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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The Only Issue is Control

 By Anna Von Reitz

For those who may have missed it, the whole issue here is control. 

Whether it is "soft control" where they lead us around like farm animals and use carrot and stick methodology to control us, or "hard control" where they use tax agents and goons of other kinds to coercively control us, or, they use court systems to control us, or,  now they come with Artificial Intelligence systems to "monitor" us and control everything including our bodily functions--- it's all about control. 

And Law. 

They have long used "the Law" to control us, and it has proven useful, but now they find that "the Law" has become inconvenient and they are casting around for a substitute for law, which they call "the Rule of Law". Please notice the difference. 

For the past 77 years corporations, specifically, British Crown Corporations, have ruled the world via secretly imposed Territorial Government structures layered over the former Commonwealth, The United States, Western Europe, and Japan. 

This was done under a "Cloak of Secrecy" for a reason.  It is illegal. It's also unlawful and immoral. 

But they got away with it for 77 years and in our case, for 162 years, and they think that with a few adroit payoffs, they can continue to bamboozle the masses and undermine what they call "conventional Law".

The result is an increasingly dystopian, criminal, violent, and inhumane world, which they then use as their excuse to apply ever more Draconian methods of surveillance and physical and mental control of Mankind. 

Our Ancestors developed a system of Checks and Balances where control was shared between the world of "people" occupying the land jurisdiction and the world of "persons" occupying the sea jurisdiction. 

The law of the land is designed for living people and ensures that living people continue to control those aspects of life that are important to them, while the law of the sea is ordained to serve the interests of businesses and corporations -- known as "persons". 

What the government corporations have done is to secretly "redefine" nearly everyone as a "person" and they have trafficked us into their jurisdiction, a process that has wrongly subjected living people who are members of the General Population --- who are largely not even aware of this change --- to the foreign law of the sea, and which has also precluded them from living in their natural jurisdiction under the law of the land. 

This has been accomplished via a crime known as "unlawful conversion" and it has destroyed and maimed and truncated billions of lives since it began in the 1920's.

When this unlawful conversion is accompanied by a change in political status as well as jurisdiction it becomes a capital Crime of State prohibited under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.  This is what we have suffered in The United States. 

This is how the Perpetrators have evaded their obligations under the Federal Constitutions.  

And now, those who are guilty of these crimes are afraid.  They know the severity of the criminality they have perpetuated against the innocent, and they have gone through all the stages of denial.  

They have tried to ignore us. 

They have tried to ridicule us. 

Next, they have made excuses. 

Chief among the excuses, they have claimed that they acted under the exigencies of war -- but we proved there was no war, only mercenary conflicts, which are illegal  

They have claimed that our unincorporated Governments have disappeared, whereabouts unknown, yet the living people who are the government of the land are still here, organized and accounted for. 

They have claimed that we have no money of our own, yet our coinage is still in circulation and our trademarks are being exercised (by usurpers) every day. 

And so, they are running out of excuses. 

Now we hear the sniveling and whining to the effect that I am "difficult" and "nobody wants to work with her", and yet, I am the Fiduciary of the only government that has offered peace and amnesty --- provided that things get back on track, contracts are honored, and the control of our assets is returned to us. 

It's this last demand, that control of our assets be returned to us, that is proving most difficult.  

The corporations that illegally "latched" onto our land and cash and gold and other physical assets don't want to give control of our assets back to us, even after we have explicitly corrected our political status, placed that correction on the Public Record, and have as the "donors" of all these vacuous Public Trusts, ordered the Trustees to dissolve the trusts they created "for" us, and to return our assets to our control. 

Otherwise, they are pirates.   

They know this, and still, they hesitate.  They try to make end runs.  They try to form Committees to determine whether we get funding or not.  They propose to release our own credit to us in little dribs and drabs, according to their judgment, not ours--- thereby controlling what we spend our money on and even proposing to control who among us can spend money at all. 

Control of our own assets, which should be as obvious and as natural as rain falling, is the sticking point.  These corporations are weary and in a deadlock unable to overcome the Law they abused, and still, they want to mess with the lawful Government of their Employers and promote distrust against us, as if we were incompetent and didn't know our own minds. 

We can't be trusted, they say.  

Yet, we didn't cause two World Wars and countless other mercenary conflicts.  We didn't cleverly and secretly subvert the law for our own self-interest.  We didn't use coerced and undisclosed registration of living flesh to promote enslavement which has been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and press-ganging which has been outlawed worldwide for two hundred years.  We didn't create phony cestui que vie trusts to create a public interest in private assets.  We didn't hire and empower hundreds of unauthorized Agencies to do our work for us and use these Agencies to protect our own selfish interests and provide us with plausible deniability. We didn't securitize living flesh and use it as collateral.  

Our only "crime" was trusting our employees.  

So, in effect, what they are saying is that they can't be trusted and we were fools for trusting them, and therefore, our judgment shouldn't be trusted overall. 

