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Monday, July 31, 2023

People need to see the other side of things

 By Anna Von Reitz

People need to see the other side of things— how we get set up by these Bad Actors and how they manipulate everything, how they misrepresent , and how, in the end, their own illogic exposes them. 

I told people to try to find a State Credit Union that was operated under the State Trust while waiting for our own banks to open.  

So what happens?  

These finaglers find Hunter’s old PMA Credit Union and, even though it was operated under the State of California —- not the State Trust —- they started pushing it as something I recommended.  

Pardon me? 

Since when did I ever promote using State of State credit unions?  

The only possible advantage of using Hunter’s PMA Credit Union would be his personal pledge not to bail in or bail out on people. 

And in any case, none of that had anything to do with the new system we have been working on. 

So it wasn’t something I recommended. 

It wasn’t something associated with the new banks. 

It never had anything to do with me at all, but I am being blamed for it, and so is Hunter. 

The people to blame are those who did the deeds—- those who misrepresented the nature of that credit Union and what they were doing, those who falsely associated what they were doing with me and what I  was doing.  

But so far, those are the Perps that Don is protecting.  He doesn’t want to mention who actually told him to invest in a State of California Credit Union or what they promised him. 

You sure should know it wasn’t me advocating any such thing.  All those institutions are being sold off to their creditors.  Why in blazes would I encourage anyone to invest in them?  

Answer is—- I wouldn’t.  And I didn’t.  

I am sick of being stonewalled by Don Baker who wants to gripe and blame me for something he did and who won’t divulge the names of the people who actually misled him.

Same thing with Hunter. He offered his Credit Union as a safe place to stash FRNs long term because he was willing to lock in a guaranteed return value for them.  

Faced with double digit inflation he was trying to help protect the value of people’s savings.  

Those who used it for the purpose he stated have already saved half again the value of what they put in. 

He inflation-proofed their savings for them at his own cost and they want to gripe? 

I suspect there is more to this story.  I suspect that the Perps promised people things far beyond inflation proofing,  but so far, nobody wants to talk about that. 

So I am poking Don back.  I know I didn’t recommend long term deposits in a State of California credit Union. I want to know who did. 

Inflation-proofing long term savings is what Hunter offered, but from the way people are acting it’s clear they were promised something else.   So I want to know the details, of who promised what—-but suddenly, they don’t want to talk?  

Were they knowingly engaging in something shady for profit and now don’t want to admit it? 

I want to get to the bottom of it, but my efforts are being obstructed by the very people who are yelping loudest. 

So?  What do they have to hide?  


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