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Friday, June 30, 2023

The Treaty of Utrecht, Bar Association, Global Warming, Pandemic and Bank Frauds

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

When we go back and search for a point source for all this burgeoning corporate crime, all roads lead back to the Treaties of Utrecht, and specifically to the British Queen Anne and the arrangement that the Utrecht Treaty series created during her reign at the start of the 1700s.

These treaty provisions ultimately led to the merger of the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company, provided for the British Monarch to directly profit from all commercial activities, and made the entirety of all commercial endeavors subject to the Pope in his long-held role as Roman Pontiff and Secular Leader of the then-Holy Roman Empire, and now as the Principal subcontracting with the City of Rome Municipal Corporation apparatus. 

In practical terms worked out over the last two centuries,  the British Crown and their affiliates in other European countries gave a percentage of profits to the Monarch, the Monarch gave 60% of these receipts to the Pontiff, and the Pontiff administered the whole system via comptroller corporations using interlocking trust directorates and a unique bilateral legal system that allows for commerce to occur both on the sea and in the air jurisdiction.  

The Office of the Pontiff and later the Institutes of the Economy became the direct recipients in the 1920's and from then on paid the British Crown their 40% of the take through an international network of banks that siphoned receipts from the clearinghouse operations and other registration, securitization, and entitlement platforms that fed physical assets into an off-ledger bank asset system and credit derived from the physical assets into a separate on-ledger converted bank asset ledger and derivative escrow account system. 

The British Crown then also provided kickbacks to Canadian and British Territorials (Tories) operating in The United States. 

At each step, the living man was defrauded and deprived of his assets, stripped of his rights, impersonated, coerced, and controlled. 

The colluding banks that helped create and implement this complex, multi-generational fraud scheme are also criminal asset-stripping organizations by definition. 

The most venerable among these banks, the Bank of England, Bank of Scotland, Bank of America all certainly knew and participated in these phony commercial "wars" for profit and profited from the asset-stripping, bookkeeping, accounting and impersonation fraud schemes at an executive level.  

Later comers like Chase and JP Morgan, the foreign private banks operating "as" the Federal Reserve, and later, as the Federal Reserve System, the so-called investment bank-securities launderers like Wells Fargo and Goldman-Sachs, all knew their corner of the fraud scheme, while the European members of the Octagon Group, USB, Bank of Switzerland, Deutsche Bank and affiliates handled the escrow and derivative account overflow. 

All these banks have been connected in one monolithic, idolatrous, interlocking trust directorate and have been set up in an interdependent manner so that if one falls, they all fall. 

This entire criminal scheme has created a monolithic currency based commercial bank system operated entirely on commercial paper instruments: notes, certificates, coupons, stocks, bonds, checks, dividends, debentures, etc, with all the underlying physical assets being hidden in off-ledger accounts, and the "surplus credit" generated by the "reserve fractional banking system" being hidden in undisclosed escrow accounts, laundered through investment and derivative accounts, and all being traded on private trading platforms. 

This is how we wound up with the famous "60/40 Split" of the profits, this is how we have Municipal Corporations in charge of Commercial Corporations, this is how we have private insurance for public entities, this is how the bottomry bonds scandal paid off for the British Monarchy, and this is how the regulation of interstate commerce was parlayed into an control mechanism used to usurp upon the lawful governments of the living people. This is how we ended up with quintillions in purported debt, missing seigniorage from all of this, crooked bookkeeping systems hiding all the credit and physical assets and escrow accounts owed to the living people, Executors de Son Tort managing all our assets "for" us, and the biggest Confidence Racket in human history bulging at the seams with profit, but still poor-mouthing and trying to justify more Draconian taxes to be extracted under color of law from the actual owners of it all.  

The one man who makes the most money off the entire system, the Pope, is the one responsible under Ecclesiastical Law for bringing an end to this nightmare in which fictions have been allowed to prey upon the living people, and an end to the criminality which The Treaty of Utrecht series has fostered. 

Recent meddling and attempts to redefine the Offices of the Pope are simply attempts to avoid responsibility for this mess. It reminds us of a man sewing a feather on his cap and trying to pretend it's a new cap. We hold the Principals responsible for what they've done and failed to do. 

It is time to recognize that the Bar Associations, registered as theater and entertainment companies, have been key components used to implement this worldwide fraud scheme.  As all big confidence rackets require theatrical components and play acting and illusions, it does not take much examination to determine that the Bar Associations have been providing the illusion, or as they put it in their Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, "the appearance of Justice" in what also appear to be courtrooms -- but are in fact stages for the Bar's theatrical productions, used for the purpose of commercial debt collection. 

People are less violent when deluded by the appearance of justice, just as rape disguised as a medical procedure is more socially acceptable. 

When tracing the history of the Bar Associations and their members, we found that they first appeared in Rome in the 2nd Century BC, acting as both priests of Cybele and tax collectors for Caesar.  These characters wore black robes and white wigs, a practice still in evidence in Britain. 