Well, we have corrected our errors, and that is why I am "difficult" to deal with. 

They, the corporations, are the ones who betrayed us and committed treason and have led the entire world through untold morasses of blood-letting, theft, misery, and lawlessness for a 162 years, and they have done this by illegally and unlawfully commandeering the manpower and resources of this country, and other countries, in contravention of all their contractual obligations.  

The corporations don't have a single leg left, and yet, they are endeavoring to hover in mid-air. 

We, the Donors, of the Federal Treasury Trust, have told the seven Trustees of the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements to come to the table and to re-establish control of our credit, which, Colin Powell notwithstanding, belongs to us, because the credit was generated from our assets. 

All this credit generation was done non-consensually and has served to create mammoth amounts of Odious Debt as well as credit.  

We must also observe that the credit generated by the use of Platform Trading has been used to fund nefarious projects including the current Uber Surveillance and Control initiatives, so contrary to any claims otherwise, this runaway credit machine has not been well-regulated and has not led to the philanthropic uses proposed by John Fletcher.  

The named Trustees are in charge of the militaries and the militaries are overseeing this entire crime syndicate, so it is time for them to pull the purse strings on behalf of the Donors and stop trying to avoid the truth.  They have been operating without a contract and specific direction since 2005 and we can all see the results. They have been using phony public trusts as mechanisms of control over living people and the assets of living people and we can all see the results. 

First, they redefined men and women as "humans" and now, they are trying to redefined "humans" as Genetically Modified Organisms (thanks to their often lethal injections) owned by them under patent, 

Those patents are illegal and unlawful when misapplied to living men and women and enough is bloody well enough. 

The practical problem now is: (1) admit who the assets belong to; (2) gain control of the runaway Credit Machine created by Platform Trading and discharge the Odious Debt that has been created in tandem with this activity; (3) redirect both assets and credit to the benefit of life, the Earth, the animals, and Mankind.

It's time for this to be resolved and without immediate progress and action in good faith, there is no reason for further discretion.  It is a public matter and apparently, it has to be discussed in public in order for it to be resolved in favor of the public.  Otherwise, all we have to look forward to is more and worse of the same bad behavior and criminality that has led us to this juncture. 


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  1. "Wrongful conversion only applies to physical personal property":

    1. She used the term "unlawful conversion". Not wrongful conversion. Words matter.

    2. I think the word you're looking for is "personage", which is also a crime.

    3. in response to: "For God's Sake, Take in the View"

      So to be precise “Yeshua” correctly translated into English:

      “Salvation”. Salvation (Yeshua - יֵשׁוּעַ ) and Deliverer (Joshua – יְהוֹשׁוּעַ ) are similar but not exactly the same. Hebrew names have scriptural meaning. Scripture always holds the key to destroying false doctrines, but it takes work. Sadly, people are lazy these days and always looking for someone else to do the heavy lifting for them spiritually speaking.

      The name Jesus comes from a Greek translation of the Aramaic short form יֵשׁוּעַ (Yeshua), which was the real name of Jesus. As the “English” name Joshua has been in use only since the Protestant Reformation.

      Here is why using the name “Yeshuah” makes more actual sense than using the name Jesus (though a person can use Jesus or its equivalent in another language: Romans 10:13 is quoting Joel 2:32.
      “Whoever shall call upon the name of the LORD will be saved.“

      What is “the name of the LORD” which the Prophet Joel wrote in Joel 2:32? Joel wrote (in Hebrew) the four-letter Proper name of God which is YHWH, which occurs some 6,250+ other times in the Tanakh (whom Christians erroneously call the Old Testament) Therefore, Romans 10:13 (being applied directly after the name Jesus in v.9-10, so they are clearly connected) means that Jesus is YHWH. Let that sink in. The name “Jesus” is a transliteration which etymologically doesn’t have an actual meaning. But the Hebrew name “Yeshua” is an actual translation, which means “YHHH’s salvation” (the actual Hebrew word for “salvation” is “yeshuah.”). This is why it makes complete sense when the angel spoke to Joseph and Mary in Hebrew, “And you shall call his name Yeshua, for he will SAVE (salvation-salvage) his people from their sin.”

      His original Hebrew name is Yeshua, which is short for yehōshu'a. It can be translated to 'Joshua,' according to Dr. Michael L. Brown.
      Though his name may actually be Joshua, the name "Jesus" wasn't born out of creativity but also translation. When Yeshua is translated into Greek, which the New Testament is derived from, it becomes Iēsous, which in English spelling is "Jesus."

      The Septuagint (used by Jewish people of that era) rendered YESHUA as IESOUS for many centuries LONG BEFORE Constantine. Not all languages share the same phonemes (e.g., the Hebrew "SH" cannot be produced in Greek) so it should be no surprise that names undergo changes as they are repeated in other languages.

