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Saturday, July 15, 2023

The Element of Heart

By Anna Von Reitz

Did you ever wonder where your "Unconscious Mind" was located? Physically?

It will no doubt surprise many to learn that your cells have vast memory capability and that they collectively make up the Unconscious Mind. 

It will also amaze many to know that cell memory can be rewritten, like a computer disc. 

This new knowledge and insight is the basis of the new medicine as well as many other amazing discoveries and new technologies. 

Unfortunately, it has also been the basis of new control systems and surveillance technologies and technologies that can be used to target political enemies.  It can be used for mind control. It can be used to further control and rig commodity markets, and it provides the means for more of the "bean counter" mentality of the micro-managers and control freaks to enter our world.  

This is what all the "quantum, quantum, quantum" buzzwords are about, quantum this and quantum that is all based on the opening up of this wonderful, or,  terrible, new realm of technology. 

This is not an evolutionary step that we are prepared as a species, to make, but here it is.   

We, as a species, are not renown for making good choices the first time around.  

As Churchill said, 'the Americans always do the right thing, after they've tried every other option'---and the same can be said for everyone else. 

The attitude of the rest of the Universe is, "Well, you are in the deep end of the pond now, buddy.  Sink or swim.  Do what you like with it." 

Make good choices, and your planet will flourish like never before and your lives will be exponentially better.  There is really no reason that you can't live a thousand years or more.  

But notice, that every rose has it's thorn.  

If everyone lives a thousand years or more, our planet would very quickly be overburdened by our own fecundity, and the only options to control the population would be very nasty indeed.  

Unless, of course, we unleash the Stargate technology and allow large numbers of Earthlings to go populate other worlds.  Even that is not universally approved or desired. 

We're not ready for that, yet, either.  Most of our Bad Ideas about war and profit, good and evil, and so much more, will remain with us, tied to us biologically for the next two or three hundred years.  

The sins of the Fathers, unto the third and fourth generation.  

Evolution is meant to proceed slowly, gracefully, with at least 80 to 100 years for every incremental change to take place.  Thanks to our ever-anxious and meddling military, this generation gets to slam the wall at 60 mph and can't even use the brakes. 

Into this vast gaping maw of change and opportunity, we have criminals like Bill Gates, slavering for himself, himself, himself, to control it and benefit himself from it. 

And right beside the men of his ilk are mad scientists, men like Anthony Fauci, our version of Dr. Mengele. 

And right beside both these categories of madmen stand the generals and admirals of the entire planet's military forces, too.  

What could go wrong? 

From my experience examining criminal patents that have already been issued for completely illegal and horrific purposes ---what has already gone wrong? 

In their Control Freak Mode, the military and the industrialists have already staked their turf and are prepared to kill us and maim us in the name of saving us, and they are equally prepared to "manage" us from cradle to grave, in their own version of Soylent Green. 

Against this staggering back drop and challenge we have only one (1) sure defense, and it's something that none of us have been taught to take seriously: love. 

It turns out that love really is the answer, the only answer we've got that will allow us to go on and live and be, as individuals and as a species. 

Love is absolutely our only chance, and we don't take it seriously.

Yes.  That's the scope of it.  Right there, nutshell version. 

God knows the mad men, the jerks of industry, the Dr. Frankensteins, and military Moghuls have a head start.  

There is just one thing in our favor, called the Element of Heart. 

It turns out that the Element of Heart is the most mighty force and weapon of all, and each one of us is fully armed and able to use it.  

So start taking me and Hunter and the rest of us seriously when we talk about 528 Hz being the "frequency of love" and start doing your homework even if you have to read the Cliff Notes version. 

Start imagining a happy world, one in which freedom can actually abound and co-exist with self-discipline, a place where the brotherhood of man is self-evident and we are no longer afraid of our differences, a rich world full of abundance, a clean, dynamic planet full of life and full of love. 

And once you have that firmly imagined, let that be where your mind and heart dwell for a minute or two every day, and throughout the day whenever you have a moment to daydream, fix your heart on the beauty and the love and the abundance you see in your mind's eye.  Savor it. 

Enjoy it as if it already exists, and is right here, right now.  


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