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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The world you once knew is OVER: 12 must-see predictions (and solutions) for 2023

1) Vax deaths accelerate as immune system destruction continues
2) Exploding infertility and stillbirths
3) Deindustrialization of Europe
4) Crop failures / worsening food scarcity
5) Inflation and bailouts / zombie stimulus
6) Banking restrictions on withdrawals of cash
7) Digital money rolling out
8) A new pandemic, worse than covid
9) Worldwide CLIMATE lockdowns and engineered fuel scarcity
10) Populist revolts against corrupt governments and rigged elections
11) Huge pushback against censorship by tech platforms
12) Explosion in home gardening and off grid food production, local food barter


  1. Only that's not going to happen because the military is also guilty and they would rather cover this shitshow up than do what's right. Anna can't hold them accountable and the military won't so.......looks like mercy is the way. How are you missing this point?

    1. a424pm,
      any man who believes the only way to deal with murderers, liars, and thieves is to forgive them/ show mercy is free to do so concerning what the murderers, liars, and thieves have done to them and their loved ones.
      but each man speaks for himself: and
      no man can forgive a man for harm done to someone else.