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Monday, July 31, 2023

The Intended Goat

 By Anna Von Reitz

Part of self-governing is taking responsibility for what you do.   

I just asked Don Baker flat-out ---who told him that I was involved with a State of California Credit Union? 

And considering the fact that the State of California is a British Territorial franchise --- why would he or anyone else believe it?

Crickets. Not a name in reply. 

He is defending and protecting the very people who came to him and lied to him and told him I was involved and got him to invest in THEIR project by associating me with it.  

I want to get to the bottom of this episode.  I want to know who said what to whom and when, because that will tell me who the infiltrators working for the British Crown are.  

And Don, supposedly the aggrieved party, won't tell me?  

I want to know who is blackballing and blaming me for what they did --just as the Vermin always do --- blaming others for what they are doing themselves. 

What doesn't add up here?  

Does Don really want his money back?  Why isn't he griping to the people who lied to him?  Instead of ranting to me, a Third Party? 

What's wrong with this picture people?  

Come to that, now that I pointed out that his problem is with a State of California institution, why isn't he griping to them?  

If he thinks Hunter ripped him off, why isn't he lodging a complaint with the California Banking Commission?  Is it possible that Don has something to hide?

I have always told everyone --- don't just believe people who come to you in my name and say they represent me.  The morons in the Territorial Congress say the same thing and they don't represent me, either.  

If someone (me) has taught you about the evils of the British Territorial Government and what it has done here in this country, you should have sense enough to know that  person would not get in bed with the British Territorial Government and would not advocate people placing their funds in Credit Unions controlled by these crooks.  

Especially not since the British Territorial Municipal Corporation is in bankruptcy and nobody knows what will happen to their banks and credit unions.  

I say the interlopers responsible for this were Agents and always acting in bad faith. 

I say that they knew they were pushing a State of California Credit Union, not anything new being developed under my auspices. 

I say they set this ugly episode up, deliberately, with malice aforethought, to scare people and try to discredit me and the new banking system. 

I say Don is acting in bad faith, too, because nothing he says or does is logical. 

He knows I didn't tell him one word about depositing or investing his money in a State of California Credit Union.   

He knows who did. 

So what's the big secret, Don?  Who led you on?  Who told you I was involved?  What did they promise you?  

We are all ears, Don.  Especially me, the intended Goat. 


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