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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

A comment from a new and rapidly learning person ON THE LAND OF OREGON

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Linda Standing On Oregon: 

The very first thing you have to understand is that "the ASN Bank" hasn't even opened its doors yet, so all this talk about people depositing money in it and having it "stolen" --- is sheer lunacy and lies.  

The second thing you have to know is that I am involved in building an entirely new banking system which is in competition with both the Rothschild and Rockerfeller banks, which makes me and "my" bank a target. 

The third thing you need on your dashboard is that neither I nor "my" bank had anything to do with the California Credit Union Fiasco these people are gossiping about --- but one of the members of the Oregon Assembly, Darla Hamblin, was a key Perpetrator.  

She has done everything in her power to blame me for something that she did. 

The fourth thing you need to know is that I have just published proof that Darla and the others knew what they were doing and knew all along that it had nothing to do with "my" bank.  

The bait they used was "my" bank and the switch they made was to a Private Membership Association (PMA) credit union.  The proof is plain to see on the Global Family International Trade Bank channel on Mattermost, so go look.  

One of our folks smelled a rat and asked why she would have to join a PMA to have an account with our international trade bank?  

Go see what you'll see and remember that I am not even a member of the PMA.

The whole thing was a set up, but not by Hunter Aki and not by me.  

I can't prove it (yet) but I believe that the same nest of instigators collapsed the international Land Recording System (LRS) on the same day they started the bank run on their own credit union. 

This is all standard operating procedure and it is all counter-intuitive.  Why would they work so diligently to build up a credit union and get everyone they could to join it by fair means or foul ---and then, purposefully try to destroy it?  

It wasn't their credit union.  It was ---and is--- Hunter Aki's credit union.  They were targeting him ----and me, too, by association.  

They wanted to discredit us both and undermine "my" bank before it even opened its doors.  They have done what the rats always do --- they have blamed their victims and accused their victims of doing what they've done themselves. 

So when you hear the Hypocrites droning on about "standing in honor" and acting aggrieved ----know what you are dealing with.

All the hand-waving about Tricia is just more of the same disruption-and-destruction agenda.  You will find that Tricia has done nothing wrong. Her only "sin" is that she stands between them and their objective, which is the hostile takeover of the Oregon Assembly by a group they have been grooming in the background, the so-called Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly (OSJA) headed by Ron Vrooman. 

By playing upon people's public school indoctrination and the assumptions that they have about our government based on that indoctrination, they have been able to gather quite a crowd of people in a short time.  All their grandstanding about seating Grand Juries and issuing warrants, etc., attracts those who have suffered injustice at the hands of the British Territorial Courts. 

So, their plan is to bring in their OSJA members and overwhelm The Oregon Assembly with numbers -- commandeer it, and substitute their organization for ours, after the Federation and the people in Oregon have worked almost five years to organize The Oregon Assembly.  It's another kind of Bait and Switch / Substitution Scheme --- just like the Brits came in after the Civil War and substituted their Territorial States-of-States for our American States-of-States.

And that is why we called a "time out".  We don't intend that they will succeed.  

We especially won't stand by and let them associate their OSJA organization with The Oregon Assembly.  

They would predictably pretend to "be" us, and proceed to take reckless, possibly violent, actions "in our name" ---  for which we would be blamed.  That would provide the excuse for the Federal Agencies to come in and arrest a whole lot of innocent people and a few rats, who would be quietly released after doing their job ---which is to infiltrate, implicate, and provide the excuse for violent suppression.  Their agenda is to build it up to knock it down, similar to what they have tried to do with the bank affair described above.  

Tricia has done precisely the right thing to protect you and everyone else from that eventuality, and only those who stand with Tricia and maintain the separate status and identity of The Oregon Assembly will be recognized by the Federation and kept safe. 

For several years now, I have tried to explain the simple and self-evident fact that the Jural Assembly, Militia, and International Business Assembly are all subsets of the General Assembly. 

Those three functions are performed by members of the General Assembly, not some separate organization or contractor like the OSJA.  

That is the way it has always been, and if you have any common sense, it's the way it has to be --- otherwise, you'd have groups of people claiming authority and acting as vigilantes and setting up "courts" and issuing orders enforced by groups of thugs, all acting as "Jural Assemblies" that aren't associated with and aren't answering to any actual State Assembly.  I have just described what Ron Vrooman has been pushing for the past three years --- a dissociated "Jural Assembly".   

We have the absolute guaranteed right to peaceably assemble.  We also have a Supreme Court decision agreeing that when our State Assemblies "peaceably assemble" and provide us with American Common Law Courts, the foreign Territorial and Municipal courts must stand down.  

We have to do it ourselves, we have to do it with the right standing, and we have to do it within the framework of the American Government our ancestors handed down to us. We all have to educate ourselves and agree among ourselves and do the work of our Government in a thoroughly responsible, even-handed, and non-violent manner. And we have to know and stay within the limitations of our own jurisdiction, treaties, and contracts.   

The Federation works hard to help the Assemblies to get assembled again after a 150-plus year hiatus ---- and serves to protect and guide and educate the Assemblies and their members during the assembling process, but we are not a top-down government and the Federation, though it works for and must represent the best interest of the sovereign states, is not a sovereign entity.   

Tricia stepped forward as a volunteer, all on her own.  The Federation didn't "choose" her, we called for volunteers who were willing to undergo training and vetting to act as Go-Betweens --- shuttling back and forth between the Federation and Assembly and working with both to "stand up" The Oregon Assembly and make sure that it is competent to perform the functions of an Assembly--- that is, hold meetings and conduct business in-State and internationally, provide American Common Law Courts, and field a "well-regulated" State Assembly Militia. 

And bear in mind that the entire time that the Federation is standing in as Oversight for the assembling process taking place in the national jurisdiction --- and making sure that the Assemblies are American Assemblies and are not commandeered or corrupted at birth or making gross, possibly dangerous errors --- we still have all our own normal jobs and responsibilities, plus more, in international and global jurisdiction. 

It's a miracle that the Federation is still here, still able to function, still willing to function.  We have done so without any payment or consideration from the individual States of the Union for over 150 years and we are still standing up for America and guiding the Ship of State forward.  It's the States that are supposed to pay the Federation, not the other way around.  It's the States which must ultimately grow up and guide the Federation, not the other way around.  

All those who sincerely care about the fate of Oregon and your own safety and standing as a lawful Assembly -- need to rally around Tricia and accept the guidance of the Federation. You won't get through the Rothschild Tag Team any other way.   

And you, as a new member--- you are doing fine.  You are focused on the things that need to get done, that need to be learned, and that need to be overcome in order to move things forward.  You have an instinctive grasp of what's sensible and honorable, which should ultimately lead you to what is true and good. 

The actual Oregon Assembly known simply as The Oregon Assembly will reconvene as soon as all this nonsense settles down and it will resume in official standing only under the guidance of Tricia and/or additional Coordinators.  It's up to you all how long it takes to be fully reinstated.  


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