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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The IRS Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

The Perpetrators of all this crime against the people of this country and many other countries have consistently used courts as debt collectors, but they faced a dilemma -- the Administrative, Admiralty, and Commercial Maritime Courts they had available to them as part of their legitimate functions as Subcontractors of our American Government, were never designed to address people and the forms of law they practiced were not designed for people, either.  

So, as we have seen, they have unlawfully converted the identity of people and impersonated them as things --- "persons".  We have been denatured and redefined and impersonated as estates, public transmitting utilities, Special Purpose Vehicles, for-profit business corporations, and of course, "Taxpayers" ---- otherwise known as Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service, charged with collecting tariffs and excise taxes on seaman's wages for the British Monarch --- and all without our knowledge.  If we allow them to get away with it, they will be calling us Genetically Modified Organisms behind our backs, too.    

The Tax Court is a Special Administrative Court that technically exists only within the limits of the Municipality of Washington, DC.  though they send their judges out like circuit riders to hold court in other locations.  The Tax Court administers the collection of  kickback payments from all the employees of the two Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, and their franchises,  back to their parent corporations, and ultimately, to the Principals responsible for the operations of these corporations. 

The job of the Tax Court, then, is to collect taxes under False Pretenses. 

The first False Pretense is that the persons they collect from, are not living people.  

Most often the living people they collect from aren't  Federal Employees of either stripe,and have no federally-connected income,  so there is another False Pretense applied --- the assumption that everyone is in some way or another, a Dependent of the Federal Corporations. 

The Internal Revenue Service, Inc., which collects the Federal Income Tax from the military and the Municipal IRS, INC. which collects from everyone else, are foreign, private, for-profit collection agencies.  They are not associated with our American Government in any way, but like other such agencies, they deceitfully present themselves to the people of this country as if they were part of our government, and also as if they had authority to address our people, when they do not.

The Internal Revenue Service, Inc., collects an excise tax on the wages of all British Seamen, including the Taxpayers --- the officers charged with collecting this tax, and who then, subsequently, pay this tax back to the British Monarch.  

The IRS, INC., collects a gift and estate tax levied on the receipts of all the other "persons" that are merely presumed to exist. 

Both of these organizations regularly misaddress rank and file Americans who have nothing to do with their operations and not a penny of Federal Income.   Both organizations abuse the mail services to do this dirty work.  They deceitfully present their bills as if they are coming from the United States Department of the Treasury --- which as we have seen, is a Trademark belonging to our American Federal Republic Subcontractor, the assets of which were illegally and unlawfully seized upon and sold in 1924, with no Notice to us ----- and which is now a trademark being abused for purposes of fraud by the International Monetary Fund. 

Both of these organizations, the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS,  got their start as the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church.  

The then-Popes began this collection which they called "Peter's Pence" in the early 1100's.  It was a special collection to help defray the costs of the Crusades.  It was due every April 15th and was levied as a full ten percent of the yearly earnings of the parishioners.  A member of the Dominican Order, the nice fellas running the Inquisition, would show up with two armed soldiers and if for any reason they suspected that a man or a family wasn't giving and giving generously, the laggards would be suspected of disloyalty to the Church and might later in the year be accused of Heresy or Witchcraft and subjected to the other well-known services of the Inquisition.  

Nothing much has changed.  The collection still takes place on April 15th, the people suffering this collection are still terrified into contributing.  One important difference is that the people doing the collection are totally ignorant about what they are doing and imagine that they are working for our government.  

Recently, the Roman Catholic Church has begun a new Peter's Pence collection that takes place on June 15th.  It's supposed to provide help and succor to refugees and other unfortunates, but so far has not been applied to that purpose. 

This entire operation is overseen by a Commissioner, which as we have already seen, is an office that does not exist in our American Government.  

The history of the tax itself in this country is simple enough.  It was first introduced as a condition-of-employment payroll tax assessed against Federal Employee wages.  The Supreme Court struck that down.  Next, it was introduced as a voluntary tax, a gift from the grateful Federal Employees for the privilege of having a government job.  The Supreme Court couldn't do anything about a voluntary tax and so the old evil gained a foothold in this country, though Title 26, the so-called Internal Revenue Code, was never enacted as positive law and the Agents were never empowered to carry guns. 

What began as a "gift" tax from Federal Employees and always misrepresented as being voluntary ever since, has morphed into one of the most expensive, brutal, and mis-administered tax systems in the world. 

The General Population largely evaded Federal Income Tax for the simple reason that most people have no Federal Income in the first place --- until the Second World War, when it was redefined as a special "Victory Tax".  American workers were asked to contribute an amount equal to the deductions taken out of Federal Employee wages as part of the war effort, and millions of Americans signed up.  This tax was supposed to sunset upon the end of hostilities which, most people agree, happened in September of 1945, but the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. and IRS, INC. kept right on collecting from the  rank and file Americans anyway. The guilty Territorial Congress neglected to repeal or set an end date for the Victory Tax once victory was achieved.  