Cybele is the Asia Minor name for the ancient goddess otherwise known as Ashtoreth, Astarte, Semiramis, Isis, Sybil (Greek) and, tellingly, Columbia, as in District of Columbia, and whose rites are still celebrated by the Temple in the Inner City of London, and the various Grand Lodges of the Freemasons, and as idolized by the so-called "Statue of Liberty" gifted to the clueless Americans by the Grand Lodge of Paris.

In view of their role in deceiving the entire world and serving as the Causative Agents of so much theft, graft, murder and chicanery, we wish for the Bar Associations to be outlawed and de-legalized, and for all property interests -- meaning intellectual property interests as well -- belonging to the Bar Associations and their Members to be forfeit in the Public Interest as property belonging to a government-affiliated Crime Syndicate. 

The Bar Members have been instrumental in promoting worldwide fraud and confiscation of property under color of law for centuries; they deserve no mercy from the Public thus offended and abused. 

We are now in the presence of two major fraud schemes and multiple lesser incursions promoted in self-interest by the same Municipal Corporations under the control of the same Principals. 

The two current major fraud schemes are: the so-called Global Pandemic, and the various programs and actions predicated on the existence of Human-Caused Global Warming, both of which are pernicious commercial fraud schemes motivated by cost-avoidance and long term commercial interest in the case of the Global Pandemic, and tax profiteering in the matter of Human-Caused Global Warming. 

The Global Pandemic involves the weaponization of the Common Cold Virus presented in the form of a pseudo-vaccine, which instead of dead virus used to trigger a mild immune response, delivers poisons and genetic code alterations, nanotechnology, and weaponized parasites.

This convenient redefinition of the meaning of the word "vaccine" is just another example of the criminality, dishonesty, and self-service common to these incorporated entities plaguing mankind. 

We traced this action back to 1965 and patents self-evident in the records of the British Patent Office. From Britain this weaponization program passed to the University of North Carolina, Fort Detrick, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in The United States, where Dr. Anthony Fauci sought to evade a moratorium on biowarfare research by offshoring this weaponization program to Chinese business affiliates in Wuhan, China. 

The so-called "Death Jab" touted as an approved product authorized for Emergency Use has instead been used to kill millions of elders, children, and young people.  Both ends of the age spectrum suffer most.  This has been planned to avoid end of life medical care costs, to collect insurance investments, and to promote a misogynist and delusional drive to reduce the human population.  

The pseudo-vaccine has also been used to promote the development of cancer by crippling the Cancer Suppressor Gene, and to create numerous other profitable maladies which the commercial corporations involved in health care will exploit for profit for decades to come. 

Last, but most tellingly, the pseudo-vaccines have been used to alter the human genome, by distributing a scrap of patented, genetically engineered Messenger Ribonucleic Acid, mRNA, that acts as a template to produce a foreign protein similar to snake venom.  This neurotoxin is thus permanently introduced into the human body where it causes continuous harm. 

This scrap of mRNA also provides the basis for ownership claims by the patent holders who assert that the victims of this scheme now belong to them as chattel property, and are now to be treated as Genetically Modified Organisms also known as "GMOs", as a result of having received this scrap of patented mRNA.

We note that the patent holders delivered this "gift" under conditions of deceit and coercion, and they deployed it under color of law and threat of death.  It was a self-interested donation and most recipients didn't pay for it.  Furthermore, there was no disclosure and considerable deceit involved in all aspects of this coercive "deployment" of a harmful commercial product against the Public Interest.  

This entire circumstance is more proof of a long tendency of the British-operated US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to allow the issuance of criminal patents, allowing criminals to profit from crime and thereby encouraging, funding, and promoting more criminal activity and inventions used to harm the General Public, often on a worldwide basis. 

We wish for the weaponized coronavirus to be recognized as a criminal implement and for all commercial profit and claims of ownership arising from it to be confiscated and delivered to the lawful government for the long term care of the people harmed and research aiming to block the ill-effects of these injections. 

We wish for all ownership claims and unlawful conversion claims seeking to redefine living people as "persons" --meaning corporations--  and as Genetically Modified Organisms, to be disallowed.

We wish for SERCO, the organization that approved the patents facilitating and rewarding all this criminality, to be dissolved --- permanently liquidated for cause -- and for its responsibilities as Paymaster for the U.S. Military to be returned to a new Paymaster subject to our control and approval.  We also wish for SERCO's role as Administrator over the United States Patent and Trademark Office to be returned to us and to our administration. 

We wish for discipline of the corporations in general and discouragement of the self-centric viewpoint which has encouraged these corporations to undertake these vast criminal enterprises, a viewpoint which is foreign to the Ecclesiastical Law and antithetic to the Public Good, and even serves to undermine rational problem-solving within both public and private spheres of interest. 

The promotion of Human-Caused Global Warming is a good example of the harm and irrationality that results from such institutionalized self-interest. 

We know that a single volcano has historically released more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in a single week than mankind has contributed throughout the course of its existence. 

We know that, on average, there are about two hundred active volcanoes spewing vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at any given time. 

