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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Climate Change and Other Criminal Hoaxes

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

Given the history and behavior of the two Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia, we should not be surprised that these same organizations, like the Nazi Eugenicists, have wrapped political agendas and personal prejudices up in pseudo-science and fed it to the public.  

It is well-known to geologists in general and to volcanologists in particular, that a single large volcano belching gases during an eruption, is able to release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the entire human race has contributed during the entire course of its existence. 

With over 200 active volcanoes, on average, spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day of every year, it is a no-brainer to come to the correct and truly scientific conclusion: carbon dioxide emissions contributed by people and their puny activities are totally insignificant. 

Furthermore, if the volcanoes want to belch carbon dioxide, there isn't anything we can do about it. 

There is absolutely no sane reason for the Green Agenda, no reason for cow diapers, and more to the point, no reason for "Carbon Taxes" either. 

Yes, this is another self-evident attempt on the part of these same guilty Municipal Corporations to come up with a rationale to pick our pockets on a global basis, nothing more or less. 

It's also an attempt to justify and create more coercive regulatory powers and authorities for themselves --- authorities which do not exist and cannot be allowed to exist, in view of their track record. 

So much for the Green Agenda.  It's not about green grass.  It's about green paper. 

The Perpetrators continue to think and talk and act as if this is not completely obvious to everyone else, which calls their competence --- scientific and otherwise, into question.  

The recent genocide via phony vaccination is another pseudo-science hoax based on the idea that the Earth is over-populated and unable to sustain life if the homo sapien population is not reduced. 

Once again, we find different forms of insurance fraud at work --- self-interested Municipal Corporations collecting death benefits and annuities and insurance policies that are all based on phony public interest claims and crimes of personage.

We have obtained plenty of credible evidence that in the past, the Earth supported much larger populations than we currently have ---and that information has been available to the Holy See, too, throughout this criminal rampage.  

The motivation for the genocide appears to be multiplicit -- to garner the insurance pay-offs,  to unlawfully and secretly convert human beings into Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that can be owned as "products" by the patentholders of the mRNA scrap now polluting the human genome, and assertion of new unauthorized regulatory powers for the Perpetrators and WHO, INC., none of whom should be trusted to do anything, least of all, allowed to dictate medical practices.  

We are not cattle.  We do not need any assistance in this area of our existence and do not grant any government or agency any authority to say one word about our health, public or private.  Not even our States of the Union have any authority to horn in on that private arena, so no for-hire Subcontractor does either. 

It should not be our responsibility to constantly respond to offers made by our Subcontractors to increase their services and expand their own powers at our expense; if we wanted their services in these areas, we would have said so and we would have made provisions for it in our written contracts.  The fact that we did not allow our Federal Subcontractors to interfere in our private lives should be more than a clue for them to mind their limits, which are also set and present in the written contracts. 

Most particularly, the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, which are self-interested commercial corporations in the business of providing government services, have no excuse for attempting to force-sell their services  nor any reason to assume regulatory powers related to health or medicine. 

The Municipal Subcontractors have regulatory power over three things: alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  The only other thing they control -- somewhat -- is interstate commerce, and the intent of that empowerment is to encourage the free flow of trade and commercial activity across state borders, not to impose restrictions upon it and not to interfere with any private activity of living people.

The idea of Public Health is a relatively recent concept originating in the 19th century, mostly arising in the Third World and Urban Slums, and as a result of cholera and typhus and various other kinds of epidemics that the people and their lawful governments fought cooperatively and successfully.  

The reality of worldwide epidemics is nothing new and does not justify the assumption of any new regulatory powers for governments --- least of all, any new empowerments for the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their Agencies, which are already operating in Breach of Trust and Service Contract.  

A consortium of self-interested Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, including DOD, INC., and the infamous Gates Foundation, and all the hand-maiden franchises owned and operated  by the DOD, INC. --- NIH, CDC, FDA, DOJ, FBI, etc. plus other collaborators of the same kind, the UN, WHO, etc. --- saw an opportunity to employ their stockpile of already outlawed biological weapons for their commercial and regulatory enhancement--- and personal financial gain. 