At the time, it was a rather trivial amount and nobody cared much about an extra two dollars a week taken out of their paychecks to "support the government".  Many people forgot about the Victory Tax and how it was that rank and file American workers started paying a Federal Employee tax--- including the IRS Commissioners.  In no time at all, this "voluntary" tax was being enforced as a private contractual obligation and the assessments went from a couple dollars a week to 30% or more of the victim's earnings per year.  .  

This same technique of enforcing something against Federal Employees as a condition of employment and then imposing it on the General Public via assumption and presumption has been employed ever since. Witness Joe Biden's so-called "federal mandates" during the recent genocide campaign.  All Federal Civil Service Employees were required to wear masks and take shots, and technically, he could impose this as a condition of employment.  Millions of less educated Americans heard the words "federal mandate" and thought that they had to obey it, too.  

It's the same way with the Federal Income Tax.  Federal Employees have to pay it, so the assumption is that everyone else does, too ---- and this misunderstanding is actively promoted by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors --- along with the non-disclosure necessary to keep this outrageous fraud scheme against the American People going. 

The Internal Revenue Service, Inc. and IRS, INC. have never been empowered to carry guns, but they have gotten around this by borrowing the services of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms which was granted the right to carry guns as part of their regulatory enforcement power over the interstate manufacture, transport and sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  
The BATF carries out the gun-toting enforcement for the IRS, and regularly deputizes IRS Agents to assist. 

And now we come full circle and finally understand why the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. / IRS, INC creates these coded Masterfiles, making up wild fictional stories about each and every American, and we also understand why in every case these False Narratives picture the victim in some shady business involving alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. They do this to secure armed enforcement power never granted to the Internal Revenue Service/IRS and they flat-out lie to justify the involvement of the BATF.  

Over time, this same False Masterfile system has been used to promote money laundering, as income from other illegal and immoral and unlawful activities has to be accounted for somehow, and the earnings of all these phony "persons" purportedly operating offshore and engaged in federally regulated activities provide a convenient false accounting system for other criminal purposes, too.  

Many Americans have been amazed to receive bills from the Internal Revenue Service or IRS saying that they owe millions of dollars in unreported or back taxes, when their total yearly earnings being misrepresented as income, are less than $30,000.00 per year.  

Every year, millions upon millions of Americans are misaddressed as "Taxpayers" and are sent bills in the mail, demanding payment of this "voluntary" tax, and being threatened with seizure of their homes and businesses and even jail time if they don't pay up -- when the fact is that they don't have any Federal Income and don't owe any Federal Income Tax.  They've been fooled into signing a 1040 Form under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, and that not only creates a contract agreeing that they are a "Taxpayer" --- that is, a British Merchant Marine Warrant Officer, but subjects them to the penalties of perjury pertaining to such an officer as well. 

Those penalties are exacted under Admiralty Law and they are extremely severe. 

Every year we receive nightmare reports of innocent Americans having their property confiscated by these Vermin and being thrown in jail and coerced to contract with them.  Despite our objections to the local magistrates and corporation officials in both the District and Municipal organizations, these practices continue.  

The nature of this entire system as a coordinated kickback scheme and racketeering operation carried out by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their franchises and agencies is apparent. 

We wish for both the Internal Revenue Service, Inc. and IRS, INC. to be shut down as  organized crime syndicates engaged in racketeering and extortion on our shores.  

We wish for the credit that has been unlawfully obtained from Americans who were not in receipt of  Federal Income to be returned to the victims of this scam. 

We wish for all prosecutions based on this system to stop and be released without further comment.  

We wish for repayment for all the American physical assets illegally and unlawfully seized upon and confiscated under force of these deceits and under color of law. 

We wish for every American who spent time in jail over Federal Taxes they didn't owe, to be liberally compensated for their time, suffering, and damage to their personal and business reputations.  

We wish for the IMF or whichever corporation now holds the trademark for the "United States Department of the Treasury" and all or any similar names and trademarks, to cease and desist using them; these trademarks belong to the Departments of our Federal Republic and nobody and nothing else has any valid claim to them.  

We also wish for the IMF to more specifically cease and desist from the misuse and abuse of these trademarks for unlawful, coercive, and fraudulent purposes related to the collection of Federal Income Taxes or any other form of alleged debt, as this gives the false impression that our American Federal Subcontractor is involved, when it isn't. 

These Municipal Corporation Subcontractors may have the right as foreign entities to collect a kickback from Federal Employees as a condition of employment or as a gift returned to the British Monarch by actual grateful Subjects, but they have no authority, no right, and no valid reason to misaddress rank and file Americans. 

We also note that any such requirements for Federal Employees to submit to the Federal Income Tax, must be spelled out and fully disclosed, along with other impacts of Federal Employment on political status and Constitutional Guarantees, if any valid contract with American job-seekers is to exist.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of:  Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 19th 2023


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  1. How can a person legally get out of the tax system please spell it out

    1. 26 u.s.c. 6013(g)

    2. You must do the following:
      1. Correct your status and standing
      2. Complete an 8822 and mail it in

    3. FREEDOM LAW SCHOOL explains it all out for you. Check it out.

    4. Pete Hendrikson @ read all of his site and order the book, cracking the code

  2. 🙏💕🙏

  3. are funny!!! Anna just taught you that IRS is illegal unconstitutional agency using illegal unconstitutional force...taxes are unconstitutional...