The amount of carbon dioxide released by volcanoes renders any portion contributed by mankind to be infinitesimally trivial.  

Therefore, we conclude that Human-Caused Global Warming prompted by a build-up of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, caused by human activities, is more pure bunk and misplaced guilt-mongering. 

What has in fact happened is that industrial pollution, ill-conceived water control projects, warfare, and similar activities engaged in by corporations and corporate governments have led to the overall degradation of the environment on a global scale, and those profiting from these activities don't want to pay for cleaning up their own mess. 

These endlessly criminal corporations want the General Public to pay for the damage that they, the offending corporations, have caused, and their managers and Principals have been intent on finding a new excuse for additional taxation. 

We wish for all talks, conventions, regulations, treaties and agreements based on these discredited and unscientific claims of Human-Caused Global Warming to be removed and for those engaged in promoting these false ideas and conveyances of guilt to desist from their activities.

Similarly, these corporations have learned to steer the Jet Stream to new courses in the upper Stratosphere and therefore cause rain and other specific weather phenomena such as violent storms, drought, floods, and so on.  There have been endless violations of the ENMOD Treaties as a result, and nobody has identified the source of the problem in public, because it is against the commercial interests of the corporations responsible, that is, until the European Union finally started to speak up:

We call for the de-weaponization of all applications and forms of geoengineering as a starting point for international discussion of possible good uses of this technology--- and its regulation.  

Similar malfeasance by unbridled corporate interests acting against the Public Good has resulted in the aerosol spraying of industrial wastes including incendiary metal Halide compounds, Barium, Strontium, and other components of Coal-Derived Fly Ash, a practice begun in the 1980's under additional self-interested and thoroughly politicized "scientific" theories.  

The addition of similar poisonous industrial byproducts from the aluminum manufacturing process, Fluorine and Chlorine, to the drinking water that millions of people rely on, and the use of radioactive waste from the nuclear power industry to pack artillery shells that were exploded all over the Middle East, are other examples of this same abuse by corporations seeking to avoid the cost of their own environmental clean up, foisting their noxious waste byproducts off on the Public, while committing crimes against humanity and environmental crimes as well. 

Via kickbacks disguised as grant programs and university endowments and professional advancements and bonuses, these out-of-control corporations use their influence to promote obvious self-interested lies, and use their unlawful regulation of our airwaves to promote propaganda supporting all this bunk.

In such a polluted information environment it is impossible for people to make good decisions or solve problems. 

The entire population being ravaged by these venal corporations is put at a profound disadvantage because these corporations have gained surreptitious control of the functions of government via usurpation, taxation, misrepresentation, impersonation, and fraud in breach of trust.

We wish for these Legal Fictions to be liquidated or forfeited in the case of defense corporations and utilities, and for their personnel to be released and either sent home or placed under our new management as the case may be. 

The finding that they have been engaged in unlawful activities is unavoidable and the harm to individuals and the General Public overall has been exhaustively demonstrated by nearly continuous Mercenary Conflicts misrepresented as Wars, commodity rigging schemes across all sectors, but especially credit and precious metals rigging, institutionalized insurance and securitization fraud schemes, unlawful and unconscionable conversions, securitizations, and registrations, false claims in commerce, pollution of the environments we live in, politicization of science, undisclosed profiteering and deprivation of rights under color of law, impersonation, desecration of marriage as a licensed Joint Venture partnership or commercial corporation merger, illegal and unlawful confiscation of assets, deliberate semantic deceit and misrepresentation, mortgage fraud, title fraud, bankruptcy fraud, public trust fraud, fraudulent hypothecation of debt, criminal tampering with the human genome to create internal production of neurotoxins and disable the Cancer Suppressor Gene and also used to promote ownership claims-- that is, enslavement, based on criminal patents and also to promote redefinition of the victims as Genetically Modified Organisms that are stripped of their Human Rights to say nothing of denying their Natural and Unalienable Rights, biological pollution using nanotech, hydrosols, graphene oxide, polyethylene glycol, etc., and deployment of biological parasites such as heartworms and genetically altered freshwater hydras, to cause inflammatory chronic diseases, blood clotting dysfunction, and myocarditis. 

This is a short list compared to the examples already provided, but is in itself more than competent to establish the unlawful and illegal activities that these Municipal and Commercial Corporations have engaged in, promoted, and allowed. 

We further find that these corporations have indulged in gross idolatry and misrepresentation via the practice of impersonation and undisclosed unlawful conversion, enfranchisement, and promotion of persons to substitute for the living men and women of this planet. 

This realm of Satan, amounting to a kingdom of lies -- that is, fictions -- in our midst, must be overcome and undone as expeditiously as possible, and the offending Municipal and Commercial Corporations must be dealt with and punished under the same law and authority that has allowed them to exist.  As a thing is bound, so it is unbound. 

This summation of earlier topics draws together the information in context, so as to provide an integrated understanding of the evils under consideration and the way that they combine their operations for mutual benefit. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 30th 2023


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