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Tuesday, August 1, 2023


 By Anna Von Reitz

That is the French word for Unveiling or Revelation or Surprise Ending. Well, no great surprises, because we could see the plain logic already. 

Those who encouraged Don and others to place their funds in the Global Family Group PMA Credit Union and who promised them who-knows-what above and beyond safe haven and inflation-proofing—-? —- had to know that they were selling participation in a State of California Credit Union that was unrelated to me and the International Trade Bank and Bilateral Bank System. 

They had to know that the same way a farmer knows the difference between a cow and a horse, but I couldn’t prove it until now.

Go on the Global Family International Trade Bank Channel on Mattermost.  Look. 

When asked why people had to join a PMA to get an account with —- purportedly — the new International Trade Bank, the truth came out. These people knew they were pitching a State of California Credit Union created for the members of a Private Membership Association (PMA).

They KNEW that what they were doing had nothing to do with me nor with the new yet-to-be-opened International Trade Bank. 

They knew I had nothing to do with what they were doing nor with “my” bank, but there they were on the International Trade Bank channel, pitching it anyway and pitching it as if it was associated with the Trade Bank. 

They were acting as “scalpers” doing a Bait and Switch routine.  The bait was our new banking system and the switch was their State of California PMA Credit Union. 

So…. Knowing full well that their credit Union had nothing to do with my endeavors, that in fact my bank development was taking place in an entirely different jurisdiction— why did they confuse the two things?  

And why invoke my name and go on our Mattermost System and bring forward a foreign Credit Union on the Trade Bank channel? 

Obviously, to confuse it with the Trade Bank. 

When people came wanting to open an account in the Trade Bank, they offered an account in the PMA Credit Union instead. 

Bait and Switch. 

Then, when the bank was ready to populate accounts from the LRS and LRO systems, they pulled the plug on their own project and blamed me for it. 

What they did was all my fault and I was responsible for it—- according to them. 


Confused identities. Misrepresentations. Bait and Switch. Non-disclosure. Spying. Attack on the LRS. False Accusations. Shifted Liability. And blaming the Victim (Me and Hunter) for all their own crap. 

Take a bow, Darla Hamblin, Anita, Yvonne, Xavier, and Eddie. 

Great performances.  


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