    1. So in other words you have no answer for his question.

    2. No, they don't ever have the answer. They're ridiculous.

    3. AND IT ALSO A FACT THAT, the IRS/Internal Revenue Service here in the USA is an Administrative Agency, and not Enforcement, just like Anna said, this is why the AFTE has to be the ones carrying those guns! And those thugs, if they would try that on me today, someone would be going to the ER, and i would hope it would not be me, and I would have every legal right to defend myself! AGAIN---right Anna and Paul?

    4. Sara, this human must be so brainwashed, and just dont get it, as it seems so many are. Hmmmm, I would say to this man/woman that asking that question means that you have some homework to do, and learn how all this is ILLEGAL from the get go! your question is like asking, how may I get out legally someone in the GOVT instructing me to murder someone!!! And than perhaps informing me after the fact, that I was on my own after I did it! WELL, something like that, ya all get what I mean, that is of course you all have an open mind about it, which I think most of you do! TIME TO ACT IS NOW, if ya have questions about your GOVT, why dont you write to them, in DC and the IRS, and the ATFE, and ya local GOVT's, and ask them directly anything that you want/demand to know, it is their jobs to answer you! ALSO call them and email them, let them know you have had it, and wont put up with anymore of what they been doing! After you have done that perhaps you'll learn how to take back what they have taken from you, the Anna way of doing it!

    5. You're in the hivemind though.


  5. JUST ONE MORE THING Anna THAT I NEED TO KNOW AND ASK, so when those ATF have those guns in your face, it is legal for me to snatch it from them, and blow their freaking heads off? just tell me yes, and it is legal, PLEASE??? back in 1992 this is exactly what happened to me, and I will never forget those freaks done exactly that when IRS came for me, now my question is, since what they did to was illegal, [26USC7201-two counts, and from that I am a FELON, fact is I am not a felon because of what they did to me was ILLEGAL? CORRECT ANNA? And I am legally able to own and bear any firearms that I desire??? anyone know???

    1. Read the comment on self-defense against criminals. All those agencies are criminals, with ZERO AUTHORITY.

      The only way we win this war is to start fighting back. So far, the casualties are one-sided, which must change immediately. Only when criminals know they face will death for threatens us, will they stop.

      Self-defense and self-governance go hand-in-hand. Stop asking for permission to be self-governing. Be your own leader. Respect the rights of others and take precautions not to do purposeful harm.

      But, being peaceable does not mean that we are passive when our life and property are under attack. Without a home, we are like a bird with no nest, or tree branch which is necessary for life to exist. When our food is being willfully, criminally poisoned by the corporations with mRNA and other toxins against our will, our very life is threatened. When the air we breathe is sprayed with Industrial and nuclear waste, our life is being cut short. When our homes are mortgaged and taxed and code enforced, we are threatened with extinction.

      All of these and more crimes are the reason that we must eliminate the criminals, remove them by force, and yes, kill them now because the threats they pose to our very existence is criminally, imminently threatened. We are in fear for our lives, which is the legal precedent, not that we should live in fear, but act with the authority we have been given by God to defend life with impunity for killing where necessary.

      Let's stop arguing over that fact and put a stop to the rats. If we don't act soon, there will be no life left on planet earth -- its at a critical stage now.

    2. Even a bird knows it must defend its nest against predators. Why don't we?

  6. The simple answer is that you do not have to submit to a criminal, agency, person or corporation. They have ZERO authority. They are frauds. Just choose to stop. It is not necessary to notify crooks of your decision.

    In some cities there are criminal thugs who offer protection services to businesses for a "fee" or a "tax". Its extortion -- the same as all taxes are.
    If the business refuses to pay the extortion, the thugs pay the business a visit to threaten them.
    The business can choose not to engage with the terrorists, and hire their own private security in the form of an assault weapon, and kill the thieves if they threaten them.

    It is our unalienable right to defend our life and property which is spelled out in The Declaration of Independence.

    So, if the IRS or Internal Revenue Service or anybody else threatens your life or property, the response is self-defense. Let me spell that out: it means you shoot them until they are no longer a threat, in other words, DOA.

    That is the legal precedent. If you shoot, you have to be in fear of loss of your life or property, AND, IF you shoot, you MUST shoot to kill, otherwise the law perceives that there was no actual, imminent threat.

  7. Anna, I have been in a battle of sorts with the IRS since 1997. I have tried many different avenues and ways to try to get this resolved. I am now on the path of the Ohio Assembly, have changed my status to American National, but still keep getting letters from them telling of the millions supposedly owed to them from an annual income of around 45k. How long will they continue to harass me? I've read many of your posts and am intrigued by the knowledge you have. I would love to hear from you personally at

  8. american national is a us citizen so you are saying i am a us citizen.. what you want to say is your a texan or what ever state you where born on.