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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Cease and Desist -- Regarding Ron Vrooman and "His" Oregon Assembly Basics:

 By Anna Von Reitz

f you are an actual Oregonian or Washingtonian and not a "Federal Person", you do not live under any of the Federal Constitutions. 

I don't know how often I must repeat this simple fact.  We, the People, established the Constitutions to define, limit, and instruct our Federal Employees.  The Constitutions are not about us.  The Constitutions are about them.  

The "persons" and "citizens" who live under the Constitutions are our Federal Employees and their direct dependents --- not the rest of us.  Look up the meaning of "person" and "citizen" in a legal dictionary and use your heads.  These words have legal meanings and our Federal Employees adhere to them.  

Our only obligation to the Constitutions is the pay for eighteen enumerated services and do our best to enforce our Guarantees.  

We can only enforce our Guarantees (our guaranteed rights and prerogatives)  if: (1) we know who we are; (2) we declare, record, and publish who we are; (3) we organize our lawful assemblies; (4) we take up the responsibilities of self-governance. 

There are a lot of upset people running around willy-nilly who are deeply confused about number one (1) above---- they don't know who they are or what capacity they are acting in, so they assume that they are the same as the Federal Employees, that is, the Federal Citizens and citizens of the United States who are supposed to work for them.  

They study Federal Code as if Federal Code applied to them.  They subject themselves unquestioningly to every statutory law, too.  They set up District Assemblies under the False Presumption that they are "State" Citizens, without knowing the definition of "State Citizen" or "State" as it applies to our States of the Union. 

They charge around blathering nonsense and have no blooming idea what they are talking about, just grabbing any document here or there, interpreting it without benefit of any education, with no concept of how the Government of this country is actually organized, and happy with their delusions, start telling all the rest of us who have studied hard for forty or fifty years, that we are wrong.  

No, according to them, all these brilliant Johnny-Come-Latelies who have been at it for five years or less have it all figured out.  According to them, we owe the provisions of the Constitutions --- but who do we owe them to?  Who are we working for?  

We, the People, are the Employers, not the Employees! 

Think. Just use the brains God gave you, and think things through for yourselves.   

Who is responsible for delivering the services outlined by the Constitutions?  Answer: Federal Employees. 

Who is responsible for holding them to their contractual limitations?  The Employers who pay them.

And that would be who?  

That would be us, and we are not Federal Citizens, not citizens of the United States, and not just "Nationals" of some undefined sort. 

We are "Nationals" with respect to our individual States of the Union.  Nothing else.  Our States did not give us up to the tender mercies of some vague, merely presumed to exist "National Government" operating as a foreign Municipal Corporation. 

So just stop all this milling about and engage your brains.  You have the ability to set up your own Grand Juries and apply your findings to your own people, but you are not enabled to address foreign citizens. 

You can "indict" foreign personnel and bring your indictment to their courts and cite their law for them, but they are not under any contract at this time.  Their Principals are under contract.  So any complaint that you have about them has to be addressed to the Principals responsible for their operations.  

You are not dealing with any compliant and sane instrumentality of government.  You are dealing with  mercenaries and the British Territorial Government that came ashore following the so-called Civil War, what the better informed among us call "The American Raj."   

And just like the Raj in India commandeered the economy of India and impoverished the Indian people,  these yahoos will haul out their guns and draw down on you without a second thought.  They have already been stealing you blind for over a century and a half, while paying faint lip-service to "the" Constitution, without bothering to stipulate which one.  

When you go into their courts and bring up the subject of "the" Constitution, they tell you plainly that the Constitution has nothing to do with it and they will hold you in contempt if you bring up Constitutional arguments.  What more do you need?  A brick wall to fall on your head?  

This is a different game than the one you are trying to play.  You are up against different forces than you imagine.  And you don't even know your own history or what the words you are using mean in the other languages these con artists are applying.  

I am sitting here listening to grown men arguing about whether we should use the word "breastfeed" or "chestfeed" when the living God has already decided that for us.  

The Law of the Sea is being imposed on us.  We are not living under the Law of the Land anymore.  This is because we have ourselves been misrepresented, misidentified, mischaracterized, and impersonated as "citizens" of foreign Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia.  

We have to reply to that, rebut that supposition, and assert our natural birthright political status as Americans born in one of the States of the Union.  And then, we have to take action, with our heads screwed on ---  by operating our properly organized State Assemblies, not plunging around halfcocked taking actions that will only get innocent people locked up for long jail terms, or worse. 

Cease and desist any pretensions that you represent The Oregon Assembly.  You may be eligible to be members of The Oregon Assembly, but that's a very different matter from being The Oregon Assembly.  


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