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Sunday, July 16, 2023

International Alert -- Illegal and Unlawful Conscriptions

 By Anna Von Reitz

July 16th 2023

Press-ganging and involuntary conscription have been illegal and unlawful for over two hundred years, just as slavery and peonage have both been abolished worldwide since 1926.  

Yet all these evils continue unabated in the modern world. 

Joseph R. Biden, the President of a foreign Municipal Corporation residing in the District of Columbia, is issuing Executive Orders that clear the way to illegally conscript Americans under the same False Legal Presumptions used during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam conflicts. 

According to the secret accords recently uncovered between the US CORP and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) it is apparent that these renegade corporations are colluding against the national interests of both the Ukraine and Russia. These commercial organizations have been promoting an illegal proxy war in Ukraine, and are now preparing to openly engage because their proxy war has failed.   

It is also apparent that these activities by the CCP are an attempt to evade China's obligations under the Sino-Russian mutual defense pact. The most likely results will be continued war in the Ukraine and a civil war in China with or without Russian intervention --- and great international distress worldwide.

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, objects to this unlawful activity on the part of these municipal and commercial corporations and calls upon the Principals responsible to take appropriate action in their respective jurisdictions to defund and otherwise forestall these actions. 

We now know that our military was unlawfully converted into a foreign mercenary force back in the 1860's, and so, the criminality of the so-called "Selective Service" is made apparent. 

Can GMC or Raytheon or Berkshire-Hathaway or Exxon roll up to anyone's door and demand that they enlist as a mercenary?

No, they cannot.  

When the US, INC. or the USA, Inc. comes knocking, they, too, are merely corporations.  The only difference is that they have been operating under color of law and abusing the appearance of governmental authority for a long time. 

The Perpetrators pretend that they are addressing their own citizenry---that is, Municipal citizens of the United States mischaracterized as THINGS, corporate franchises with names written in Dog Latin, hence, "Dog Tags".  

This is why a soldier's name is written in all capital letters, with their last name first, and first name last. They have been dehumanized and reduced to the level of objects.  

There is no law against lying to, killing, or abusing a corporate franchise. 

If you are an average American, you have no obligation to any Municipal Corporation --- instead, they have obligations owed to you, which they are not only not fulfilling, but are actively evading.  

It's time everyone worldwide understands this. 

The Perpetrators, foreign municipal and commercial corporation personnel, come to our doors and our schools under the pretense of being our government.  They subourn commercial service contracts under color of law.  Later, when they want to promote a new Mercenary Conflict, they enforce these purloined and misrepresented service contracts. 

Anyone who wises up and refuses to participate is labeled a "draft dodger" and prosecuted as a criminal.

Joe Biden is ordering his corporation's employees and dependents to get ready for yet another Mercenary Conflict.  

The Selective Service (Corporation) puts out deceptive ads disguised as Public Service Announcements, telling young men and women that they have to sign up for "Selective Service" -- that is, the Draft, and telling them that if they don't sign up for Selective Service, they will be unable to receive college loans. 

These ads and publications by the Selective Service (Corporation) never disclose the fact that by enrolling, these young people are unknowingly volunteering for foreign mercenary service. 

We have found that the majority of Selective Service materials have been printed in Puerto Rico, at the same location that printed the bulk of Internal Revenue Service documents, none of which carry OMB numbers.  This is because they are not official government forms. 

They are only made to look like official government documents for purposes of deceit and commercial advantage. 

These are scams. These are dirty, dishonest, coercive "voluntary enslavement" rackets that the Municipal Corporations have used to entrap people in this country since the 1930's.  

They use the Territorial and Municipal Post Offices to promote their scams in violation of Universal Postal Union regulations, and they use the public airwaves to promote their activities via radio and television ads.   

Our young people are owed full disclosure.  

First, they must know and be told that they are not obligated to sign up with Selective Service. Anyone telling them that they have to sign up or must sign up is engaged in coercion and misrepresentation.  

When Federal or Federal State-of-State Employees engage in this activity, it takes on the additional character of racketeering under force and color of law. 

Our young people are owed all the  nasty facts related to "Selective Service", especially the fact that if they enroll, they are signing a contract obligating them to serve as foreign mercenaries and agreeing to risk their lives for a fraction, usually about one-fifth, of the pay that commercial mercenaries normally receive.

They should know that their prospective employer is not their government.

Most of all, they should know that there is precious little defence of their country involved.  

Instead, they will be employed as thugs going into other countries and terrorizing the local people to expedite theft of natural resources, artifacts, and whatever else the criminals running the District of Columbia crave. 

There's no honor in performing this service, though a great many honorable men have been fooled and coerced into performing it.   

Entire generations of Americans have been deceived by these foreign press ganging and conscription operations, but we are not asleep any longer. 

 Americans have slogged through Mercenary Conflict after Mercenary Conflict, convinced that they were acting with just cause and defending their country in time of "war", but they have been deceived. 

It's our erring British Territorial Subcontractor that is a democracy, not our country, not our actual government.  

Our country hasn't fielded an Army or engaged in a declared War since The War of 1812. 

Everything else that has gone on since then has been a series of ugly commercial conflicts misrepresented as "wars".

We consider the activities of the Selective Service (Corporation) to be a criminal form of commercial and international fraud, resulting in press-ganging, enslavement, racketeering, and ultimately, war profiteering under color of law. 

We consider that the undisclosed and misrepresented nature of these Selective Service contracts renders them null and void.  Any court, foreign or domestic, and any local Draft Board enforcing these purported service contracts is an accomplice to the crimes herein described.

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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