drive it home like an ice pick.  

These charges run the gamut from silly misdemeanors like spitting on the sidewalk to grand felonies, but they always reference statutes, codes and/or regulations, policies, or mandates that you have supposedly broken.  

Mankind is naturally exempt from and alien with respect to statutes, codes, corporate policies, mandates, and regulations which are meant to apply to "persons", not people.  

The Perpetrators get away with misaddressing you and charging you as a "person" instead of one of the people by keeping you ignorant. 

Forcing them to back down from their Presumptions is difficult, so you must stay centered and determined.  

Don't let them apply any titles to you like "Mister" or "Missus" or "Doctor".  Don't let them call you a "male" or a "female" --- that's for animals, not people. Don't take any orders from them, like, "Sit down."  If they want you to sit down, make them lay hands on you, so that it is clearly under duress. 

The first bit of information that you want to get across to the court -- preferably at the very beginning and in writing, sent via Express Mail so that you have documented private evidence that they received it - is one simple statement and an equally simple demand: 

"I am an American State National acting under force and duress.  I am owed the Preamble Trust, Bill of Rights, and retained Tenth Amendment Powers among others. I waive any foreign obligations or unearned benefits. I retain the right to hold everyone here 100% commercially and personally liable for any harm proposed against me or my assets held in trust."  

"If you have a contract with me, bring it forward. If you don't have a contract signed by me, set me free." 

And no matter what they say or do, you repeat these two things up to three times each, as appropriate. 

Without a contract, they cannot enforce anything against you.  

It's just that simple. 

This applies to all the typical issues that these courts misaddress to you under statute, code, or regulation--- custody battles, driver licenses, smoking weed, squabbles with the neighbors, or demands from any part of the government franchise system whatsoever for performance on your part -- property taxes, evictions, eminent domain, zoning, licenses, etc. 

Just be sure that you are not voluntarily engaged in the interstate sale, transport, or manufacturing of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, and the issue is not arising on property that is legitimately federal property. 

The above is what is known as an "incontrovertible defense" as it overturns unlawful conversion and impersonation and holds them accountable.  

This defense will work against any typical charges brought in State-of-State, Municipal, Territorial, County, or Specialty Court --- that is, Family Court, Divorce Court, Tax Court, etc. 

The same basic defense is also effective against District Courts engaged in similar crimes of personage.  District Courts bringing charges, either civil or criminal, are courts of special jurisdiction, meaning that they can't assume or take jurisdiction without an Act of Congress allowing them to do so.  

Thus, when you are addressed by a District Court they always cite the Act of Congress and Federal Code allowing them to take jurisdiction, but they still don't have jurisdiction over a living man. 

You give the same exact answer to them. Acts of Congress result in Federal Code and code is not applicable to living men and women without a specific written contract. 

So where is it? 


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