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Sunday, July 16, 2023

International Alert -- False Real Estate Claims in The United States

 By Anna Von Reitz

July 15th 2023

No Municipality has any business claiming to have any right to exist in this country outside of the District of Columbia. 

Similar to the attempts to have one corporation grant another corporation state immunity, when neither one of them possess any state immunity at all, the colluding Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have worked together to evade the clearly stated limitations of The Constitution of the United States.  

There is one (1) City of Washington, DC, which is supposed to be governed by the Federal Republic Congress, whose members are, or would be, all Fiduciary Deputies.  Since the 1860's our delegated powers granted to the American Federal Subcontractor, the Federal Republic, have been usurped by the British Territorial Federal Subcontractor, and later, by the City of Rome Federal Subcontractor, which set up a "Municipal overlay" for itself and which the District Government allowed in the District of Columbia.  

This is a case of one Municipal Corporation vastly extending the powers of another Municipal Corporation, when both are bound in fact by the same limitations of the Federal Constitutions. 

It is the same business of giving each other what is not theirs to give as we reviewed with respect to the issue of state immunity.  By allowing the City of Rome's Municipal Corporation to piggy-back onto Territorial outposts in the States, they are operating in locations where they have always been constitutionally prohibited.  

The District Government had highly questionable authority to allow the City of Rome Municipal Corporation to operate Municipalities within the District of Columbia --- its plain on the face of it that they had no ability to allow the Municipalities to function within the borders of the States and that this practice has resulted in evasion of the Use Permits and the Constitutional stipulations meant to define and limit the operations of the Municipal Corporations. 

Instead of Fiduciary Deputies, all the members of the Territorial and Municipal "Congresses" function as Boards of Trustees and Boards of Corporations, and except for explicit delegations of power, neither of these bodies have any right or authority to extend their operations into the States.  

Our first objection, therefore, is that both of the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia are in violation of their Use Permits and subject to eviction from all District premises.  Our second objection is that the Municipal Corporation run by the City of Rome conglomerate has been allowed by the British Territorial Municipal Corporation to piggy-back on its own operations in a manner never allowed to either Subcontractor.  

The additional supposition, that because a Municipality establishes an overlay for itself and a boundary for its operations and decides to incorporate its business activities--- and then presumes that everyone else living inside that fictional boundary is impacted by its decisions, is a misunderstanding on the part of the Municipal Department of Finance --- a self-interested misunderstanding about which they need to be corrected. 

The Municipality is a corporation and the only ones subject to decisions made by the Municipality are the employees and officers of that Municipal Corporation.  Nobody else.  All Municipal employees are "residents" in this country, allowed to be here under the provisions of the Residence Act. 

You, a natural-born American, or an immigrant properly Naturalized and immigrated to a State of the Union, are not a "resident" in this country and so, your land and soil  is not "residential" property, either. 

You are part of the population and the General Public,  free to obtain and enforce your land grant or patent or any similar gift-deed without reference to any Municipal codes, trusts, definitions, or limitations. 

The Federal Employees can't own land in this country while employed by and acting as citizens of a foreign government, so they adopted the British Title System and placed their assets in a real estate trust (that is, a royal estate trust) under the auspices of the British Monarch. All of that is their system and their limitations, not ours.  

We can and do own land and soil under and beyond and within the borders of the Municipal overlay and have every right and responsibility to fully inform their tax assessors that we are not Municipal citizens and our homes and businesses are not subject to zoning or any mischaracterization as either residential, commercial, or agricultural parcels.  

As with so much else related to the Great Fraud, the Perpetrators came in under color of law and created these so-called "real estate trusts" and presumed that they had authority to establish  State Trusts under the False Presumption that our Government was "Missing" and that they had a custodial interest to play --- none of which happens to be true, and which was all accomplished under conditions of purposeful deceit and color of law. 

These same State Trusts are generally dissolved upon the actual State Assemblies coming into Session, which happened in 2019, and specifically, upon the declaration of the living Americans to whom the property title, etc., all belongs.  All right, title, and interest reverts to the Original Jurisdiction and the original owners.   This was presaged by the fact that we renewed our Sovereign Letters Patent on November 4th 2015, giving international and global Notice and Due Process to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London and the Bank for International Settlements.

Typical examples:  

(A) An American buys a Complete Title from a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and comes into ownership of a property that is part of a State Trust where this property has been held for 150 years.  There is no mortgage on the property.  The transaction transferring the title is completed and signed off.  The transaction is then published and recorded together with the chain of title and the underlying grant or patent and the property is reconveyed to Original Jurisdiction. 

(B) An American buys an Incomplete Title from a Municipal citizen of the United States.  A mortgage is still owed on the property by the former tenant, which the American owner agrees to pay off as part of the overall transfer transaction.  The Mortgagee (Tenant) releases the claim and title he obtained control of, the American pays off the Mortgage held against the title, and the property in sum total is reconveyed to the Original Jurisdiction via the same process of securing the chain of title, grant or patent record, etc. 

Notice that the end result of the process is different depending on the political status of the people involved.  

When a Territorial or Municipal person "owns" property they act as Tenants of the State Trust and pay off mortgages owed by the Municipal Corporations managing that Trust; once they pay off the mortgage they still can't actually own the property. They become Leaseholders with a title interest in a "Future Lease-Purchase Agreement" and the only benefit of that is that they don't have to pay a monthly mortgage anymore. 

When an American pays off a mortgage and the "title is clear", he is then enabled to record his ownership interest in the land and soil, paper over the title, and dissolve the State Trust interest that is otherwise presumed to exist.  Most Americans who have done this rename their parcels and establish a metes and bound survey that is recorded as part of the parcel re-conveyance. He is the Owner-in-Fact, not a Leaseholder. 

These and a great many other issues need to be discussed to facilitate the transfer of all land and soil assets out of the State Trusts and to have them returned directly to Original Jurisdiction without harming the living people who have invested their lives and their life savings in these assets in good faith, and without the benefit of full disclosure. 

We call upon the Offending Principals to repair their Breach of Trust and voluntarily dissolve all State Trust interests asserted against the property held by Americans who have declared their birthright political status and invoked Original Jurisdiction. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                   In care of:  Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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