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Friday, June 30, 2023

Let Those Who Have Ears and Eyes....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Nearly every day of every year, I am attacked with equal vigor by atheists and True Believers, nobody being satisfied that our American Government takes no position regarding religion, aside from guaranteeing your right to worship as you please, which means we actively enforce separation between church (synagogue, mosque or temple) and state. 

Our Founders had seen enough of enforced religion, so they decided to adopt laws that guaranteed religious freedom for everyone, both to protect their own freedom of belief and to uphold one of the unalienable rights of mankind --- to believe whatever makes sense to you, with no obligation to believe what your parents or anyone else has believed before you. 

So, as a Fiduciary for our Federation of States, I take no position on anyone else's religion or their beliefs.  Some faiths seem more reasoned than others to me, but I forego judgments.  

Many Christians are not satisfied with this separation of church and state and my adherence to it.  They remind me (constantly) that the majority of the Founders were Christians and were inspired by Christian values to assert the value of every man (and much later, woman) and espouse the existence of individual and unalienable rights. 

Unalienable rights are given to us, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, by "Nature and Nature's God".  We cannot divest ourselves of these rights and the responsibilities that go with them. They are with us from the beginning of our adult life until the end. These unalienable rights are common to all, a free grant from our Creator. 

We can observe these unalienable rights day by day, simply by living. 

In the same way, I observe the wonder of Creation and accept it, no dogma required;  I can accept the wisdom of Yeshuah and love him and never be separated from him in the same way. 

I don't need a billion people believing the same things I believe and believing everything the same way, to be satisfied myself. 

I search and I think and I wonder every day, and I sift and I winnow and I take into consideration every worthy bit of information, every interesting conjecture, to broaden my perspective of history and religion, always asking --- what is true and what is good?  

And often, I ask--- what does the Bible say?  Much to the despair of hedonists and atheists and radical disbelievers of all kinds, the Bible remains unique among all the scriptures of the world, a book of ineffable and eternal wisdom. 

And now, we are beginning to understand why it is so compelling:  

And for those searching for a better understanding of where we are in history and what we have to do as individuals and as nations: 

The Code of Matthew and the Code of Daniel are both unlocked. Oh, people of Earth, beloved even in this torment, able to escape your prison even to the last moment, look up. 
See your Deliverance. 

Accept your Inheritance. 

And have faith. 


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