That is all that underlies the purported Pandemic: reckless commercial self-interest illegally and unlawfully and immorally imposed on entire countries and billions of people under color of law and all via pretended authority. 

Not a single new proven-to-exist infectious disease has ever been in sight, but a "gene therapy" and illegal RF tracking and monitoring nanotechnology and experimental pathogens disguised and all misnamed and misrepresented as a "vaccination" -- that is in plain sight. 

So is the preparatory legislation passed in the late 1980's by the Territorial Congress holding their own  pharmaceutical corporation franchises harmless and free from liability for anything they might put in a vaccine and for any damage caused by these vaccine products. This legislation demonstrates premeditation of the crime on the part of the members of the Territorial Congress acting as the Board of Directors for the British Crown- operated Municipal Corporation Subcontractor. 

The spectacle of these unaccountable commercial corporation officials pretending to be members of our government holding their own franchises not liable for crimes and omissions should be enough proof that things have gone too far. 

Will they wave their hands and hold themselves unaccountable for murder, maiming, and dereliction of duty, too?  Reckless endangerment?  Fraud?  

We heard the words "safe and effective" repeated so many times on our abused Public Air Waves, and yet none of these worthless public employees ever stated what their new product was safe and effective for?  It was very early proven not to prevent infection or the transfer of infection -- the traditional and only purpose of a vaccine.  

We find it to be safe for them, because they could maim and kill with the point of a needle instead of a gun.  

We find it effective, in that they have succeeded in murdering a quarter million Americans and only God knows how many other people worldwide, per month, and maiming and disabling probably ten times as many people --- and these effects will continue on indefinitely into the future, earning big profits for their medical sector franchises--- to say nothing of the billions of dollars in immediate sales and profits and ever other possible permutation of fraud and self-interest, up to, including but not limited to, the sale of "Pandemic Bonds".  

We have seen it all before.  We have no need to see more.  

It was also effective for polluting the human genome and providing the Perpetrators the oppotunity to take advantage of pre-planned Supreme Court decisions allowing them to claim that their victims were redefined as Genetically Modified Organisms, and made subject to ownership claims by the Patent Holders having an interest in the artificially engineered mRNA  that the victims accepted under conditions of deceit, non-disclosure, and color of law.

We interpret the situation quite differently.  These organizations and individuals have polluted the genome of mankind and tried to overwrite our Creator's ownership.  They are criminals of the highest order in all jurisdictions --- air, land, and sea. .  

We find these Municipal Corporations to be operating in an absolutely criminal and unlawful fashion, in Breach of Trust and Service Contract.  

We wish for their total forfeiture, the arrest and punishment of their corporate officers, and the return of all unjust enrichment, all corporate profits and assets, for the benefit of the victims of their crimes. 

We wish for the immediate payment of $234,000 trillion dollars in gold to our accounts in The Global Family International Trade Bank which we chartered for this purpose.  This amount is due and owing for the destruction of nearly a quarter million American lives from December 2022 to January 2023. This amount was due and owing as of March 6th 2023 and the Perpetrators have received Public Notices.  If they cannot pay for their crimes, their corporations, including but not limited to their artificial persons, stand condemned, forfeit and foreclosed in the Jurisdiction of the Sea.

We wish for the immediate recognition of their crimes on the land and against the Law of the Land and against the American People, their Employers, and as a result of their crimes against Mankind and against their Employers, they stand condemned, forfeit and foreclosed in the Jurisdiction of the Land.

We wish for the immediate recognition of their crimes in the Jurisdiction of the Air, their multiple violations of Eternal, Universal, Natural, Ecclesiastical and Canon Law, their attempts to ruin Creation with their self-serving commercial profit schemes and their ignorant meddling against Nature, their misrepresentations against science and reason, their attempts to legalize and self-permit their unlawful actions, their lies, their premeditated crimes against God and Man, for which they stand condemned, forfeit and foreclosed in the Jurisdiction of the Air.  

We have not directed, requested, required, desired, nor intended any of the actions that these criminal Municipal Corporations, their Boards of Directors, their Presidents, their Franchises, their Agencies or their Courts have taken.  They have not represented their Employers, the American People, and have not acted under our direction.   They have represented and taken their orders from other Principals, while deceitfully pretending to serve us in good faith.  