      "It was done to vilify the Jews and his heritage. . . " Utter rubbish. The Jews who created the Septuagint Old Testament rendered YESHUA as IESOUS long before Jesus was born. It is an entirely reasonable way to transliterate and adapt a Hebrew name into Greek. (The -US singular nominative suffix was added to make the name masculine in Greek---and Latin, for that matter.)

      IESOUS in Greek transitioned to an initial "J" in English and various other European languages for linguistic reasons I won't try to tutor in a comment thread.

    4. ...and this bunk about "Amen-Ra" that's all internet BS. In Hebrew its ah-meyn = "so be it".. nothing more... anti-Semitism runs rampant these day don't it... be careful when talking about the apple of God's eye.

      YHWH the Most High says:
      And I will bless (do good for, benefit) those who bless you, And I will curse [that is, subject to My wrath and judgment] the one who curses (despises, dishonors, has contempt for) you. And in you all the families (nations) of the earth will be blessed.

    5. also:
      in French "je suis" means "i am".

      in present, i believe the French are said to have started the catholic/ universal church. anyone have anything different than that? ty.

    6. Yeshua's actual name in would be: "Salvation" from hebrew to english... not jesus, not joshua nor anything else...

    7. woman:janmarie: can you pass along the info about the french starting the roman cult plz?

  2. Who are the seven Trustees of the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements? Names? Addresses? I need to send them some of my thoughts.

  3. So if everything that has been done in the Courts and such hasn't forced them to relent, isn't there any stronger methods to use, even if it causes a hardship.Their must be some kind of enforcement we can use.

  4. Yes Chris there is a higher court... Take it to the Highest Court... "The Court of Heaven".

    See Robert Henderson's excellent, excellent teachings.... God Bless


    2. unless grace is applied by create-er:
      even the court/s of heaven (can) only move for (a) man to (the) extent that (that) man:
      1. stands right-ly before (his) create-er with re-spect to (his) fellow-man;
      2. is not present-ly be-ing purifi-ed ["tried"] in (his) faith in the refiner's fire; and
      3. intends, and does, (his) present best to put create-er first in all (he) does.
      both the heavens and its courts can and are shut up like brass against the petitions and supplications of an un-right-eous man.
      and right-ly so.
      may God continu-ally to right-eous-ly close his ears and his court(s) to the prayers of evil men, and it is so.

  5. so what will be done to capture the electronic digits replacing paper? Gonna get very interesting to coin a phrase from the old t.v. show laugh -in. Although not many of us will be laughing.

    1. they cant replace paper, its the 2-D world they made up and say we agree to that is the basis for this next "conversion"...
      going from paper to digits.
      that reduces the world they create and are trying to foist 9ff 9nn7sven further, to 1-D.... i would call that "a tiny single point on a continuum". no height or breadth, only length.

    2. sorry about that TypoGlob, my device was being messed with or something.
      i was saying:
      "that reduces the New World they create and are trying to foist off on us even further, to 1-D.... and i would call 1D: "a tiny single point on a continuum". no height or breadth, only length.
      whats the NextPlan(e)?... "convert" the tiny point on a continuous line to darkness?"

    3. Lol. You overestimate your importance. Your "device" was not being "messed" with. Though I think that marble rattling around between your donkey ears may have finally rolled out.

    4. no i dont...i said "...or something".
      but you do seem to be dogging me on this blog. are you electronically harassing me?

  6. So, if slavery and the slave trade ended in december 1774 (see Articles of Association (oct 20 1774, clause 2, extra credit for following up with clause 14 as it's directly relevant to this), and the Articles of Confederation stood by that choice, why would the constitution act adverse to it (article 1 section 9 clause 1) and protect slavery and the slave trade?

    1. because
      • "The Revolution" was pre-engineered by the British and Vatican upon men who were promised free-dom;
      • for the purpose of breaking the Treaties concerning land with the indigenous American nations and peoples to rob them of their land/use/ rights;
      • with the intent to come back at a not- too- much later day (1789) and rob the people on the States of America of their land/use/ rights AND the fruit of their labor...
      • while also resuming/continuing the Slave Trade used for empire-building by groups of people who consider all man except their own small group to be:
      ANIMALS: TO BE OWNED, USED, AND DISPOSED OF, as they desire.
      all of that: it appears: both the British and the Vatican continue to do to this very day.

  7. Name names, Anna. What are the names of the seven men who stand in our way? Let the public worldwide know who the creeps really are. Name the names of those in the military, who stand in our way name the names of those from the IRS and the FBI, who stand in our way.
    as long as they remain anonymous, they don’t really care what we have to say.

  8. Paul my post name is coming thru as "Anonymous" something is messed up... how can we make this right...???

  9. Very low level of conscious awareness. They're not individuals anymore. A herd. Sad...but at times hilarious. I see why the elite call them useless eaters. Like it or not it's an apt description.