We wish for the entire world to know this and take action accordingly. 

We wish for the entire world to know that this same situation, and this same fraud scheme to undermine the national governments using Territorial Mercenary forces to illegally and deceitfully occupy friendly nations, has been applied by these same colluding Municipal Corporations throughout the world.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 19th 2023


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  1. " I and that Marine and Gideon’s Army will stand over you as long as we have to, but you can help by calling on your own Guardian Angels and discovering the Celestial Kingdom for yourselves. "

    1. Messianic complex. Oh the arrogance.

    2. Gotta watch those angels, some are fallen and can transform themselves into angels of light a.k.a. light beings?

  2. The glowball family
    Make note of the following statement at the bottom of the page which links to BOULDER COLORADO
    These agreements are taken from The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0 by
    Carolyn P. Anderson with Katharine Roske, © 2016 Global Family.
    They have been adapted from the Geneva Group Agreements, Boulder, CO.

    Attended the Earth Summit

    And yet another 501c3 registered CORPORTION working on the shit UN TRANCEFORMATION plan
    On this page a farmer in Kenya plants a tree in support of sustainable development, awe
    And that there plant a tree bullshit is part of their Trillion Trees ACT
    Plant a tree save the planet while you are fucked with every which way but loose
    And just how in the hell does this 'ACT' 'BILL'
    'add quality jobs while preserving the American economy'?????

    This is a world wide mind fuck and to get the serfs to go along they have shit like this set up all over the plan(IT)

    And the minion donald is well aware of the shit as he pledged U.S. support in this plan at DAVOS
    President Donald Trump first announced that the U.S. would be joining the Trillion Trees Initiative in Davos, and reiterated this pledge during the 2020 State of the Union address.

    Be sure and check out all the tree saplings YOU CAN BUY from their licensed tree dealers/farmers

    Essential Tree Work and the directive under the quaranteen
    (TCIA) to issue guidance to assist you in determining which types of tree care work should be considered “essential.”
    The Tree Care Industry ASSOCIATION
    No doubt another 'non profit' CORPORATION

  3. Interesting is it not that the 'Spvoet Union' and the 'United States' serve as the guarantors for the DEBT
    The Geneva Accords, known formally as the agreements on the settlement of the situation relating to Afghanistan, were signed on 14 April 1988 at the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations,[1] between Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the United States and the Soviet Union serving as guarantors.

    Interesting is it not that on the wiccapedia page that 'CITATIONS ARE NEEDED' to clarify the definitions of what the 'obligations' mean

    This one is interesting as it applies to fiduciaries
    Surety bonds also occur in other situations, for example, to secure the proper performance of fiduciary duties by persons in positions of private or public trust.[citation needed]

    Hmmm to secure the PROPER PERFORMANCE of a FIDUCIARY?
    Of course a citation is needed to back up that definition - they're working out the details and will publish the creation of those very definitions as they MAKE THEM UP
    National Association of Cerified Financial Fiduciaries

    There has never been a more relevant or crucial time to get a professional designation than right now. Whether enforced through the DOL or the SEC, the demand for best-interest financial planning from consumers and regulators alike is rapidly increasing.
    The DOL Department of Labor

    It's no longer enough to just say you are a fiduciary – now you must prove it! In fact, if you are not willing to do everything it takes to be a fiduciary, or worse if you're not 100% sure of exactly what being a true fiduciary entails, we recommend you do not claim to be a fiduciary at all.
    These days, carelessly claiming to be a fiduciary without proper knowledge, education, and a proven best-interest standard of practice could result in costly litigation.

    1. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 11th edition.

      DEFINITION: fiduciary -
      Confidence or trust. held or founded in trust or confidence. depending on confidence for public value or currency. one that holds a fiduciary relation or acts in a fiduciary capacity.

      Positive usage
      "Anna Von Rietz is the fiduciary for the various American trusts (etc.) whether claimed reclaimed or presented, held, etc."

      Negative usage
      Blogger, Anonymous April 20, 2023 at 9:52 AM, is evidently untrustworthy and should not ever be trusted to be any American's fiduciary in any matter.

    2. Anonymous10:21AM
      Besides that Anna has standing to do so and they don't. Our theme song The Star Spangled Banner is about our flag that stood standing during and all throughout the revolution. And Anna is still holding up the flag with it's upright vertical stripes {still standing}. And where are they? And what flag are they so-called holding up? Which they have no standing to hold anything up bcuz they aren't even standing themselves and what so-called flag do they think they're holding up? The War flag? The jurisdiction office the sea"? Anna holds up the only original Peace flag for America's flag, the only flag with standing upright vertical stripes whether it says so or not the stripes represent having standing and still being alive. Our subcontractors hold up the War flag with it's stripes lying down, horizontally like a dead man with the stripes rippling like the waves blowing in the sea when the mighty winds blow and is also ensconced in a box of gold fringe and anything in a box is not lawfully or legally there like it never existed. Nobody has to tell you this. lt's quite obvious what is going on here. The one that's still standing is the fiduciary of America and her living people.

    3. i like that, thank you for the added info.

    4. Anna's flag is something that has never been an American flag and still isn't. The American flag is the flag of the 1777 Flag Act. Dont you people ever look for truth for yourself?
      It's no wonder this country is in trouble

    5. Dear thoughtless "Anonymous April 21, 2023 at 5:24 AM"

      1.) Axiomatic Logic: It cannot be "proved" a thing "does not exist."

      2.) I can be "proved" communication via "semaphore" exists (or as is defined per Merriam-Webster "a system of signaling, by two flags, one held in each of two hands. Year of definition 1816.) And I have one - get yours now!

      3.) Logic: "communication" is a hallmark (semiotic) of war or peace. Reference Art of War, Sun Tzu, circa Before year of our Lord (BC).
      Corollary - False flag is a tactic in war, a flag may signal a "false flag."

      4.) Axiomatic Logic: A nation may have a flag to indicate it is at war.
      Corollaries - Nation flying its war flag communicates war. A nation flying its peace flag communicates peace (or treachery.)

      5.) INDUCTIVE LOGIC - Therefore there are two (2) flags for "America." One for a.) Peace, one for b.) war or c.) treachery.
      (1 + 1 = 2. )

      Corollary - Our founding fathers were not as dumb as "Anonymous April 21, 2023 at 5:24 AM." "Its no wonder this country is in trouble."

    6. stop confusing the people with that crazy WordSalad mumbojumbo.
      what's the matter with you?

      you dont have to prove something *didnt* happen.
      you have to prove it *did*.


    7. The above is supportive evidence to a "proof" women:janmarie aka janmarie, aka goodboots is an agent of provocation. And this same one acts to be cleverly destructive of truth.

    8. Will the ultimate penalty, to be imposed upon "goodboots, Jan-marie on bluebird acres, aka women:janmarie," be exile from each and all who embrace "the way, the truth, and the life?"

    9. Or perhaps women:janmaire will be condemned to eternally carry the war flag, waving it eternally, with no respite nor succor to wave any other flag, including that women:janmarie required to be denied forever from holding a flag of peace. And that women:janmaire shall be eternally declared "at war."

    10. Because "women:janmarie" had declared or implied there is no proof of a "peace flag," when self evidence demands one exits, it is hereby determined that at any time "women:janmarie" acts to hold a "peace flag" it will be considered a "false flag" and a sign of treachery.

      women:janmarie is not to be trusted.

    11. But, yes, women:janmarie may seek unconditional surrender to those flying the "Peace Flag" but only by holding a "white flag" which signals solely women:janmarie accepts unconditional surrender, and that one is to be subject to eternal probation.

    12. goodboots aka jan-marie aka janmarie aka women;janmaire has had since August 14, 2019 at 9:57 PM, to state defense.

      Therefore it is hete decreed - women:janmarie (+ aka) is hereby declared to be "forever at war," and is not to be trusted.


    13. no the "case" is not "closed", you started this, so step up for once and show that what i say is not true...
      .....oh, thats right YOU CANT.

    14. Fait accompli.

    15. i dont speak or under-stand foreign languages.
      the subject is open for comment.

  4. Gee... do ya think climate change will go back to being called Global Warming After the Nuclear war? :P CLOWN SHOW!